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  1. Lindemrat

    Fear of STRETCHING Sleeve!

    I was so happy to see the question because stretching is so scary to me. I have my surgery on May 6th. I've lost 10 lbs. in preparation as directed by my doctor. I was only eating Protein and a low carb veggies. Now I am only having 4 drinks a day. It is very hard for me, but I've been perfect! I love carbonation. I don't need a soda; am happy with carbonated Water. I am really struggling with not being able to have it. So, hearing that some of you do consume carbonated drinks is so cool! I am very nervous about this operation changing everything I know about food. I love to eat and am determined to love me more. Thanks for your information!!!!! I LOVE THIS WEBSITE. Lindemat
  2. I will be going to England this summer. We have a cottage in SW Devon. I would love to buy all the shakes, etc. there. Taking liquids on planes is not OK and I don't want to use my baggage allowance on food! Where can I get shakes? We won't have a blender so I think powders will be difficult. Do I even need to worry about shakes. I'll be post op by 4 months. I know people in England have bariatric surgery!!!! thanks for your help in advance.
  3. Lindemrat

    Lost almost too much weight

    My doctor warned me not to lose too much weight, too. I have 100 lbs to lose so it seems impossible to hear that! I am so careful now and I've only lost 4 lbs. However, I think I will put some cheese on my morning omelet and a a better lunch of a good salad. I crave crunching. I agree with you so much when you say that you don't want to regain your pre-op weight! It seems to crazy. I am so overweight now. I picked the potatoes and corn out of my Soup last night. I think I will still do that since it is fatty liver making. I have a doctor's appointment in couple of weeks. I'll see what he recommends and let you know. The post-op problems of others scare me so much. I sure want to be comfortable afterward. I am practicing chewing and having trouble. The food is getting so mushy that it starts going down without my swallowing it! So I am left chewing while some is drifting down. That sounds like I might choke on it. SUGGESTIONS?
  4. Lindemrat

    Anyone have regrets?

    why are you regretting your surgery? I 'm not sure what is going on. Do you hurt? are you wanting ice cream and can't have it ( that would be me). Please help me understand.

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