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  1. Yes, thanks for the comments. I am 4 1/2 months post RNY and am beginning very noticable hair loss. Plus my hair is very dry now. I've lost 65 pounds, so I'm still very happy. I bought a really expensive shampoo/conditioner at the stylist's, but not doing that again. Found some cheaper today at Sally's (hope it works better) and have been religiously taking my Biotin. I still struggle daily with getting close to enough Protein, so I know that's the problem, but I get so sick still from so many things. I know this didn't help but I just wanted to join the conversation. Thanks for listening. And best wishes. It's a journey, that is for sure! So glad people are saying it grows back. Faith is the key.
  2. YEA!!!! I'm on the edge too, but I still have 3 lbs to go. Hopefully, I'll arrive in Onederland by next weekend. Keep up the good work. I'm really happy for you.
  3. I'm just 4 months out but can not get all my protein in without shakes.
  4. freelee

    Really Tough Day

    He sounds like a very supportive and loving husband. You deserve this time to get your strength back, so relax and try not to be so hard on yourself. You'll be back up and around soon.
  5. Wow, this is enlightening! I am almost 4 months out and still have a horrible taste in my mouth. But mine is on the very back on both sides. I have been thinking it is from my vitamins, but it NEVER goes away. Nothing tastes the same, hence I have a very hard time eating but I agree with Brooke and others, guess the surgery is doing it's job, so I can't complain....this is exactly what I signed up for and am happy with the results as long as I'm not getting malnourished from not being able to eat. Last week all of my 3 month blood work came back very good. Hate the taste of everything, and nausea and sliming like crazy, but 55 lbs lighter.
  6. freelee


    okay Friends, I finally bought a jar, now please give me some tips on what to do with it. Do I add water? All suggestions welcome. I'm getting too much fat calories from regular pub. Thanks
  7. go to dr next week for 3 mo checkup and first blood work chEckberg, but am so frustrated now. For the past 3 weeks, I can't seem to eat Anything without getting horrible sliming and foaming and nausea. No ff retried beans even! Please give some insight if you can. I'm starting to get a little scared that I'm going to collapse from malnutrition. I'm already not getting Enough protein and between 6-700 calories if I keep it down. Please tell me This is not as serious as it feels. Thanks so much, sorry to be such a baby!
  8. Thank you James Marusek (no, I have been very good about no more than half a cup and thought I was chewing enough?) and Daisee68. I couldn't keep my Premier Protein bar down this morning and couldn't eat lunch or drink Water till late afternoon. Needless to say, a rotten day of teaching the little ones today. Stomach is still queesy. I did talk to my surgeon's PA and yes will have to have an upper gi to see if an endoscopy is necessary. I'm going to try to hold off till I see him Monday, after a trip out of town (where I wouldn't eat much anyway for fear of sliming happening at the event. I appreciate your comments. Please give any more guidance anytime. I can use all the encouragement I can get.
  9. freelee

    Going in for the BIG reveal....

    Prayers of thanksgiving and prayers for a successful surgery and full recovery.
  10. I'm 8 weeks post RNY. 4 hours ago I ate two bites of scrambled eggs with ketchup and for the first time one bite of bacon. 5 minutes later I started getting the esophagus pain and major foamies and throwing up. It's three hours later and still in pain and slimming. Maybe it was the ketchup or the bacon. Either way I am in so much pain and concerned that I will get dehydrated. Is this normal (if you say yes, that will probably make me feel a little better)? And what is the longest you've ever had one of these episodes? I'm trying to stay within my dr's guidelines, so not like I've been eating out of the norm.......maybe it was too much ketchup, or the first time bite of bacon that set me off. Either way, both are now on my "no thanks" list for quite a while. Advice/Insight welcome! ....and I've done so well up until today.
  11. I went to my surgeon today regarding the foamies. He really thinks I'm still having a reaction to that one tiny bite of bacon I ate this past weekend. I had had 8 oz of water while waiting for him and started "foaming" in the trash. He watched this all through our appt and said to just have warm liquids for a couple of days. He thinks the bacon is lodged somewhere in the esophagus and this will help. So thankfully no upper gi "yet" he says.Can't wait for this episode to be over!
  12. I eat Dannon's Okios Triple ZeroGreek yogurt . It's in a black container....15 grams of protein, 15 carbs, zero fat, and 120 calories. I eat it a couple of times a day.
  13. freelee


    This is an encouraging thread. Loss is slower than I thought also. About 25 pounds since surgery June 16, 15. Never gone over 700 cal, or 75 carbs. I do need to step up the exercise though. Thanks everybody.
  14. freelee

    360 body lift

    What is a 360 lift? When do you have it done after your surgery?
  15. freelee


    I' m in the same boat Tomajac. Mine was 6-16 and feeling the same.
  16. freelee

    Dumping vs frothing

    I think mine was foamies (aka frothing).
  17. freelee

    Dumping vs frothing

    Frothing or foamies. I just had an episode yesterday and posted about it (see recent topics yesterday). It lasted about 4 hrs, My esophagus hurt like crazy and couldn't eat and spent that time with thick phleam and throwing up the tiny amount of scrambled eggs and 1, yes 1 small bite of bacon. Won't be having that again for a while. I am 8 weeks post RNY and this was by far the worst I have had but I have had a couple of smaller events at about 6 weeks.
  18. Thanks, I'm going to follow that advice!
  19. Thanks, Daisee. It helps to know this isn't unique to me or something more serious that I can't control, now that I know what it is. It did go away after almost 4 1/2 hours,, but boy, was it rough. So far all I've had since is a yogurt and 1 tbsp of peanut butter, and water. Hope I can get a better start tomorrow. First time I've questioned my decision, but the thought didn't last long. I'm so grateful for this surgery, and just need to learn from my mistakes.
  20. I'm so happy for you djmohr! I constantly look for your threads and replies you give because you are so supportive and inspirational. Your positive comments on your nsv's are especially helpful when I'm here at 8 weeks post and battling foamies. COngratulations......I'm sure you look great and feel even better!
  21. freelee

    Sweet tea

    I used to be a huge sweet tea drinker too. But I don't want the sugar or caffeine anymore. Today I mixed up my water with a glass (16 oz) of decaffeinated green tea with one truvia packet. Just enough sweetness (not as much as in the past) but it changed the taste of my water intake and I'm going for my second glass now! You might try it. I don't want to get dumping syndrom from sugar!
  22. Prayers are given. I understand your concerns. I am 4 weeks post RNY. I have had doubts about if I did the right thing a couple of times, but never to the extent of what you seem to be feeling. I got over mine pretty easily. I've had two checkups with the surgeon and he says I am doing great. I feel good, but there are times when I'm sore or feeling a little nauseous when I feel discouraged, but as I said, it passes and each day gets better. That being said, I hope you have a chance to talk to your psych seriously about these concerns before you have to make a final decision. My team required us to go to one who talked specifically about my plans for the future and how I would handle the changes.......which are all for the better by the way. Best wishes on your decision.
  23. freelee

    Manic Monday.....

    Sounds like you are doing great mmrennau! Where was your surgery? My dr is Dr Kane at Alexian Br. On Tues I will have had my RNY for one month. So happy.
  24. freelee

    Mammograms - where a cup is turned into a saucer

    Very good to know, I'll be having my first post-RNY in August. Thanks
  25. I'm exactly 3 weeks post RNY and the dr and nutritionist say I am doing great (need to keep increasing my protein). Last night in bed I turned over to continue reading my kindle and had @ 15 seconds of extreme dizziness and not being able to focus on the book, then I was fine. This afternoon after my nutritionist appt I went into the grocery store and on the way in, had to stop in the parking lot because I became dizzy and thought I was going to fall. It only lasted about 10 seconds.....I attribute that one to not have eaten soon enough, went in a bought some yogurt. When I came home, my husband took my blood pressure and it was 123/69 which everyone says is okay. Just wondering if anyone else has had these incidents, if it is dangerous, or somewhat normal? Just a little scared. Thanks for listening. I hope you can shed some possibilities on this.