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    Topamax- week one review

    Thank u! Omg pepsi and even sprite and gingerale taste the worst! I love my coffee but thats not doing it for me either i really just want water more now then my regular intake.. Im kind of amazed!? And shocked. The thing is i dont even really like soda my mom buys it in a pinch and when my water isnt cold i drink it but now i physcially cant drink it my fridge is stocked i have no choice lol!!!
  2. So i finally saw my internist... And he basically told me that he cant give me an anti fungle cream because i dont have a fungus under my fupa... So i prob wont get approved for fhe panni... But he did give me a prescript for topiramate... Aka topamax... And he told me i can stay on it for as long as i want or need to as well as when hitting my goal of 180 but his reccemandation was 150. Never in my life have i been that small... But what about the loos skin??? Well he said my insurence is acually branchin out out our medical center.... And laser Lipo will be on the menu for those who lost lbs on thwir own in conjuction with diet aid... And now its been recorded.... So by my 35th birthday i may be who i see myself as.... This has been a hard and long battle.... I have about 120 lbs to loose now with this pill...
  3. So i had a consultation for medically needed tummy tuck... ( the apron) i going to consult my internist about phentermine.... I was advised for best result to loose 60 lbs or more for the best outcome. Anyone been on? I need to loose in 3.5 months...

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