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  1. Well today I texted my boss to let him know I've completed 32 hours of modules at home and will start the new set today. I spoke to him before about it and he said "Oh yes, just make a list of how long it takes you and I'll put it in all at once instead of 2 hours here, and 30 minutes there..." but that was verbal... now I have to see if he comes through on it. And if he doesn't I will be calling the District Manager, HR, Ethics Line, etc... I just keep repeating to myself... 7 more months... 7 more months... 7 more months... If only pot were legal my problems would be solved jk, not trading one addiction for another!
  2. Thank you everyone for your replies! I will definitely look into OA. I had looked into them maybe a year before surgery but I wasn't truly ready to let go of food so I never pursued it. *Deep Breath* This job. Oh Man. This job is at company A, and I never EVER expected it to be so crappy. 1. Never enough man power to get the work done so constantly falling behind (not just me either, but people who have been there for years struggle to complete their work) 2. Because of the above I constantly feel inadequate at my new job 3. Because of the above I frequently skip lunch to make sure I can finish my work for the night - which I know is really bad because it's a very physical job and I need fuel. 4. On the odd chance I do decide to "treat" myself to a lunch break I have the cashier calling me up for backup to help with the line (And I am NOT a manager, I make an hourly rate = working on my lunch is working off the clock) 5. Because they don't have enough labor hours provided by corporate the manager expects me to do job required training at home on my own computer which I haven't been paid for yet (32 hours worth of it with tons more to go) 6. I'm constantly stressed out, feeling inadequate, never having a moment to breath, and really hate it. All that being said... I am definitely looking for something else. I have 7 months until I graduate with my Bachelors degree and once I have that in my possession the world is my oyster! I will finally have not a limited schedule due to classes! Right now I'm kind of in a pickle because I have class on Wednesday, so every normal M-F 9-5 job I can't have... only retail... so if I switch companies I'm not entirely sure I will have it any better at another retail company... In addition, this job has given me the title of Shift Supervisor with a whole host of new responsibilities which will look very good once I graduate and apply to other jobs so I don't want to lose that title. But at this point I need to decide which is more important to me - my health and happiness or my career. Fluids: Check check check I'm constantly drinking Water at work and at home Vitamins: Check Protein: I am getting in right around 60 grams though it should probably be more when I'm working. A new hobby I've adopted is shopping for clothes though that isn't exactly a stress relief... I'm exercising though not on a regular basis. And as I wrap up this long post I'm going to go throw out my junk food! Thank you guys and I will definitely try a 5 day cleanse. Unlike before the surgery I know my success is in my own hands and I can do this!
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    I had a multivitamin once a day, and b-12 injection once per month.
  4. SlimJill

    Naturally Thin People ... omgosh!

    Everyone can struggle with food and more importantly self image and self esteem... My best friend is drop dead gorgeous, and I've been jealous of her my entire life! She is 5'4, 120 pounds, hour glass frame, tan skin, nicest clothes, new car, etc. That bitch has everything I want but I never realized she had an eating disorder... she struggles with food and self image just as much as I do - only in a different way. So in a way I understand how we want to say "you have NO idea" but everyone has a problem, it might just not be visible like ours... and we shouldn't put others down because of it.
  5. 189 lbs 5'1 Size 16P pants
  6. SlimJill

    Dinner dates...

    I agree, you should tell him. If he isn't supportive then maybe he isn't a guy you want in your life...
  7. With the sleeve it's kind of hard to not eat your portion sizes correctly... so that is not a problem for me... I do include carbs in my diet, because my surgeon said everything in moderation. I avoid sugar like the plague though, but will indulge in bread, rice, Pasta, but only a little bit. A bit or two.
  8. The other week I had dinner with my grandma and she asked me, "Did you eat enough? Are you sure you don't want more?" WHAT? No one has ever asked me if I had enough to eat... I've always been onto my second or third helping before they got the chance to ask
  9. Is it healthy for you to eat so little? How can you live off that real portion size minuscule amount of food?
  10. I am only 4 months out and I've got to say... I don't eat perfectly... and that scares me. I, too, don't want to fall back into old habits. I don't feel bad if I eat something like chex mix as a snack, but I did buy sugar free candy the other day at work because I was very stressed and that scared the crap out of me. I don't want these little Snacks to add up over time to become a major problem and put me right back where I was (both in spirit and weight).
  11. SlimJill

    Halloween Challenge!

    Current Weight: 191.8 Goal Weight: 175
  12. My stomach felt pretty good at 2 weeks out. I didn't feel 100% normal getting out of bed, bending over, straining my stomach muscles until about 5 weeks out. Give it a week and you'll feel better
  13. "But you're so young! You could have just exercised and ate less..." Yes because I should have waited another 10, 20, 30 years of unhappiness and hating life until I decided to make a change... of course! Exercise and eat less, well holy hell there's a new concept I NEVER tried before! "You're going to gain ALL your weight back because I know 1 person who did!"
  14. SlimJill

    Nobody said anything

    I experienced this also... Quit my old job right before surgery and didn't see any of them until I was 50 pounds lighter! Not one person asked me if I lost weight! Inside I was pretty upset, but I got over it. I think maybe people don't want to offend us... and then sometimes maybe they just didn't notice. Like maybe you look different, better, but not SO drastically different that people would say "OMG you lost weight!" At least that is what I told myself when people who hadn't seen me since I was 250lbs!
  15. I weigh myself pretty much everyday... I like to record my weight daily so I can see any gains, losses, or stalls and how long it lasted. Usually when I stall for a few days, I'll have a bowel movement (several) suddenly and lose 2 pounds the next day! I don't see my daily weigh ins as a bad thing because I know in my heart and soul that I'm giving it 100% right now, so if the scale doesn't reflect that it's just my body is not ready for it yet, a few more days and I'll see the results.
  16. Being that I had surgery at 20 years old I don't take a lot of medicine... or really any at all... except when that time of the month rolls around. So I never asked my surgeon what kind of pain medicine I COULD take as it didn't seem like information I would need. Now as I am 3 months out and enduring my third very painful (normal for me) period, what can I take for the pain?? I've tried googling it and all that comes up is what I can't take... IB Profen, Advil, etc. And this heating pad is just not cutting it anymore! I need drugs!
  17. @@Christy K you are doing awesome! Keep up the great work!
  18. SlimJill

    Stop it!

    The grammar struggle in this thread is real.
  19. I haven't experienced it since surgery, but I have definitely experienced it before. It was actually another heavy friend of mine who wanted to "people watch" and make very rude comments about nearly everyone who walked by. I've never been a mean girl in that I liked or wanted to make fun of people, but also didn't have enough guts to say "this is mean and we shouldn't do it." Though I wouldn't do it now, I know before it came from a place of insecurity and wanting my mean friend to like me...
  20. I would do the advice above, hide weights in your bra, pockets, pants, underwear, drink lots of Water before you weigh in! And try to slouch, you could get an inch or two off your height that way which should save you 5-10 pounds.
  21. SlimJill

    Period Pains... what CAN I take?

    Thank you! I will give my surgeons office a call tomorrow morning and ask if Tylenol is okay.

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