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  1. AngelaWilliamsMD

    Do you use PatchMD vitamin patches?

    I use the anti-aging and multi vitamin patches in different places, and rotate the places every day. For example, one to each arm on Monday, one to each breast on Tuesday, etc. I haven't had any lab deficiencies and my anemia that I had prior to surgery (and the patches), has resolved. I practice as an Internal Medicine physician and although I have no affiliation with PatchMD, the idea of using impregnated patches with vitamins...or other medicines, is not new and is well studied.
  2. AngelaWilliamsMD

    Moderate to severe reflux

    With a BMI as low as yours, I'd think really hard about RNY...if that's what's been presented to you. You're not even symptomatic, right?
  3. AngelaWilliamsMD

    Very Sedentary for Years... How do I start?

    You're still early out, you may want to lose some more weight first and not rush things. Getting clearance by a physician is never a bad thing either!
  4. AngelaWilliamsMD

    Holiday Weight Loss Challenge!

    Sorry I'm late posting, but I weigh 128.7!
  5. If they wrote a letter stating you didn't need it, that should be more than enough
  6. AngelaWilliamsMD

    Seeing large amounts of food make me feel sick

    The sight and smells make me nauseated sometimes post-op. Perhaps that's what is going on?
  7. AngelaWilliamsMD

    Who tried to talk you out of Mexico?

    Me. I freaked myself out to the point that I flew myself back home the same night and resolved to do better. Don't let this happen to you...you'll be okay.
  8. Interesting read, thanks for posting!
  9. AngelaWilliamsMD

    I've been approved!

  10. AngelaWilliamsMD

    Smoking....need advice please!

    I'm not sure I understand your question!
  11. I agree with what the others have said, slow it down. It sounds very early to be doing some of the things you are doing!
  12. AngelaWilliamsMD

    3 weeks post op - serious fatigue

    Yes. The 6 weeks I took off were completely worth it in my case. I had mental and physical fatigue that didn't really get better until I was on soft foods and steadily getting in my protein the first month.
  13. AngelaWilliamsMD

    Thanksgiving and you

    I don't remember specifically the food I had on Thanksgiving, but I had enough foresight about my WLS that I correctly guessed that it'd be one of the last times I'd be able to eat like a regular person and had fun with it. I take a cruise every holiday with my significant other and always have a lovely time. So, what I'm getting at is why not just enjoy the holiday for what it is and relax? You'll have plenty of time to plan in January....I recommend having a fun time and not stressing out over a food plan that you likely won't follow anyway?
  14. Can you elaborate on why? Just curious.
  15. AngelaWilliamsMD

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