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    Seeking Buddies 5'2" & Under

    I'm 5'0" and 15 weeks post op and I have lost 52 pounds.
  2. maggie409


    I have a completely knee replacement with limited bend so I completely understand! It definitely limits what I can and cannot do. I am 15 weeks out so I am working on adding fruits and veggies into my diet. I am getting better. I still have some premixed shakes but only use them seldomly. The things I don't eat at all.... Breads (occasional whole grain slice of toast); rice, Pasta, processed foods, sweets, sodas, fried foods, caffeine. I generally start with a scrambled eggs with turkey sausage crumbles and a Greek yogurt with my supplements. dinner will be a Protein with 1 cup of mixed greens and 1/3 cup of berries. I add a lite dressing. Supper again is a protein with a vegetable. I will have a morning snack of nuts/cheese or fruit and 1/2 a Protein Shake. And afternoon snack is usually a yogurt. I also am addicted to SF Popsicles. I get between 750-850 calories a day and my nutrient count is usually protein-60-80gr; carbs 50-60; fats 28-less.
  3. maggie409

    When did people notice your weight loss?

    You might get better answers if you create a separate thread instead of hijacking this one. Wow that was kinda rude. Depending on your doctors instructions At 7 Weeks you will be eating a large variety of foods. You won't be on fresh veggies probably. But on a cruise you should have no problem at all getting your Protein. Lots to choose from on the smorgasbords! Make sure and take your supplements with you and even pack some pre-mixed Protein shakes. I love cruises! You will have so much fun. And don't worry about posting in the wrong thread. For some reason there are people that get weirdly territorial and snappy but for the most part, lots of people are happy to help!!
  4. You look amazing! Congratulations
  5. maggie409

    Slow losers Club

    Oooooo can I join your club?? I am three months post op and since my surgery date I have lost 39 pounds. So that is about 2.5 pounds a week and honestly I lost 7 the first week and most weeks it is just 1 pound a week. I'm not dissatisfied at all! I could have never lost 51 pounds on my own and every pound that comes off, I know is staying gone. Heck, the knowledge I have gained about my body and nutrition has been worth it.
  6. maggie409


    I couldn't make myself start... Even walk regularly so I joined a gym and have a personal trainer that PROMISED me he would be mean and make me go. I go three days a week and he has me do the elliptical first then goes through some weights on various machines. When I started I went whopping 30 seconds on the elliptical before I thought I was going to die and the entire workout took about 15 mins tops. Now I can go 17 minutes on the elliptical and the entire workout takes over 40 minutes. I personally needed and still do need that person that I know is staring over my shoulder making me go. This has been the hardest part for me to make a habit. I even have an elliptical at home and don't touch it. This is my weakness. But I am determined to get better
  7. maggie409

    When did people notice your weight loss?

    I am three months post-op and down 51 pounds (including my pre-op loss) and i have not yet had anyone just randomly mention or notice and say "wow you've lost weight". I am also down to a size 16 from a 26. I am sitting on my local bank now and I haven't seen these people since I started this journey and honestly deep down inside I was thinking "wow they are going to be impressed". Not one person noticed. I was a little disappointed and then I had to laugh at myself. I notice and I feel great... That is all that matters.
  8. Were the nuggets fried? Fried food made me sick on my pre-op diet and I have not had anything fried since my surgery. Also after the surgery you will want to be careful introducing new foods to your stomach. I have learned the hard way to introduce new things on days I will be home all day. Even if it tastes good and doesn't make you nauseous if your new tummy doesn't like it, it will leave your body without notice in the form of diarrhea. I believe they call it dumping. That didn't mean I could never ever have it, it just means my stomach wasn't ready for it yet. The first time I have nuts and cheese, stuff fell out of my body mercilessly. Now I tolerate them fine.
  9. More funny now that I look back on it.... But my first lucid moment in the hospital after my anesthesia wore off. It was at night, and quiet and the hospital I was In was small... Only 3 overnight rooms. I got up and walked to the hall pushing my IV and saw no one. I was the only patient at that time. I called for someone and no one answered. Turns out my nurse was in the rest room. But for a few minutes it felt like the intro to The Walking Dead! I remember thinking, ok keep your eyes peeled for zombies! Lol
  10. maggie409

    I can't wait to.....

    I can't wait to wear a swim suit without being embarrassed and I can't wait to wear the tall zip up boots! I have fat calves so that is a big one on my list
  11. maggie409


    I have used straws since day 1 in the hospital. My doc said the only drawback to straws was that I had the potential to get too much air in my stomach. I personally get less air using a straw than not using one. Plus I am able to drink more liquids. There will be many opinions for and against.
  12. I agree! Yesterday I deboned one baked chicken breast and it had 4 ounces of protein. I was about to eat 2.5 ounces. As I was putting the rest away I had one of those "good Lord" moments and I realized.... I used to eat 3-4 pieces of chicken in one setting!! Amazing how much food I used to consume. No wonder we never had to worry about getting enough protein.
  13. I am also three months post op and I am working on adding veggies also. I personally went and bought a small container of mixed greens and and other of strawberries and blueberries. I have started putting a few of each on my plate with my noon and supper proteins. At first I couldn't accommodate very much. But now I can get in about 1 cup of mixed greens (which isn't much of you measure it loosely); 1/8 cup of blueberries; and 1/3 cup of strawberries. I will also sometimes have berries as my snack and I will have a protein drink (25 gr protein) for another snack. I also have the small cans of green beans and have 1/2 cup with my protein instead of the mixed greens. It just takes time to start adding them in. It will come. Right now, my issue is getting in whole grains. I have not managed that yet. I get my protein, dairy, fats come naturally, fruits (small amounts right now); and veggies (small amounts also).
  14. maggie409

    How Often Should You Weigh Yourself?

    Right after surgery and for about 2 months post-op I wouldn't weigh but once a week. But honestly since then I have become a daily weigher. I find it keeps me on track throughout the day knowing I will weigh the next morning.
  15. maggie409

    Going back to work?

    My job is office work also and I actually took over 4 weeks. My issue wasn't physical as much as mental. The low calorie count in the first weeks along with the anesthesia not wearing for quite a while, I was just basically stupid for a long time. I tried going back and found that everything I did, had to be redone. I think everyone is different
  16. maggie409

    Food funerals

    I definitely had food funerals. There was a lot of mourning to be done! Don't feel guilty. Get it out of your system.
  17. This is good to know. I was told between 60 and 100. I always get at least 60 but never make it to 100. I had my blood work done at 3 months post-op recently and everything was good
  18. maggie409


    I definitely realized something when this happened. I felt like an alcoholic in a desert having to choose between thirst and a cold beer. (Not sure where he got the cold beer ????). I'm so scared to cheat because I'm afraid I won't get back on track. Also afraid it will become a habit. That I will justify it the next time and then the next and the next. I didn't realize until that night that I was literally afraid of junk food and afraid of failure. I have already thrown some nuts in my glove compartment.
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    Halloween Challenge!

    217 today. Thanks!
  20. maggie409

    Feeling annoyed

    Before I had the surgery, the whole family sat down and had a talk (3 teens, me and my husband). They agreed that I would not have to cook for anyone until I was a few months out and I promised that I wouldn't make them eat like me unless they wanted to. It's my decision to have WLS for my body. Now that I am several months out, I cook for them. They don't ask me if I want what they have and I don't try and make them eat like I do. I just think it requires a compromise on both sides. And if you cook him enough for several days, don't tell him. Put the rest in the fridge and warm it up for him the next day.
  21. Great article... Thanks for posting
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    I used miralax also.
  23. maggie409


    I definitely need to get some packaged nuts and put in my glove box. I try not to eat you many but that would be a better option than concession stand food. I live in Texas so very few things will survive a day in a hot Texas car. But nuts would be ok.
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    I love salmon. I had it for supper last night.
  25. You have to stick to what YOU want. Do what is best for YOU. Good luck