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  1. Theresa H

    Phentermine - Thoughts?

    My doctor put me on it and suggested I take 1/2 instead of a whole one. It still controls my appetite. I'm no longer gaining the weight back even though I'm still not losing fast.
  2. Wow! Amazing! I will be 2 years out on November 5th. I'm no where near there. I need to lose 45 more for my goal weight. Congratulations BTW!
  3. I am in Alabama @foreversleeved08.
  4. Where do you purchase the Quest bars? I have never heard of them. Thanks in advance.
  5. You are my inspiration...Thanks for sharing your journey!
  6. I didn't lose but 4 pounds on the liquid diet either but that doesn't mean you will be a slow loser. Take the wait and see approach before defining yourself. Blessings to you and your journey! :-)
  7. You look wonderful Jamie!
  8. It does get better...hold on and take one day at a time.
  9. I can now eat almost anything as well and some cravings has returned. I was hoping the surgery would be a cure all for the cravings... It's not. Being delivery in eating healthy and with control is the key, I suppose. Easier said than done at times though.
  10. All we can do is keep doing the right things set forth by the nutritionist and remain positive...take one day at a time. I have also decided to stay off the scale so much and let the fit of my clothes be the determining factor. This idea was suggested by a friend and I think it's a good one. Blessings and positivity to you all!
  11. Theresa H


    Wow, thank you Tammy. This video is very informative.
  12. It has been 16 months since my surgery. I am still fighting for my goal weight. I am on thyroid medication and I am a slow loser. It gets daunting but I have lost about 80 pounds and I want to lose about 45 more.
  13. Theresa H

    Bariatric Surgery Do's And Don'ts

    I needed this post...thank you!