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  1. misspeesh95621

    My pain changed....

    Written 2/23/08 (cross posted from my blog peeshs_lapband) I hate doctors. I swear. I can't tell you how many times bad things would or did happen because I listened to doctors. This is yet again another example of how I know my body. Something was wrong, turns out I have a port infection. It showed up in the CAT scan. I now am on antibiotics, strong strong antibiotics. That should do the trick after the 10 day dose. Here is the scary part, in my research I heard about port infections leading to the removal of the port and later having another put back in. Now I know those who know me I freak out a bit on the "What could have happened?" But seriously, those are big consequences. I hate to say I told you so but I TOLD THEM SO!!!! My surgeon tried (and succeeded) to make me feel stupid for thinking something was wrong, was even impatient with me yesterday for calling again, in fact told me that there was nothing more that he could do and to go to the ER if I was so worried, but I would be wasting my time....WTF it was the best way I could have spent my Friday night. I am so thankful that I listened to my body, no matter how stupid I felt. I am glad that I caught this in time. p.s. Doctors do not know about this procedure so much, I am glad that I did the research that I did and continue to do. There are so many rules that I have to know, and be proactive about. Like not taking pills any more, and getting the right perscription because of it, and no using straws....I forgot that one. I had to chug 32oz of stuff for my CAT scan and was having such a hard time because I was using a straw. I can't use a straw because it puts air into my stomach, and because of the band I can;t burp the same and it gets stuck under the band and can cause it to slip. it took me 3 hours to drink 1/2 of it with a straw....once I remembered and drank it w/o the straw it went fine, and I walked out the burps.... p.p.s For those of you thinking about this surgery, this is not meant to scare, but inform. This is not the easy way out to anything, there are risks and lifestyle changes. Do the research, stay informed and for the love of god trust your body. We are our own best advocates! Always!!!
  2. Tonight is the night, the night I fall asleep only to wake up and drive to the hospital. I am not scared of the surgery, more amazed that I am here, in this moment finally fasting and waiting for my life to change. The change is the scary part. I like me and I worked hard to get to where I can say that. I realize that I am doing this for my health, but in the same breath I am throwing away a me that I have come to love, and understand. Me and my body have been through a lot. We have been through love, and pain, we have fought for a balance, I have bruised, and battered this body. I have stuffed, waxed, plucked, binded and bandaged this body. I have broken this body. I have found pleasure with this body. I have loved with this body, I have danced, and played, and laughed in this body. How do I wake up and say good bye to this body....? How do I begin to trust this new body that will begin to invade my comfortable self. What will this new body bring to me? What challenges will this new body and I face? This is what scares me, not the surgery, not the will I wake up, not even the pain. Saying good bye to an old friend. I never was good at saying good bye. By the time most of you read this it will be done, this new me will have invaded, and discovering the new me will begin....I have always loved a challenge! (I crossed posted this here as well as my blog... I keep trying to convey this, and never did it as well until way after midnight the night before surgery, Does any one else feel like this?)
  3. misspeesh95621

    Putting a face to a name

    I am so not as short as this picture makes me look!!! The last time I had pictures taken, was my best friend's wedding 7/07
  4. misspeesh95621

    Silly N00b!!!

    It was nice to talk to you in the chat rooms! Good luck to you. Let me know when you get a date I bet that we will be close to eachother.
  5. misspeesh95621

    First Post Just Banded 2 days ago

    I am glad to hear that you are doing better today. Congratulations!!!
  6. misspeesh95621

    Got A DATE

    I bet that feels good! congratulations...
  7. misspeesh95621

    Freaking out...just a bit

    I am so glad that you are home and doing well. Congrats on your new band! Keep us updated.
  8. misspeesh95621

    Night before surgery

    I can't wait to be where you are! Good luck!

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