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  1. It should be a crime to look that good with macros like that! Congrats on the finish, that sounds like one hell of a grueling run to me.
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    It's completely safe and will not cause leaks. It's crap for protein though. Quoting myself here because I don't feel like typing it out again:
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    Losing too much muscle mass

    It could be a factor, but I wouldn't classify it as significant. Lost at sea or lost in the desert for a week would be significant enough duress to cause a catabolic state severe enough to begin eating away at muscle.
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    Losing too much muscle mass

    The only time that your body is in a true cannibalistic catabolic state is during times of duress and starvation. The body will always go for carbohydrates, recently eaten food, then fat stores, and as a last resort - muscle tissue for the energy requirements. While the muscles may be smaller, that does not mean that you have lost muscle tissue, they may just be lax from lack of environmental stress (the definitive term, not eh emotional state). "Pretty" muscles are just swollen from the increase water retention. That is why you always look bigger after a workout session. True long lasting muscle mass increases are not as apparent. High rep/low weight workouts are good for muscle tissue to split and tear that will heal looking larger, but they will not be inherently stronger. If you are wanting to look better -and there is nothing wrong with that- then just do a tone of reps (volume). If you want real strength, lift heavy for 3 sets of 5 reps after appropriate warm-ups. I'll not get into routines nor training sessions as most people just don't take it as serious as I, or they already have themselves convinced they already know the best way to accomplish both at the same time on a severely limited caloric intake. One other thing to remember, your protein requirements are based on lean body mass, not body weight. If you weigh 200 lbs, you do not need 200 grams of protein. That is counting bone and organs as well.
  5. I'm over 3 years out and this is still an issue for me. I got off my BP meds two weeks post-op and in a weird twist of fate, after 20 years of avoiding sodium, I now have my doctor telling me to increase my sodium levels. I actually have a salt shaker at my desk at work. Something you may want to talk to your doctor about.
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    I was looking forward to thinner hair to be honest since mine has always been dense, but I never had the thinning people talked about. I have found that with my improved diet, I am shaving more frequently. Though I have noticed that my beard is more wiry than before.
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    Hot sauce junkies.

    I don't remember when I started going back to the really hot stuff, but by 6 months I could handle ghost peppers heat. HOWEVER - I don't enjoy it like I used to. Honestly, they taste... different. "Off" even. It's kind of like when I tasted biscuits and gravy for the first time post-op. Biscuits & gravy was my favorite meal. It was what I would have for dinner on my birthday, it was my "last meal" before surgery. One very small bite a year and 4 months post op and I spat it out. Haven't had it since and really don't miss it. So much of our palate changes post op, don't be surprised if you no longer like the flavor of many of the peppers. I find I like the milder and sweeter habanero peppers now and I never cared for them before. I always preferred the smokiness of ghost.
  8. I am fortunate enough to have access to a certified Starting Strength coach about 45 minutes away. She believes that my diet and injuries contribute to the lack of progress. I am finally coming around to believing her. Well I would say that cinches it, it has taken me years to get to 245-ish on squat. In regards to squat form, get that nailed down before going up in weight. As a matter of fact, you should drop that weight down until you can go below parallel. You are going to hurt your knees and probably your lumbar spine. Find the Starting Strength 3rd edition and read it cover to cover. Amazing book. If you are wanting raw strength, seriously consider doing 5 reps for 3 sets after a warmup. Drop sets good for size, but for strength, titration to a working set weight is superior. I know I shouldn't complain and whine about these weights, pro-op my left leg was virtually dead. I couldn't even pick it up to climb the stairs. But I guess that is the nature of the male ego.
  9. Oh... if you are going to be serious about squats and deads, get a belt. A real leather belt, not velcro. Then weightlifting shoes. Stability is muy importante.
  10. I am interested in how your squat & deadlift numbers progress. I have no one to talk to about those specific lifts that has had gastric surgery. I am stuck and I want to know if it is from the restricted caloric intake or the lifetime of injuries that is preventing my increases. 250 squat and 260 deadlift are my 5 rep max. And that is after 2 years of lifting. I cannot put into words how frustrating that is.
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    All I want to eat is cheese!

    lol, no... Mitosis is cellular division. I was jokingly saying that you were going to divide in two. Sorry, nerd humor.
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    All I want to eat is cheese!

    A cheese craving means that your body is craving fat and protein. Obviously you are preparing for mitosis.
  13. To piggyback on Matt, protein isolates are more "refined" hence will dissolve quicker/easier. I have no experience with isolates other than whey, but they should work the same. I don't do shakes, I mostly cook with my powders and isolates texture is "wrong" to my palate.
  14. There is a difference between unflavored and flavorless. Unflavored only means that there is no flavoring added to cover the natural flavor of whatever protein they are selling. Flavorless is just about unobtainable unless you look at Genepro which is snakeoil. Totally worthless BS from an unreputable company. But it mixes well and has no flavor, so many people buy it.
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    I'm back on the grind again. Sorry for absence.

    TInk in the power rack with a belt?! Are you squating?! Good to see you again my friend!
  16. Another variable to consider; how has your personality changed when dealing with other people? Maybe the people that are more willing to interact with you now are the very ones you shied away from before. Maybe the people who are short with you or reticent to engage in conversation no longer see you as weak or vulnerable to their manipulations? All relationships will change as a result of success. If you have a strong and healthy relationship with someone, more often than not, that relationship will get stronger. If a relationship is completely one-sided and only beneficial to one, that relationship will more than likely dissolve. Confidence is kinda like MSG, it intensifies the existing flavor of relationships.
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    Welcome to the club. You'll get your jacket soon.
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    You guys need to be careful, you're precariously close to being a curmudgeonly vet...
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    Biker question

    Thanks! I do love my big viffer. Unfortunately I have not been able to ride her this season. It's been two months since I have even started her up. Family and work take up a lot of time. I really hope to devote some time to riding once my teenagers no longer think I'm cool. Right now I am enjoying being the cool dad.
  20. This is really going to depend on what your end goal. Are you wanting to get as strong as you can or just be more physically fit and look good? There is nothing wrong with either goal, but the ways to get there are very different in their training and programming. Let me clarify that wanting to be "strong as you can" doesn't mean becoming an elite power lifter. I've been doing the main lifts for over 2 years and I am still considered a novice because of my paltry weights. Too many injuries make it improbable that I will move much higher.
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    The regain posts

    I was fat for so long, I still cannot get that image out of my head even while looking in the mirror. So I always feel like I am fighting the battle even though most of my food habits are 180 degrees from what they were. So for me, Identifying as a WLS patient and living as though I am following that diet works. The people who hit goal and leave may go on and remain successful, but I am betting that many go on to regain a little or a lot and either are too embarrassed to come back or forget about this place. Some of the most successful vets from 2 years ago that I still have contact with have gained back far more than I would have imagined. And all because they hit goal and decided to live life "normal" which really means going back to the way they were pre-op.
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    Macro Summary

    From the album: Weightloss, macro's, and misc data examples

    This is a pivot based on all the food I have eaten.
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    I Said I Wouldn't Do It....

    Sure we meal prep, but the food I pack for work doesn't always get eaten. Or I just can't finish everything I packed. To me it works best if I measure/weigh before eating and the weigh after and log the difference if I don't finish. Inversely, I have spare snacks in case I eat everything and yet am still hungry. If I only logged once a day, I would most likely forget those things completely.
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    I Said I Wouldn't Do It....

    I don't see how logging food before you've eaten it works for anyone. Even this far out, I cannot say what I am going to eat for the entire day. When it comes to the godawful imperial measuring system (cups of spinach, or 1/4 of pork rinds) I always switch my scale to grams. The problem with the imperial system is many people/labels say 2 ounces (weight) instead of quarter cup when they are referencing fluid ounces (volume) . The metric system avoids that confusion with grams for weight and milliliters for volume. I am meticulous with my tracking and have been for quite a while. I find it a valuable tool to prevent me from overeating. It also helps me determine if the hunger is real or just in my head. If I am already at 2,000 calories for the day, it is most likely head hunger. However, if I have been exceedingly active that day, it would make sense that I am truly hungry and need the sustenance. The free version of MyFitnessPal is still pretty darn powerful if you are handy with spreadsheets. I just use their report and scrape the data from the HTML and enter it into my spreadsheet: Those pictures are from last year, but the file is the same today but with more data.
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    Worried about my wife

    Actually, it is impossible to create new muscle tissue when you are eating fewer calories than your body burns. It's kind of a law. (Conservation of mass). If your BMR is 1500 calories and you can only eat 1000 calories, you absolutely cannot create new muscle tissue. Now you may be able to have the existing muscle tissue live up to it's potential, increase in size comes from blood and water engorging the tissue. As the muscle is worked, it can hold more. In the case of building new tissue, the above happens as well, but now you literally have more muscle fibers that are holding more blood and water. @Biggamehunter - perhaps the forum members suggest you get help because you are so angry and taking it out on strangers on the internet? I don't see this as a your side/their side situation. I have no bias one way or the other. I'm just here to answer a question. If you want help from these people, you need to be more personable. You are not endearing enough to make anyone want to help, only argue. Hope you and your wife can come to a consensus on what to do next.