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    6 weeks out, my post op VSG

    hello maggie - I was sleeeved on May 4th. I am really happy that I had the surgery, and happy with my results. I am down 31 lbs. It is not as fast as some, but better than I have ever been able to do before. I find I will have a week of fairly consistant loosing, them plateau or go up a lb or two. I am not sure why but as long as I am loosing I am happy. Also some weeks I am hungry and others I am not very and unable to eat much at all. I am going to take a chill approach and keep on doing what I am supposed to do- Vitamins, Water, exercise and Protein. good luck you you! the mams
  2. mamsinator

    May sleevers

    Hello May sleevers - my surgery was May 4th. I did 10 liquid diet before and lost 10 lb. The first few weeks I was very low energy, hungry, couldn't eat much. I lost about 10 more lb then my weight loss stalled. I actually gained a few days. I was hungry and tired. I called the NUT she was not much help- more Water, more Protein. I don't think any of it made a difference Finally everything clicked back into grear - just as everyone said it would. I am down 29 lbs total and loosing about a half to 1 lb everyday. I am seldom hungry and can't only eat a small amount and I am satisfied. Anotherwords - Perfect! I can't say enough good things about costo's primiere Protein shakes. Not because they taste good (they don't) but 40 grams of protein and it really stays with you. I still use one Protein shake and 1 Isopure to get in most of my protein. I am feeling good and very pleased with my progress. the mamsinator
  3. mamsinator

    Seeking Buddies 5'2" & Under

    hello I am 5'1" and 65 years old. My surgery was May 4th. I am down 25 lbs. I have been stalled at this weight for several weeks and I am very frustrated. What can I do? Keep on doing the right things, eating right, working out and keep on keeping on. the mams
  4. Hello everyone- I am here in Ohio, just outside Dayton. I am one week post op and feeling great. I have been on full liquids for 10 days before and since my surgery. The first few days I had trouble getting all my liquids and protein in. I fell short of the 80 & 64. I could only sip a little bit. Now I am already able to drink it all and feeling good. No pain med excet the first 2 days. I am getting more energy back. The surgery itself was not bad and I walked quiet a few times the first day. I went in on Monday and home on Wednesday. So far I am on Isopur for protein shakes. I see the doc tomorrow and I'd be lying if I didnt I hope he advances my diet to the next level. Hope things go smoothly for all of you and we will stay in touch. the mams
  5. Good luck to you, I hope you get your date booked soon. It seems like such a long journey leading up to the surgery. I live in Ohio, near Dayton. I go in tomorrow for my one week check up post op. I am finally able to get in all my protein and liquids - so that makes me feel better. The first 2-3 days I just couldn't get it all in. So far my post op diet is Primiere Protein shkes and Isopure 2 of each if I can manage it. I am down 14 from the beginning of my liquid diet. That's where they get your starting weight so it is just easier to use that weight. I will be watch for you. stay in touch the mams t
  6. Well count me in to the "by the book" team. I am 5 days post-op and doing my best to meet each requirement. I am on full liquids and honestly I can't tolerate much other than Water and Isopure. I am just starting to be able to take 3 oz of soup our yougurt. I am not quite up to where I should be with all my water and Protein but my doc said it would take a while. I am going to follow all the rules and hope to have a good recovery. This surgery is my chance, I don't want to mess it up because I think I know better. the mams
  7. Hello I really should post this on the post op side I am a May sleever- I had my surgery May 4th, Monday. I got home yesterday. I can honestly say everything played out just as everyone said it would. It was not too bad at all, Some gas pains but nothing too bad. I was up and walking the same day. Now I am home and still on clear liquids till next week. It is a process trying to get in all the protein and fluids. Isopure takes care of both and is a big help. Good luck and no worries. I will check in with all the may sleevers. the mams
  8. My surgery is May 4th. I am on the liquid diet now. I had to do it for 10 days. it is a challenge. We should all check in here and stay in touch. the mams
  9. mamsinator

    Calling All Sixties!

    I am here too. 65 years old Surgery date May 4th. I kind of thought I was too old too but my dr also said this will be a good surgery for me, and lots of older people have had success with the sleeve. the mams
  10. mamsinator

    Pre-Op appointment Wednesday...

    Oh boy seems like a lot of us getting ready. My pre-op with my surgeon is the next Tuesday the 21st My surgery date is May 4th. I start a liquid diet 10 days before surgery. It is all getting very real. I am excited and anxious but also a little anxiety. It will be a big change. My family is very supportive and excited for me. brmbrown - you and your husband are doing this together? That is great. good luck to all of us. themams
  11. Good Luck Mary- You really have moved through the process quickly. I am in Ohio- my surgery is May 4th. I started the process in Dec. We are similar in (lack of) height and weight. I hope to see your posts with all your progress. the mams
  12. Is anyone on a pre-op diet yet? It seems each surgeon has their own requirements. My doctor and my insurance did not require me to loose a specific amount of weight or have monitored weight loss visits with my family dr. I am grateful for that. I started the whole process in Dec. with a informational meeting. I feel so fortunate that things have gone so quickly. I have Medicare/Anthum. I will have to do a 10 day liquid diet prior to my surgery date. I hope they will call me soon for my pre-admission testing. i do have to have the Edge test- they will do that during my surgery. My doctor seems to think I will be in the hospital for 3 days. Have you all told everyone what your plans are ? I have only told my husband and children. They are so happy and supportive of my decision. They have watched me struggle over the years.. I actually have a coach and cheerleader - my daughter-in-law had the surgery done about a year and a half ago. She has done great and looks and feels wonderful. When she made her decision and took charge and had the surgery and made the necessary changes - I thought: What am I waiting for? If not now-, when?. I am not getting any younger and my health is a concern. I will eventually tell the rest of my family and friends, but I just don't want a lot of discussion and debate about my decision. Well - that's my story so far. More to come. the mams
  13. Hello - My surgery date is May 4th also. I plan to post what's going on with me from now and after my surgery. I would love to keep in touch with other May sleevers as well. Very excited to do this. the mams
  14. Hello - I just found out today that my surgery is also May 4th ! I am so excited, and nervous too. I went to the first group informational meeting in Dec. So I am pretty pleased with the time frame. I will have some pre-op testing and meet with the Dr again in about 2 wks. I think I d have to do a liquid diet for about a week. good luck to both of us. Let's track our progress on here. the mamsinator
  15. Wow - this is impressive. You look wonderful. Very motivational. I just got insurance approval today, hope to get scheduled soon. the mamsinator

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