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  1. You get jealous of people eating and drinking Water, at the same time!
  2. I may have posted somewhere before that I've never had a boyfriend... well now I do! And he loves my sleeve! He's a pretty fit and muscular guy so he likes to eat a lot, meaning finish all my meals. "This is amazing, I get half your cheeseburger all the time!" too funny Just thought I would share that not every guy is going to be judgmental, some will love it for the silliest of reasons.
  3. Do the surgery earlier for sure... although I had mine done fairly early at 20 years old. Never reintroduce sugar or fake sugar into my diet again! BIG mistake
  4. Thank you everyone for your replies! I will definitely look into OA. I had looked into them maybe a year before surgery but I wasn't truly ready to let go of food so I never pursued it. *Deep Breath* This job. Oh Man. This job is at company A, and I never EVER expected it to be so crappy. 1. Never enough man power to get the work done so constantly falling behind (not just me either, but people who have been there for years struggle to complete their work) 2. Because of the above I constantly feel inadequate at my new job 3. Because of the above I frequently skip lunch to make sure I can finish my work for the night - which I know is really bad because it's a very physical job and I need fuel. 4. On the odd chance I do decide to "treat" myself to a lunch break I have the cashier calling me up for backup to help with the line (And I am NOT a manager, I make an hourly rate = working on my lunch is working off the clock) 5. Because they don't have enough labor hours provided by corporate the manager expects me to do job required training at home on my own computer which I haven't been paid for yet (32 hours worth of it with tons more to go) 6. I'm constantly stressed out, feeling inadequate, never having a moment to breath, and really hate it. All that being said... I am definitely looking for something else. I have 7 months until I graduate with my Bachelors degree and once I have that in my possession the world is my oyster! I will finally have not a limited schedule due to classes! Right now I'm kind of in a pickle because I have class on Wednesday, so every normal M-F 9-5 job I can't have... only retail... so if I switch companies I'm not entirely sure I will have it any better at another retail company... In addition, this job has given me the title of Shift Supervisor with a whole host of new responsibilities which will look very good once I graduate and apply to other jobs so I don't want to lose that title. But at this point I need to decide which is more important to me - my health and happiness or my career. Fluids: Check check check I'm constantly drinking Water at work and at home Vitamins: Check Protein: I am getting in right around 60 grams though it should probably be more when I'm working. A new hobby I've adopted is shopping for clothes though that isn't exactly a stress relief... I'm exercising though not on a regular basis. And as I wrap up this long post I'm going to go throw out my junk food! Thank you guys and I will definitely try a 5 day cleanse. Unlike before the surgery I know my success is in my own hands and I can do this!
  5. "But you're so young! You could have just exercised and ate less..." Yes because I should have waited another 10, 20, 30 years of unhappiness and hating life until I decided to make a change... of course! Exercise and eat less, well holy hell there's a new concept I NEVER tried before! "You're going to gain ALL your weight back because I know 1 person who did!"
  6. I haven't experienced it since surgery, but I have definitely experienced it before. It was actually another heavy friend of mine who wanted to "people watch" and make very rude comments about nearly everyone who walked by. I've never been a mean girl in that I liked or wanted to make fun of people, but also didn't have enough guts to say "this is mean and we shouldn't do it." Though I wouldn't do it now, I know before it came from a place of insecurity and wanting my mean friend to like me...
  7. SlimJill

    Period Pains... what CAN I take?

    Thank you! I will give my surgeons office a call tomorrow morning and ask if Tylenol is okay.
  8. SlimJill

    Woman question!

    I couldn't say whether I've lost any cup size because I've always been too cheap/poor to buy new bras as I lost/gained weight in the past. I have noticed all my 1-2 year old bras are getting looser/fitting again so that is good, but that means I'm losing weight around, not necessarily cup size. I really don't want to go below a C cup ever! I also think we should mention whether our bras were "real women" bras with the huge cup sizes, or like victorias secret bras... I am a D cup in vanity fair full coverage bras, which would probably make me a DD or bigger in one the more "girly" bra brands.
  9. SlimJill

    How thin is TOO thin?

    You look very healthy to me, although I wouldn't lose anymore or try to gain if I were you.
  10. If you want to start early I would begin eating like you will post-op. cheese, eggs, low fat meat, nuts, veggies, small amounts of fruit, drink lots of Water. Cut out most carbs. I personally was eating like shit all the way up until my 2 week liquid diet started, so props to you for starting early!
  11. SlimJill

    Sugar Addiction

    I think we can all agree that WLS makes things easier, but not easy... Although reading a lot of here saying that you wished you hadn't let sugar back into your life have given me something to seriously think about... I never want to get back to where I was with feeling helpless and the only sure fire way to make that happen is to not allow it back into my diet.
  12. SlimJill

    Post-op day 2 and regretting

    I felt like crap the first 3 days in the hospital! You WILL feel better, trust us. I was laying there thinking "what did I do to myself??" but you will feel better soon, very soon!
  13. SlimJill

    Funny WLS memes

    And a few more about working out and losing weight in general as WLS meme's are hard to find!
  14. This applied to me pre-surgery! DIED of laughter the first time I saw it!

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