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  1. I thought I was stalling and my doctor told me I am still on target. We worked out a cycle because you occasionally need to shock your system to kick start loss. Talk with your surgeon to make a plan.
  2. I only have my family who knows. We have a family friend and she knows but only because my mom brought up the topic initially when we were out wine tasting and then a month later I had a surgery. She put two and two together but knows that I don't want people to know.
  3. Jkapp923


    I have chosen the sleeve because, though less is known in long term. there have been fewer cases of having as many deficiencies, many case having none at all!
  4. You do you! I know a lot of people who are announcing it on their facebook and such and that is fine and dandy for them. I am not ashamed of my decision or anything like that, I just feel that it is no ones business but my own. I personally think that whether you tell 1 person or 100 people. The only person you need to worry about is yourself.Our society, and very much so, our age group is all about telling the whole world our business and I find that a bigger hassle because these people who you might be "friends" with will chose that time to tell you how they feel about you life choices when they cannot be bothered to talk to you at any other time.
  5. Jkapp923

    Need a buddy! :)

    I am 23, 5' 9" and have surgery tomorrow, April 7th! I am more than willing to buddy up. I mean, i'll only be a week ahead of you!
  6. I am april 7th with Dr Ganta
  7. Jkapp923

    Not 20 yey

    Hi, it seems that there are not very many people active on here as of right now. I am 6 days from surgery, also sleeve. We could go on this journey together. Support is very important!
  8. As an update, I have stopped my victoza as per doctors orders to allow the sleeve to do it own work.
  9. Jkapp923

    April 7th sleevers

    I never got a notification that you posted. Congrats, we get to suffer the pro op diet together!
  10. Jkapp923

    Pre op liquid diet

    I started my all liquid diet yesterday. I can have no more than 10g of fat and 30g of carbs. I must also take in at least 70g of protein. I also need to aim for 900 calories. I use unsweetened cashew or almond milk and Inspire protein powders. The Peanut Butter Cup is my favorite so far. I can have unlimited broth and crystal lite. I made Popsicles using crystal lite. I work at school and am fine so far, I am just so busy at work to think about eating.
  11. Jkapp923

    April 7th sleevers

    Very cool I am in Austin
  12. Jkapp923

    Anyone frustrated with ageists?

    Thats not the point either. It is an age thing. Its the I'm older and know better mentality. It is the condescension. I do not need alcohol to have a good time but imagine that you are newly 21. You would want the experience. I brew beer. I am in a homebrewing club. Beer is central to who I am around. I can easily not drink while out but it will be a strain as time goes on to be out and not participate. I will follow the rules but ny lifestyle does not mean I am or will become an alcoholic.
  13. Jkapp923

    Anyone frustrated with ageists?

    But a ewponse like yours is not what is happening. Your response is helpful and supportive.
  14. I am becoming increasingly annoyed by older people on this site. Though it is not the intention of some posters, many people come off very condescending in their responses. I am twenty three, my way of life is different than someone who is in their late thirties and forties. My relationship with things like alcohol is different. If someone posts that they just turned twenty one or are about to turn twenty one, I am not going to berate them because of their desire to be a normal twenty year old. I will let them know the complications and that certain things will not work with having surgery. Support. Not tell them they are an alcoholic and have a problem. My rant got a bit specific but is anyone else having these problems/frustrations?
  15. My PCP is very annoying!

    1. Elizabeth21


      Fire him/her!! You deserve a doctor you like!

    2. Jkapp923


      I have never liked this doctor. It is just a little too late in the game to establish a new PCP.