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    Plea to the Sleeve

    Kristy, I'm so happy that you reached out. First, 67 lbs is a great loss. You should feel good about your progress. My surgery was in 2104 and I have not been on this site in a long time. Something made me open your email this morning and I'm glad I did. I completely share and understand your struggle. Maybe we can help each other and hopefully others will join in the conversation as well. After my surgery I lost over 50 pounds. I was starting to feel pretty hopeful about reaching my goal of 160 pounds and somehow things stated going south. Like you, I certainly get full very quickly and I am so thankful for that. At the same time, I am ashamed to say that I have gained back 20 pounds of my weight despite that great tool. I don't think I overeat but I eat the wrong things too often. I wish that I could get my sugar and carb cravings under control. I know it's my downfall. When I was on a very strict nutrition plan in the months following surgery I was completely satisfied with my diet, but as soon as I allowed myself to stick my toe in the water and allow myself an occasional treat, I think I slowly lost control all together and cannot seem to get back. I honestly have not been to my surgeon or nutritionist for about a year and half because I am so ashamed at my failure. This is actually the first time I am putting this all into honest words even though I think about it daily. I sit here near tears at the thought of not having a better handle on my eating habits despite an awesome advantage that so many people do not have. I so desperately want to do better. Like you said yourself, I know all the right things, why can't I make it happen. Maybe we can figure this out together. If anyone has had this experience and can share advice I would appreciate the help. I am now 40 pounds from my goal weight and feeling very discouraged and ashamed of myself.
  2. Absolutely. Not sure how to do it through here though. Can you give me your email and I'll scan it and send it to you. Barb
  3. I can't wait to shop in Jones New York and J Jill again. It's been ages since I could buy there, but they were my favorite places way back when. Have fun...try on clothes in lots of new places until you find your favorite style and fit. I know I look forward to having fun shopping again. I'm tired of it being just a depressing necessity.
  4. I just ordered a sample pack of protein drinks from unjury because they seem to be a favorite by many. I just ran out if my coffee creamer and that's it. I quit. I only drink a cup a day anyway and it's more about the time spent with my husband, watching the morning news with our coffee than about the caffeine. I'm officially switching to herbal tea tomorrow morning. I drink that a lot anyway. As for my co-workers, I didn't tell any of them. I do not feel like telling my story over and over and I don't want to open myself up to negative opinions. Not going there with co-workers. My mom, my husband, my sons, and my best friend know. Period...the people who I know have my back.
  5. Two of my favorite "go to" lunches to take to work: Cottage cheese and salsa vanilla yogurt and fresh blueberries
  6. My surgery date is March 31st and I couldn't be more ready or excited. I feel like I've done a lot of homework and I look forward to being healthier and more active and energetic at the end of this journey. As I look so forward to this journey I can't help but wonder what to expect for my rate of weight loss. I am currently 219 lbs and am wondering what other sleevers in this weight range have experienced. Does it depend on your weight, or how much you exercise, or your age, or all of that? I would appreciate hearing from anyone wiling to share their experience.
  7. Kim, Not glad for your fears, but glad to see someone voicing some of my same concerns that I have wrestled with during my pre-op months. To answer your big question...I think it's a big YES, it's completely normal. This is a major life change. I will comment on each of your fears as you listed them. I hope it will help to give you some peace of mind or at least something to think about. 1. the right decision? -I personally feel confident in my decision because I know that it is the change that will enable me to regain the health (#1), energy, and self-confidence that will make the rest of my life so much better. I f you are at this point in the process, I suspect that you made your decision for similar reasons and I think it's something we have to keep in the front of our mind everyday, to give us strength and motivation. Keep your eye on the prize, so to speak. 2. scared of foods that you will miss out on certain foods....I have to say I still wonder, myself, how I will feel when faced with certain old favorites. I have spoken to people in my local support group who have said that they no longer crave the same foods at all. I'm hoping that this is the case. maybe we can muddle through this one together. ?? 3. scared for pain - Not worried about this one. This is my 3rd surgery in 2 years (gallbladder and incisional hernia were my others). The pain is temporary and easily managed with meds. I don't know what your experience with surgery is, but don't let this one worry you too much. 4. scared of not getting enough protein - At my most recent appointment with my dietician, she outlined the post-op dietary progression, complete with examples and daily schedules. This helped clarify a lot of my concerns with how this will all play out. She made this document herself and it's an excellent guide. I would be glad to email it to you if you'd like. Also, do you currently use Myfitnesspal app to track your food? If not, I recommend it. It makes tracking so much easier. 5. me too! I know it won't all fall out. It just doesn't...it might thin out though. My cousin had this happen to her. I personally couldn't even "see" the difference in her hair. I could feel it, only because I cut her hair. She didn't love it because at the time she wondered what the extent would be. It was temporary though. Not sure how long....6-9 mod? I forget. She's back to thick, beautiful hair and I'll bet none ever noticed anything different. I hope to be as fortunate. 6. My number 1 fear!!!! My nutritionist and doctor both said that the elasticity of your skin is largely genetic. Age and amount of time overweight and how much does play a part as well. They told me that exercise and toning definitely helps, but no way to totally control it, as far as what I've learned. Let's just pray for the best. 7. That's a really personal one and I think it depends on the degree to which your weight shaped your personality. Bottom line.... your fears are completely normal. Just keep in mind how much better off you will be and how worth it all the work is. For me, when I compare what life would be like going on the way I am, and what life could be life with the surgery....there's no contest. I'm ready! Good luck to you!!
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  9. I'm new to this site and I'm hoping to meet other March sleevers for sharing and support. I started researching this surgery over a year ago and finally started to put everything into place in October 2014. I have a March 31st surgery date and I could't be happier. I've done all my homework and feel very confident that I'm doing the right thing. Now that I have a date, it can't come fast enough. I'd love to chat with you.
  10. My surgery date is March 31st as well. I'm so ready and excited for this journey to move forward!
  11. March 31st is my date as well. Ever since I got my date, I've been counting the minutes. I feel so ready!

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