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  1. MarceMonster

    Halloween Challenge!

    Can you please add me to the challenge. I am currently 188 and I would love to be at 175 by Halloween. That's 7 weeks away, I think I can do it!
  2. MarceMonster

    Go-to sleevey snack

    Get a small lunch bag and keep an ice pack in it with a protein shake, yogurt, cheese, ect... I go to college and I there from 8:15am -4:00 pm so I have to bring stuff with me. I just keep my lunch bag in my backpack or messenger bag. Being prepared is key!
  3. MarceMonster

    30 ans under sleevers?

    Ok. Well, I am 27 and I had surgery a little over 3 months ago - June 1st. Things have been going relatively ok so far. My stats are as fallows: HW - 235 SW - 222.5 CW - 189 I am only 5 feet tall so I have set my goal weight to between 120-125. In terms of my diet, I try to stay on plan as much as I can. I would probably say I eat according to my doctors plan about 95% of the time. I have had a few moments so far where k decided to have a treat. Although I am not hungry very often, I try to eat every three hours, as instructed by my NUT. Sometimes this can be a struggle and it feels like I am forcing myself to eat. I eat between 650-800 calories per day. I also workout 6 days per week and burn between 250-350 calories. I eat 60-80g Protein and try to keep my Net Carbs below 45g per day. Most of the time I am happy with my diet and can handle it without a problem; other times it's a struggle. With regards to my quality of life, it has drastically improved. I went from not being able to walk for more then 15 minutes without being in pain, to being able to walk for an hour or more at a time. I make sure to exercise 5-6 days a week to help improve my fitness level. I also have a lot more energy then I did before. Did you have any other questions could answer for you? I am not sure what else you want to know.
  4. MarceMonster

    30 ans under sleevers?

    Do you mean 30 years of age and under or BMI of 30 and under?
  5. MarceMonster

    How can I be a failure already?

    I think everyone has given you great advice. I too get freaked out when I see I have lost less weight then I expected, but I am trying to teach myself otherwise. You need to think of it this way, so what if you "only lost two pounds", 2 lbs a week over the course of a year is 104 lbs. that's a lot of weight! Now obviously you are not going to lose at the same rate every week, but some weeks will be more then 2lbs, some will be less, but they will average out in the end.
  6. MarceMonster

    Looking for same body type

    I am doing fairly well and I feel great most days. I have lost 45lbs total since the two week pre-op diet to now. My back feels so much better, I can actually exercise ( in fact I now kind of enjoy it), and I can walk for longer periods of time with no pain. I also have a lot more energy. Recently, the past month, my rate of loss has slowed a bit, but I am still losing so I won't complain. How are you doing/ feeling? Are you happy with your decision? Do you struggle at all with the new eating plan?
  7. MarceMonster

    Looking for same body type

    I am fairly similar. I am a bit shorter then you, 5 feet even and I starting weight was 235. I was sleeved June 1st, so only a few weeks before you. I would love to help if you have any questions.
  8. MarceMonster

    Changing mind during the process

    I was required to do a 6 month, doctor supervised diet as part of my insurance approval process. So yes, I did lose weight during my waiting period. To be honest, I probably only gave it my best the last two months. I was losing weight all along but very, very, slowly! I lost a total of about 14lbs prior to my surgery. Obviously, this was not enough to push me towards not having surgery. I had pretty much made up my mind though before I was even approved that I wanted to go through with surgery no matter what. Even if you loose a significant amount of weight, I would still be concerned about keeping it off. I believe the stats are something like : only 5% of people who lose weight, on their own (not wls), keep the weight of past two years. Now, don't quote me on the number, I am trying to remember it from something I read before surgery. Anyway, it's normal to be in the fence a bit. This is major surgery and a major life change. I can say that I have zero regrets though!
  9. Marcella Lawrence, Branford CT I think that should work. If not look up Lawrence.marcel@gmail.com. Thank you for adding me, I will check in everyday with you, if you would like.
  10. MarceMonster

    leggings ARE pants!

    You look amazing! This is also just a beautifully taken photo as well.
  11. MarceMonster

    Slow loser

    So 50lbs in 6 months averages out to slightly over 2 lbs per week. That is not terribly slow, but I get your frustration. For this 3 of the four weeks this month I only lost 1lb per week, then finally this week I dropped down 2.4 lbs. honestly I will probably average about the same as you in the long run. How many calories are you eating? Also do you know How much muscle you have put on? For instance this month my pounds we're really low, but my muscle mass increased by about 3-4% so that is the reason I didn't see the scale move as much as I expected.
  12. MarceMonster


    I ended up ordering them either from Amazon or Nettrition.com. Both sites had them I just can't remember which was cheaper. They are really good, even my husband eats them (who is not a wls patient or even overweight).
  13. Hey if you are still looking for someone, I would love to be your accountability partner; I could use one myself. I am just about three months out from surgery but I could use all the support I could get and would love to support someone else. Let me know! ❗️
  14. Thanks guys for being so supportive. I would gladly like to report that this week I managed to break the month long trend and lose 2.5 lbs!!!! I am thrilled. Hopefully, I won't see another month like that for awhile.
  15. MarceMonster


    I tend to have 1 poached egg with 1/2 oz of cheese (usually habanero cheddar) and 1.5oz of fruit (usually watermelon). Sometimes instead of the cheese and fruit, I will eat 2 oz of Fage Plain Yogurt with and 1/8 cup Special K Protein Cereal for crunch - it's really yummy! I also do shakes when my Breakfast needs to be quick. I have had Carbquick pancakes twice and those are pretty good. I also sometimes will eat organic chicken breakfast sausage with my eggs, the Applegate Farms company is my favorite brand. Oh yea, I also will make "cannoli cream" and eat that instead of yogurt sometimes. You just take some skin ricotta, a tbsp of milk, drop of vanilla stevia, and a drop of pure almond extract and mix together. It tastes just like cannoli cream. You can add a strawberry to it or even some a couple sugar free chocolate chips. It's one of my favorites! Anyway, do you have a list of acceptable foods from you doctors office? I was just ending soft foods at a month out. I hope you have gotten some yummy breakfast ideas!

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