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  1. maggie409

    Halloween Challenge!

    Count me in.... My current weight is 219 and my goal weight is 199. I'm aiming for onederland!
  2. maggie409

    Tablets and supplements

    I purchase all of my supplements from a local health food store. All of my supplements were liquid form up until this last week and now I have gone to chewables. I probably won't go to pill form just because I don't believe the absorption rate is at good. Just personal preference. I take a multivitamin, 20mg iron, 600 mg calcium, and 2500 much B-12.
  3. maggie409

    Honey and Lemon Water

    I have recently read alot of articles touting the amazing health benefits of drinking a warm cup of honey/lemon Water first thing every morning that I decided to give it a try. The recipe that I have gotten from the Internet is the juice from 1/2 a lemon and 1 tablespoon of organic honey mixed in 8 oz of warm water. The supposed major benefits are better regularity, it fends off common colds, and helps speed the weight loss process. I have only been doing this for 1 week but so far I have been MORE irregular than usual. I have been having unusual problems with constipation. Also for the first time in 3 months since my surgery, I gained weight this last week. I haven't had a cold, but I am not generally susceptible to colds. I know I probably need to give it a little longer. I don't figure 1 week is an adequate test period. But, I am also very uneasy about the 20 gr of carbs that come with the tablespoon of honey. I would be curious to know if others have tried this supposed wonder concoction and what your experience is with the honey/lemon water? At this point, my opinion is be cautious of the hype.
  4. I agree! I have a membership and I save lots of money
  5. maggie409

    What is your cocktail?

    For the first 12 weeks I took a liquid multivitamin; a liquid calcium; a liquid iron and also a sublingual B-12. I just switched to the same multivitamin but in gummy form. I have also found a chewable B-12 and chewable iron. I also take a calcium gelcap now. I just started these so I will have to see if I feel the absorption is as good as the liquid form. It is absolutely more convenient
  6. maggie409

    Good toning/tightening skin lotion

    Beverly Hills MD lift and sculpt face cream
  7. maggie409

    Working out?

    I was cleared at 8 weeks post op
  8. Good luck to both! Can't wait to welcome you both to the losers bench
  9. maggie409

    Anyone else with high BMI to start?

    My bmi was 51 and I am nearly to 50 pounds lost. I am 12 weeks post op. My loss has been steady and I am pleased with it. I am 5 foot tall and starting weight was 268. I am at 220 now and can actually see onederland as a possibility. Your surgeon tells you to focus on 200 because it gives you a more attainable goal that you can focus on. I needed to lose 138 pounds to reach a goal weight of 130. That seems nearly incomprehensible that I will ever weigh 130. But 199 also seemed incomprehensible. Now it seems possible. And along with that possibility, comes the realization that 130 has gone from incomprehensible to difficult but possible. I take my loss 10 pounds at a time. I treat myself in some way each time I reach a goal. When I reach 50 pounds lost (2 more to go), my planned treat is to rent a convertible and take a road trip for a day.
  10. maggie409

    Approved for Band not Sleeve;(Need some advice.

    I would check with a different doctor. The first doctor I ever saw tried to sway me toward the sleeve. It was what HE was most comfortable and what HE wanted to do. I found another doctor.
  11. maggie409

    Counting calories?

    Keeping track of your food helps you see where you are Getting too many calories or not enough. Helps you track you proteins, fats and carbs as well as your water intake. I also use it to find flaws in my diet so I can rethink choices and substitute for healthier and smarter choices
  12. maggie409

    Start or enjoy!

    My surgeon only requires a three day liquid only pre-op diet but I started three weeks ahead. I weened myself off of diet coke and then weened myself off of carbs. I had headaches and weakness all which passed after a few days. My thinking was I would have enough to focus on after surgery without adding aspartame and carb withdrawals.
  13. maggie409

    Labor Day Challenge!

    220! Good week! Thanks
  14. maggie409

    I HATE exercising! What Should I do?!

    Once i reached the point where I could do more than walk, I went to a local gym and spoke to a trainer and told him he had to keep me going. I go three days a week to the gym and other days I get on my elliptical at home for a little bit in the morning. I try and be active on non-gym days by mowing the lawn or parking a block away from things.
  15. I went to Tijuana and used Dr Jesus Martin Lopez Dominguez through Bariatric Pal. I rate my experience a 15 out of a possible 10. Yes he does suture over the staples. My total cost was just over $4,000 including airfare. Now I will say that I booked mine while they were having a special, so it may be s little more right now. The doctor is very talented and attentive. He made house calls while I was in Mexico and was eager and thorough to answer all of my questions. His staff was amazing also and the Bariatric Pal staff was so professional and pleasant. I highly recommend all of them
  16. maggie409

    % of stomach removed?

    I have no idea what percentage my doctor removed and how do you really know how much your doctor removed? Also, don't wait for a time when you get more food in at one time. Learn to adjust to the new way of eating. I will fix me a protein shake or whatever meal I am having and I will eat/drink until I feel full. I will see a timer on my phone for 30 minutes and eat more. The hardest part for me was, and is, learning to stop when I'm full. I'm sooooo geared to finishing my food. It's a hard habit to break. You can do this.
  17. maggie409

    Feeling so unsure.

    I don't regret my decision for one second. Best thing I have ever done for myself. I completely ignored any negative comments prior to my surgery. Most of those were coming from people who have never been heavy in their lives and have no concept of what we go through on a daily basis. Make this decision for yourself and for no one else.
  18. maggie409

    I Apologize

    Wow congratulations on such incredible success! Just keep to the plan. The scale will move again.
  19. maggie409

    Labor Day Challenge!

    Weight for today 225. Thanks!
  20. Everytime I drive past a Buffalo Wild Wings I want their popcorn shrimp, French fries, and mango lemonade. But I just don't stop. We will all have cravings but just remind yourself that you wanted to lose weight snd be healthy so badly that you were willing to have surgery. I also find that most of my cravings come from old habits more than wanting food. If you are at work and you've always had these certain things then habit makes you want them. I bought a small cooler that I take with me that has healthy snacks, cold water and cold protein shake. When old habits rear their head, I have something I brought. I try not to let myself get caught in a bind.
  21. You can do this. Shift your mindset. You will be hungry, you will have headaches, you will be weak.... All of this is withdrawal from all of the bad things we have consumed for decades. Your body is giving up sugar and an overdose of carbs, and caffeine, poisons from processed foods. This step is tough but you can do it! It is actually a good thing. Don't cancel the surgery. Prove to yourself that you are stronger than you think you are.
  22. maggie409

    What I'm Excited About

    So excited for you! I was sleeved June 15 and it has been the best decision ever. And enjoy the dating and whatever may come along with it
  23. "I know someone who just died after having it done just a year ago" (turns out after she lost all her weight she only drank beer and smoked cigarettes and ate very little and it was junk. She poisoned and starved herself). "My mothers housekeepers daughter is very ill and they don't expect her to make it after her surgery." (Was more than a year down the road and her illness wasn't related to the surgery at all).
  24. My husband and I stayed in the recovery house when I had my surgery in June. We really enjoyed our experience there. The rooms are nice and Juan is amazing! He took good care of me and encouraged me to walk. Every evening was like hanging out with friends. We would sit outside and all talk and socialize. The most important for me was that they took great care of my husband while I was in the hospital. The BP staff would take him wherever he needed to go. After we were dropped off at the airport my husband said "we need to start planning your plastic surgery next summer, cause I am ready to go back!" Lol