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  1. Absolutely normal! I'm 3 1/2 weeks post RNY and felt the same time. You'll be happy you did!
  2. freelee

    Feeling blah....

    Christina, I'm in the exact same boat. My surgery was June 16. I have started refried beans and yogurt to suppliment the protein drink, but still have never since surgery hit my 60 g of protein or 64 oz of water. Pre-surgery diet was 2 weeks of protein drinks only, and I did fine......but I could drink them much faster. Now it is very hard to get them down. I see the nutritionist tomorrow and hope to get some pointers. I'm sure this is what is making me feel blah also.
  3. freelee

    Day 3 Pre-op liquid diet

    Hi Ladyvalle, I too, am 62 and had my RNY surgery June 16th. I'm feeling pretty good almost 3 weeks out now, just a little sore and having a hard time getting all the Water and Protein in each day. I see the nutritionist tomorrow per my plan. I did 2 weeks Liquid Protein pre-surgery and it really wasn't that bad after the first 3-4 days. Just take it a couple of hours at a time. I was amazed at how filling they were. But now, since I have to drink it so slowly, I'm not enjoying it anymore. My refried Beans and yogurt are my best friends now. Of course you're nervous, we all are........but I am already so happy that I did it, the age wasn't a problem. You'll do great.
  4. freelee

    Day 3 Pre-op liquid diet

    Stay in your cube, Forget the cakes, it WILL get better, I promise. It got to where I didn't even mind people eating around me. I don't know how long your liquid protein diet is, mine was 14 days. You'll be glad you did! Best wishes on all the upcoming changes.
  5. freelee

    Manic Monday.....

    Best wishes! I had mine 16 days ago at Alexian Bro. in Elk Grove I've had a pretty easy time and they said I am doing great. I wish those reports for you. You'll be going through all kinds of emotions, just focus on the positive ones and your goal.
  6. I'm 2 wks post-op RNY and ready to start thinking about something besides Protein shakes. I have my limited list from the dr with lots of milks and creamed Soup, yogurt, etc., you know the Puree stage. Just wondering what you found enjoyable in this stage. I'm okay with yogurt and soup, but the milks won't be working for me. Greek yogurt went down fine today, as did Amy's split pea soup (but not enough protein for the half cup to count it as a meal). Suggestions? I would appreciate the input. I don't want to mess up the surgery. Thanks.
  7. Daisee, I'm having a hard time with the protein also, and yes, still have to have the drinks. Funny, I have been looking at the ricotta bake and even bought the ingredients. Can't wait! How many weeks past surgery did you make it? What about refried beans? I have pinned some of Eggface recipes, too. When was your surgery? Mine was June 16. Thanks for the tips.
  8. freelee

    11 months

    How amazing! I am 11 days poSt op and have my before photos ready. Yes, you are truly blessed. God has been very faithful to me Also on this journey!
  9. freelee

    Emotional Wreck

    Sarabeth, iT is normal. I am 11days post op and have been all over the place, but this week feeling beTater.
  10. freelee


    I'm here, 11 days post RNY. Recovering right on scheduLe per my checkup yesterday.
  11. Normal to feel questionable right before surgery. I'm 11 days post op and have had a pretty easy time, albeit not without SOME occasional pain. Irony forget to tell the anestieologist your concerns when s/he comes in The morning of your surgery. Best wishes!
  12. I know most of us go through some Protein liquid diet and the length varies. Mine is 2 weeks. I am 4 days into it and haven't strayed. Luckily, I'm okay with the Bariatric Advantage Protein. I'm allowed some chicken broth which has helped the last 2 nights. I still have 10 days to go. I'm sure I can do it, but the weakness and headaches and hunger pains don't make it any easier. Will the hunger start to fade? I wonder if this is harder than those first few weeks post-surgery pain? I'd like to think so, but suspect not. Just hoping for a little encouragement and/or tips for this stage. I've got 10 more days before surgery. Looking back, how was your experience with this challenge?
  13. I'm with the same group as Caligula and got mine at the office. I didn't mind it, I always added one scoop of vanilla, one scoop of chocolate and 2 ice cubes and water. I am 8 days post rny and doing well. I'm being a very thankful lady this week! Sorry, Caligul SOrry.....Caligul
  14. Surgery last Tuesday. I am so nauseous I can't stand it. Dry heaving, etc. It's 5pm and so far, 8 oz of water, and 1 oz of cream of chicken soup. Should I worry? I have heard you have to grow into the protein and water....is that true? Please advise.
  15. Please, how long does this last? I was having iv in the hospital this morning, and this afternoon when it was removed and i started drinking more Water I became nauseos.I came home, drank abouta cup of water, 1/4 cup of broth, and thats all I can get down.I walked 30 laps aroung the kitchen and dining room. No vomiting, but not feeling well at all. Please tell me this is normal for a while? If not, what should I do/ freelee
  16. Doing great everyone. Had bronchitis coming in so messes with the pain when I cough, but otHew is going well. Going home this afternoon if the pulmomologist releases me ( which I think he will) . Excited to go home with no tube and no staples! I'm ready to do this!
  17. freelee

    Surgery Tomorrow

    @@caligul Dr Kane did mine Tuesday at Alexian bro. Going home today (Friday). Love my binder. Helps with the bronchus I haVe too. Feeling much better. I agree with those that say day 2 is the worst!
  18. Laying here in the hospital after yesterday's RNY, And can hardly remember how hard those two weeks were. I hThink it HELPED that I didn't haVe the food option , otherwise that's what I would have focused on everyday. It WILL get easier, I could even have my shake in the work lunchroom and with my husband when he ate dinner. Best wishes, I just crossed to the other side and I'm a believer....it's well worth It!
  19. Great news, Julia and Myjourney again! Less than 8 hours to go for me. Won't deny I'm a litLe nervous, but y'all made me feel better. I'll be checking in tomorrow evening.
  20. I don't know how "legit" They are, but if you're on Pinterest, search bariatric surgery, bariatric recipes, etc. I've found lots of recipes I'm saving for when I'm ready to eat again. My bypass is in 8 hours, yikes! I'm nervous.
  21. freelee

    "Brave" choice?

    Take brave as a compliment. Own it! You are brave.
  22. Best wishes Julia, Brian, and all the other teachers out there. Are you two Awake yet?! Anxious to hear your thoughts? I'm having mine tomorrow morning and excited!
  23. freelee

    Clothing prep for post

    I will be checking out Walmart sales.
  24. freelee

    Off to the Hospital.....

    I'm naturally assuming all went well! I'm very happy for you. Tomorrow morning and I'll be over there too!