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    I live in the midwest. I had gastric sleeve surgery on February 25, 2015.
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    I love gardening, sewing and spending time with family
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    Busy at Home!
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    An Up and Coming Cool City!
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    Midwest State
  1. TammyDTM

    Valentines Day Challenge!

    200.0 Super Bowl weekend grazing...
  2. TammyDTM

    Fat Shaming Husband...so hurt

    @@Bluesky1 If you are a saved woman, then you have the Holy Spirit living in you. Draw upon the power you have within and KNOW that you are loved by your Heavenly Father, no matter what you look like!!! Know that! PEACE
  3. I was down to a lower weight but I guess I am retaining water!
  4. TammyDTM

    763 day streak.....I guess that is enough

    Congratulations! I have a 316 day streak. My longest one yet! I am really proud of myself for that. I think its mighty brave of you to stop logging your food and exercise on a daily basis. I don't think I will ever be at that point because every time I eat, drink and exercise I think about the fact that I am accountable for it and there will be a record of it for me to re-examination when I falter.
  5. I forgot to log in last Monday. On January 4th I weighed 205. My goal weight is 195. Thank you!
  6. TammyDTM

    Am I eating too much?

    @@Katsitsyahawe I think you were suffering from head hunger. It was cold and you ate something comforting. It made you feel good. You wanted to keep feeling good. During those times I find that I need to get up and move and do something constructive or just go to bed.
  7. I'm going to participate. I will post on Monday! Thank you!
  8. TammyDTM

    Holiday Weight Loss Challenge!

    203.2 Thanks. I don't think I'm going to make goal. Seems I'm stuck here for a while.
  9. TammyDTM


    You keep smiling Essence!!! You look like you are at peace.
  10. TammyDTM

    Holiday Weight Loss Challenge!

    Weight on December 14th is 203.6. Thanks!

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