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  1. How do I find information on Dr Lopez and the clinic
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    My experience with Bariatric Pal

    How do I find this Dr and package?
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    Call the Bariatrics police!

    I will be a self-pay and have no intention of wasting $15,000 on a drink of alcohol. My brother the alcoholic however would have cut himself open for a drink of alcohol. Most alcoholics justify their consumption in every way possible. Also from what I've read and been told, the affects of that bad choice might not be seen for weeks. So I hope no one experiences a leak and is hospitalized
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    2bullymom, you talk about different stages of obesity. It's funny because on my phone notes I have calculated and already know exactly where I need to be weight-wise to be at each level. I am 5'1" so my weight numbers seem like they will be impossible to reach. Ideal weight 117-121 Not overweight 122-132 Overweight 133-157 Obese 158-184 Morbidly obese 185-211 Super obese 264 > My highest weight 266.2
  5. I am 51 and in the super obese category. I knew WLS was an option not never considered it because "I could do this if I really wanted to". When a friend had the surgery and was talking about BMI, I checked mine and it was quite the slap in the face to see I was beyond morbid obesity and was over 50%. It was the eye opener I needed. Funny but now that my eyes are opened I am disgusted by my body. I never truly saw myself as fat. I don't have insurance so i will be a self-pay so no hoops to jump through. I have taken the first step and have had my pre surgery testing done and am waiting for blood work results to come back. Once I am cleared with that, they will schedule me for surgery. I expect to be a June Sleever.
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    Excellent!!! I have not yet had my surgery and the thought of being below 200 is such a huge thing in my mind. I don't know you, but in super proud of you and know that you just inspired someone! Thanks
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    Where are you From ?

    Remote country town in central Texas.
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    Is it CHEATING or is it a CHOICE?

    I joined this group to prepare for surgery and to educate myself. I have visited with doctors and nurses. I have read articles, watched videos, and read "The big book on the Gastric Sleeve". I think the best education is first hand accounts of people's experiences. I don't yet have my surgery scheduled so I want to go into this eyes wide open. I personally like and want to read about everyone's experiences and perspectives. I want to hear from those that have stuck to the diet "100%". I want to know when people struggle and hear where there mind is at. I want to know what happens when someone doesn't follow the doctors orders. I agree with you on the wording that is used. We all make choices and I think we can all appreciate the fact that with some people those bad choices win out way too often. Whether it is called "cheating" or "bad choices", we all experience that same pull to eat and give in to temptation. It's all semantics.....you say tomato I say tomoto. I like that I will be fully prepared to fight that temptation after surgery. I would have not been well prepared if I went in thinking this operation was going to make all that disappear. As for "justification".... Of course it is justification and we all recognize it as such because, after all, this group are all experts on justification. We have each and every one justified ourselves into a state of obesity, morbid obesity and super obesity. I want to hear the thoughts and struggles of the woman who ate bacon 3 days post op simply because she could not shut off that inner craving. I want to hear people telling her she is crazy if she does and telling her graphically what will happen. I want to read people that tell her it's her body and justify her decision by empowering her to make that bad choice. As for me.... I don't want to make any more bad choices. I don't want to "cheat" myself any longer. If I come on here after surgery and I am struggling and I am tempted to make a bad choice, I want everyone's support. I want you to each scare me back into reality. I want you to tell me I'm an idiot for thinking about giving in. I want tips on how to resist. I want you to each and everyone kick me in the butt straight back to my senses!! I don't care what you call it.... I want you support to get past it.
  9. I have not had my surgery yet but the plan my doctor sent home for me to look at called for 1 week clear liquids only. Followed by 2 weeks of smooth liquids. Then 3 weeks of soft foods and starting on week 7 until the 3 month mark is regular diet choices. After is all items in the previous week with protein and veggies for each meal
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    I have Chosen Dr John Marsden

    I don't have a date yet. I am waiting to get back results from blood work that I had done last week. I am ready to get started
  11. I love juicing and I was hoping to incorporate some of those recipes into my diet. I don't her have a date for my surgery but I am very interested in your recipes. I love whole foods.
  12. "SeahawksFan" "took me 6 weeks to feel fully back to normal and have enough energy thru the entire day. ~LA Oh I hope I never get back to normal after my surgery when it comes to energy. I just finished picking up a few things at a small mall and I am soooo tired from the walking I did that I am having to sit in the parking lot until I catch my breath! (My normal).
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    "About 3 years ago i ballooned up 100lbs. With this surgery I lost most of that" So your saying you have lost 100 lbs in 8 months? OMG that is amazing! How is that even a failure! I think you need to stand up, dust yourself off, and keep doing what your doing! Bravo on your success so far!! Whether we think we can, or we think we can't, either way we are right." Henry Ford
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    Lots of pills

    I was told to get them in liquid form.
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    Have you tried the Gas-x chewable or strips? Maybe those would help
  16. Crossing my legs when I sit My grandkids not playing with my arm fat when I am driving Throwing away all of my 3x clothes ..... Except maybe one set for a reminder Wear shorts in public
  17. OMG! The amount of energy you have sounds amazing to me! I have not had my surgery yet but I can't wait for the day that I can say I went for a walk and did all the things you do before I get tired. Makes me excited to have my surgery.
  18. I have chosen Dr. john Marsden through the True Results clinic in Ft. Worth. I have been super impressed with the staff but have not yet seen Dr. Marsden. Has anyone else used him? Everything I have found on him is positive but I would love to know from people who have actually used him.
  19. I wonder if the difference is in how the surgery is paid for? I know different insurance companies have different requirements to get approved. I have spoken to some people who were required to lose 10% of their body weight before they would be covered; some were required to adhere to the clear liquid diet before they would be covered; some were required to under psychological evaluation; etc. I am a self-pay and was told as soon as my lab work comes back, I would be cleared for surgery. I was given a two-week preop diet to follow that is a combination of liquids, shakes and some regular food. The reason I was told this was necessary was to ensure that my liver was not enlarged. I have a bmi over 50 with no health issues.
  20. I am listening to it now on audible. Great book