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    Lizpeni reacted to DizzyLib for a blog entry, I fit into a size 16! wooooohoooooo!   
    I can't believe it's been so long since I've blogged!!!
    Life has been busy with my new routine, eating, sipping, sipping, eating, exercising, sipping...who would have thought but I don't mind, all the changes I've had to adapt to, as I have lost 25.9kg (57 pounds) in 13 weeks (including 2wk pre-op diet).
    People are now taking notice of my weightloss but I just tell them "Yes, I've been working hard".
    Today I went shopping and bought a size 16 top!! I was size 22/24 before surgery!
    I am so happy I had my sleeve. I am 56 and to think I will never have to waste my money on another diet or diet book or gimmick again! I am putting all my spare cash into future travel when I will be able to walk around all the tourist sites I've dreamed about without hobbling or having to sit down! I still have a way to go but it's amazing. I just follow the rules and every week I am lighter than the week before.
    Continued Success To Everyone!

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