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  1. azsqwurl

    Sleep study

    The at home test will likely be focused on oxygen levels throughout the night. It's definitely not as conclusive as the lab, but should still give good information. Frustrating that insurance would not cover a formal study.
  2. azsqwurl

    Sleep study

    Sounds about right. There is not much fun about a sleep study. Hooked up like a science experiment in a bed that is not your own does not lead to a great night sleep. But, the information is valuable! I use the nasal mask too. It does take time to get used to. You may have to adjust the straps on the headgear to find that balance of right enough to seal but not cutting off circulation to your brain. ???? It takes a little time, but once you are used to it, in your bed,in your terms, you'll sleep much better. Check cpap.com to get ideas about more masks. There are a lot of variations. It will get better. I promise. Just takes a little time.
  3. azsqwurl

    Seminar in Scottsdale

    I'm also in AZ and working on pre-op stuff. I have BCBS Highmark, not sure how similar our plans are, but so far it seems pretty straight forward. I am working on my 6month supervised diet now and hope to be looking at February. Longer than I wanted to wait, but I'll survive. Other than that I have to do evals for cardiac, psych, & nutrition. Plus classes through the center. Fingers crossed it all goes smooth, for both of us!
  4. azsqwurl

    Sleep study

    I have had sleep apnea for 9 years and have worn a CPAP for most of that time. It inspired me to become a respiratory therapist. I can tell you a couple things. Honestly give the set up time to work. It's an adjustment sleeping with something on your face. And keep working with your home health to find a mask that works for you. There are so many options. Once you get a routine, you'll be amazed how much better you sleep. It may all be a nonissue once you have WLS, but definitely something to address and take seriously. Feel free to pick my brain if you have questions. Like I said, it's my life, personal and professional.
  5. azsqwurl

    Taking off my fat suit

    @@madferitchick Thanks for sharing your journey and progress!! As someone who is still working toward my procedure it is nice to read what to expect. Keep the updates coming!! You're doing great!!
  6. I am new to this process too. I just saw my surgeon on Monday. Now I am waiting for the patient advocate to let me know what is next. It is all very exciting!
  7. As you embarked on your weight loss journey, did you tell many people? What did you tell coworkers? I'm still undecided on how much I will share with others and curious about what others have done.
  8. I love the perspective on this! I think this is how I will be, but I won't know until I am there.
  9. azsqwurl

    Any Regrets?

    Finally got around to looking at those. Very motivating! Thanks so much for sharing!!
  10. Has anyone experienced depression or feelings of loss after surgery for the foods that you can not or should not eat anymore? If so, can you elaborate a little about it? Duration...... Intensity..... Thanks!
  11. What is that one thing you wish someone had told you, or are so glad someone did, about WLS or the process pre and post op??
  12. azsqwurl

    Any Regrets?

    Thanks everyone! Great feedback and lots to think about!!!!
  13. Does anyone regret their decision to have WLS? Does anyone wish they had not done it? If so, why? I have seen so many people talk about their only regret being that they didn't do it sooner but I am curious about the other side and perspective. Thanks! And for all those that are happy with their decision, go ahead and post about that too. Motivation is a good thing!!
  14. azsqwurl

    Changes after WLS?

    Thanks!! That does help!
  15. What changes have people noticed as far as their mental and emotional health after WLS? I'm talking about things like anxiety, depression, fatigue, distraction, ect. Did you find that these areas improved? As always, Thanks for the info!!

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