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  1. ah so you didn't remove it completely, you just unfastened the band and i guess after pregnancy you will have a new surgery and they will fix it back.. right? they wanted to do the same to me, but im affraid to have such difficult thing in the 32 weeks.. im affraid that will make me labor too early! i have not saline inside the band. is completely empty since 3rd month.. so what im doing... patience and im eating only grounded food, milk and juices.. thank you very much for your answer! i wish you a sweet and calm pregnancy! ps. sorry for my english
  2. i have the same problem, my surgeon thinks that my band has slipped due to vommiting from morning sickness but since i cant do the vario test we can't be sure 100% that the band has slipped. Only by the symptomatology we can say this. But i have a question: how did your surgeon removed your band? since you can't be under anaisthesia? how did your surgeon found for sure that your band had slipped?
  3. PinkMary

    PCOS Bandsters (pre and post op)

    i do not have PCOS anymore thanks my Lap Band surgery.. and i got pregnant without Metformin 11 months after surgery..
  4. im banded and 26+ weeks preg, i did an unfill at 2nd month cause i needed to eat a little better, (my doctor didn't want me to unfill though) .. i have a great pregnancy, i don' t have any problem with the port so far and i gained 16 lb.. Good Luck and Lucky babes for all the Band Preggos Q:-)
  5. PinkMary

    It's a girl!!

    congratulations!!! im waiting impatiently for my first baby too
  6. PinkMary

    lap-band, bypass and tummy tuck

    and its true cause i know this guy he lost 188 lbr so far!!! he is trully an inspiration and we re running a Greek WLS Support board for LapBanders
  7. PinkMary


    im one more happy banded and pregnant woman in my 4th month and i have not complications so far
  8. PinkMary

    I'm 16 years old again!

    I'm very proud of you Andy! wish you to catch all of your dreams! :clap2: :clap2:
  9. Sparkling Congratulations! as far as i know theres not any problem darling! enjoy your pregnancy! everything will be fine! Im also 9 weeks+ preggo Bandster :)
  10. PinkMary

    It's my two Year Bandiversary

    Bravo Nana for your 2 years anniversary! i wish you to meet all of your dreams!
  11. PinkMary

    Poll zodiac sign

    im.. crocodile but besides that im a typical scorpio
  12. PinkMary

    It's official

    You re a live example what can somebody success with despite, willpower, endurance and the RING! congratulations Samme! You make us all sooo proud!!
  13. PinkMary

    flying solo for 8 months

    im very proud of you Michele, congratulations! you are a fighter of life! you re an example and an inspiration for us.
  14. i would it again tomorrow.. i own to the band my happiness and my pregnancy
  15. PinkMary

    I remember when...

    ok so this is one old photo i was less than 130 lb.. *sighss

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