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  1. maggie409

    Holiday Weight Loss Challenge!

    196 this week. Thanks!
  2. I'm so excited today! I made it to Onederland!! I have not been below 200 in decades. My original goal was to make it here by New Years so I am early. Super pleased with my decision to have the Gastric Sleeve. My stats... I am 52; 5'0" tall; high weight 268; surgery weight 256; current weight 199. I was sleeved in Tijuana Mexico by Dr Jesus Martin Lopez on June 15, 2015. Dr Lopez and his staff were amazing!
  3. maggie409

    The fear of regain is REAL!

    Thank you for sharing your story. I have reached the point where the "non-desire" for food has gone away. Yesterday I felt very unsatisfied with food. I have lost 72 and have about 50 more to go. The sleeve is absolutely a tool and I am learning all I can so as to change my eating habits. Your post is a welcome reminder that we can't eat whatever we want and not regain or even be healthy. Thank you again!
  4. maggie409

    Huge milestone!

    Congrats! You look amazing! Keep up the good work
  5. maggie409

    How about some NSVs!?!?

    Crossing my legs is a huge goal for me! Congratulations!
  6. I remember that first bit of food after soft liquids! It might as well have been a feast! Lol. It tasted good and really satisfying
  7. I have a huge family and our Thanksgiving consists of 100 or more people. As usual there was enough food to feed a small army and three large tables of deserts. I had ham, and turkey and green beans. I got full and stopped. After my 30 mins I indulged myself and had a cup of coffee with 1 peanut butter cookie. It's the first desert of any kind I have had in the five months since my surgery. I had planned to have something sweet. I love peanut butter and coffee so it was a perfect treat! All of my family asked what I did to lose weight and I told them I had the gastric sleeve and not even one negative comment. Everyone was super supportive and very encouraging.
  8. maggie409

    Questions for Alcohol Drinkers ONLY!

    I plan to have my first drink on New Years. I will be 6.5 months post op at that time. I am a wine drinker. I have not had any yet simply because I don't want the extra sugar. I plan to enjoy wine at a friends house when I have it for the first time since surgery. I am taking the extra precaution since I don't know how my body will react.
  9. maggie409

    How about some NSVs!?!?

    I am comfortably wearing a 2 inch heal! I could have never done this before surgery
  10. maggie409

    Seeking Buddies 5'2" & Under

    I am 5'... That's all. No inches. I am 5 months post op and I have lost 70 pounds. So glad I decided to have the surgery. I can actually see a 100 pound weight loss as a possibility.
  11. I also haven't tried to talk anyone into having surgery. However, I have one friend that is scheduled in February and has scheduled her surgery since I had mine. Of course she was leaning toward it anyway so she would have eventually done it on her own. I have another friend that is happy for my progress but would never have the procedure done. I think it's a personal choice. If someone is inspired by my success that's great but if asked if they should have it done, I always tell them it is there choice and that they have to be prepared to sacrifice a lot. It needs to be a serious commitment. I tell them they must be prepared to give up smoking, alcohol, cokes, and cheesecake for at least a year and possibly for a lifetime.
  12. maggie409

    Before/After Pics

    Thanks for all the kind words everyone!
  13. maggie409

    Holiday Weight Loss Challenge!

    198 this week. Thanks!
  14. maggie409

    Opinion on pecans- nuts

    I started on nuts at about four months post-op. I gravitate toward the more healthful nuts such as cashews, walnuts, almonds. I definitely limit the portion size and chew them really well.
  15. Mine only requires 3 days liquid diet. I started a healthy 1200 calorie diet on my own about two weeks before surgery. Then the 3 day liquid diet.
  16. maggie409

    Joining the ONEDERLAND Club!

    Congratulations!! I made it this morning too.
  17. maggie409

    Holiday Weight Loss Challenge!

    201 this week. Thanks
  18. If your hair loss started so soon after surgery it could be a side affect of anesthesia. I have a friend that was put under for a C-section and she experienced rapid hair loss and her doctor told her that lots of people will experience hair loss from anesthesia. Compound that with the rapid weight loss. I am five months post op and my hair loss started last week. I don't wash my hair as often and I don't brush it so often throughout the day.
  19. Hi, I would very much like all of us to publish who your surgeon was and at what facility you received your sleeve? I would hope this information will be of importance for all the future visitors to the site in helping them make a decision and hoping to relieve some stress in picking a doctor. Please post your information. I saw a similar post from 2010 and I thought some updated information would be good.
  20. maggie409

    Do you really need a hospital buddy?

    I think it's personal preference. My husband was there when I got out of surgery and as soon as I was coherent enough, I sent him on his way. We went to Tijuana for the surgery and so he took the opportunity to explore the city and get a good meal. I personally didn't want someone staring at me while I slept. The nursing staff was amazing and lots of people to take care of me. But I have a friend going after the first of the year and I will go with her and stay with her for the duration.
  21. maggie409

    Hair falling out!

    Mine started this last week. Mine doesn't come out in clumps. I am just losing more than usual when I wash and brush my hair. Mine is like yours and definitely feeling thinner. I have long thick hair and I'm used to constantly shedding. But it's coming out much more than usual. I am nearly five months post op. Hopefully it will stop soon for both of us.
  22. maggie409


    I can have coffee but it has to be decaf. I am five months post-op
  23. maggie409

    Holiday Weight Loss Challenge!

    Starting weight 203 Goal weight 183
  24. maggie409

    Holiday Weight Loss Challenge!

    I'm in.... My starting weight is 203 and my goal weight is 183.
  25. maggie409

    New body brings new partners -- many new partners

    If you'd actually read this whole thread you might have posted a different message. Or maybe not. I read the whole post and stick to my original post. The OP is married. Is admittedly been unfaithful and continues to be. She is asking "do I stop and be in a committed relationship or continue." She is seeking opinions. My opinion. Either commit to your marriage and stop screwing around. Or get a divorce and be single and sleep with whomever you choose. If her husband isn't being supportive and doesn't make her feel like she wants, then get a divorce. Don't screw around and then separate continuing to screw around. Married is married whether there is a separation or not. As humans if we only base our self-worth and self-image on our sexuality then there isn't much to us. We as humans are so much more complex and valuable than how often we can get laid. She is not only cheating on her husband but she is cheating on herself and selling herself short. STOP! Infidelity is a destroyer. And stop looking for your self-worth through someone else's eyes. Be proud. Be strong. Be the person YOU would be impressed by. Don't be the piece of ass all the men she is sleeping with are wanting her to be.