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  1. This is amazing information! I am so surprised it can be done outpatient!. Thanks for letting us know. That is very encouraging. I've always heard it is like having a C-section, which was not outpatient, but not horrible either. Will you / Did you have an epidural or completely out? I'm hoping you say completely out, can't imagine hearing them talk about removing all the skin!
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    Thanks for the encouraging story! The altitude itself would do me in right now. Looking forward to my June 16 surgery!
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    Had my sleep study last night and was dreading it! It was strange getting set up, but after thinking I'd never fall asleep, I did and woke up feeling Fine. I don't know the results, but I'm finished with the requirements. Surgery is June 16! WiSh it was earlier, but I teach until that Friday.
  4. I'm new here. You all are great sources of information. Thank you already for all the tips and information I have read. Best wishes to all of you in your journey. My question is, "What can I expect from the pulmonologist's appointment?" This is my next step and am curious and a little nervous. With the extra weight, I'm already having some problems. I guess that's normal, right?
  5. Will they let me take the sleep study with a bad cough and cold? Today is Thursday, the sleep study is Sat night. My cough and cold has been getting progressively worse this week.......should I cancel! Will they make me reschedule? I've already been approved for my surgery. Guess I should call them, huh? Just want it over and done.
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    I have my sleep study next Saturday night. My dr prescribed 1 ambien to take when I get there. I am already approved, so I feel this is rather redundant, but necessary. I'm rather curious if I have sleep apnea or not. I'm not looking forward to it either, but heard it is in a really nice setting. Good luck.
  7. Hi Magic Mojo, CONGRATULATIONS! How Are you feeling? I can't wait to get my June date. By the way, I finished StraNiger Here and loved it! Thanks so much for the recommendation. Very gritty stuff, but good to read. Her next bOok comes out in Oct. keep us updated on your successes, I'm rooting for you! Freelee
  8. Did you have to do a liquid pre-op diet? I think I will be doing one the last two weeks of school. How was that for you at school?
  9. Good luck on your surgery in a couple of weeks. I, too, am a classroom teacher and wondering the same things for the coming year. I haven't got an official date, but will be getting a date this week. I plan to have rny surgery on or around June 15th, the Monday after school is out. Then I think I will have about 8 weeks before going back. Please let me know how you do and what it is like when you go back. I teach 5th grade.
  10. Hi Magic Mojo.........finished 11 ch of the book and I can relate to so many of her Emotions. She's just about to go to her first appt. really like it, thanks for the suggested reading. Good luck on Wednesday, I'll be praying for you. Please post when you can.
  11. I'm on the road to bypass surgery. pulmonary appt on Fri, and then getting the surgery date. I'm hoping for mid June as soon as school is out. Is that enough time to get adjusted to my new life before school starts again mid August? My other question is for teachers who have had the surgery, how do you find the food requirements of small meals and side effects (bathroom issues, etc) work with your tightly scheduled day as a teacher? I teach 6th grade. Any suggestions and tips appreciated.
  12. Absolutely, that sounds great. I would appreciate any advice you can give. I have my pulmonology appt on Friday and if all goes well can get my surgery date then. I am hoping for June 15 because I am a teacher and school is out then.Sounds like too much to deal with as the end of school approaches. Thanks for the book suggestion. I am definitely going to get it and begin reading this week. Hope you are doing well.
  13. I am 62 also and am expecting to get my bypass surgery date next week. I am very excited but know it is going to take a lot of determination and hard work on my part afterwards. Good luck.