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  1. freelee


    You said you wanted to eat, not that you were hungry. So you’re dealing with head hunger, not stomach hunger. This is a slippery slope, taking a walk or other activity might help.
  2. I would call your dr right away.
  3. freelee

    3 days post-op questions

    Yes, walking will help.
  4. .....and I use Premier Protein, 160 cal and 30 gr of protein
  5. Liquid all the way. 5 yrs out and I still can't do powder. Good luck on your surgery. You won't regret it!
  6. Thank you Nynandra........I knew I wouldn’t be able to get it down if chunky and didn’t want to go through that expense if it was chunky.
  7. But does it have an oatmeal texture when drinking it cold?
  8. freelee

    Weight loss AFTER removal of excess skin

    2 years ago I had RNY, and at the beginning of this summer I had lost 150 lbs. I am at goal. June 30 I had my panni and he took another 3.5 lbs of skin. I am very happy with it. It does take longer to heal than I had expected. After surgery they immediately had the compression brace on and am still wearing it almost 24/7. i gained some water weight (up to 131 from 117) but am now down to 126. my biggest fear is I will continue to gain if I dont get back on my walking/jogging routine soon. i had to have a section of my incision reopened due to a tiny complication, so I am having to pack an open 3" foe a month until it heals, so the major walking is off the table and "strolls" just arent cutting it weightloss wise. Good luck on your journey. I am very happy with my results. Now I wish I could do my arms and thighs.
  9. freelee

    Meaty Meltdown

    Just make sure the meat you eat is moist......in other words, the microwave for reheating of meat might not be your best friend).
  10. freelee

    Holy cow! I did it!

    Great! Take it slow, and don't worry about what you are NOT eating, but what you are eating.
  11. freelee


    Just had my panni done because it is covered by my insurance. None of the other will be.Because of age I decided to not have a tummy tuck............but if I had to order my dream plastic surgeries they would be: next: arms then: thighs then: neck then: breast reduction, not augmentation But all of that is a dream at this time. I am extremely pleased with my panni and I only had it done 8 DAYS ago.
  12. freelee

    Starbucks Anyone?

    That makes sense, Little Green, thank you. It is a real obsession of mine and probably not good for me (or my wallet)
  13. Thanks for the note about bruising easier. I had my panni one week ago and have noticed unusual bruising, guess that is it. Looking forward to getting the drains out next week, but they aren't as bad as I thought. While my weight was 125 when I went in for the panni, I came out at 134. However, I am already (one week post panni) at my lowest ever 122#. Don't know if that will go up before it goes back down or not.
  14. freelee

    Starbucks Anyone?

    Absolutely, Blondie66, I am two years out from RNY and just had my panni last week. This has just happened over the past year. And I can't drink a venti coffee-light frappachino, it has to be a grande.
  15. Before my RNY two years ago, I never really drank coffee. Then suddenly I got into a routine of going regularly (ie once or twice a day). My surgeon says it's okay as long as I am getting in my protein and vitamins. But even though a venti skinny vanilla latte has protein (and carbs!) I admit to overdoing it with the sugar free vanilla syrup. My cold "go to" drink is a coffee-light frappachino, with sf vanilla added also. Are frappachinos considered CARBONATED?? Or is it just crushed ice? Is the air in it a bad idea? What are your opinions on and options for Starbuck's drinking after gastric bypass?

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