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    staceytapia got a reaction from Mellwit16 in Tomorrow--January 5   
    well your brother-in-law's a jerk, usually narcissistic people can see any further than the tips of their noses... You can tell him that his advice is unsolicited and not appreciated... I apologize for being crude... You don't need that type of discouragement, good luck to you and God Bless -stacey
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    staceytapia reacted to RedSalamander in Mmm...delicious protein shakes.   
    And now here I am on the other side, and I am SO HAPPY to be able to get in some nutrition through those shakes. Ha!
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    staceytapia reacted to RedSalamander in Mmm...delicious protein shakes.   
    Who doesn't love delicious Protein shakes? From the cloyingly sweet taste to the fart-o-riffic aroma, there's something for everyone in these babies! You can choose your flavor--butt with chocolate, butt with vanilla, or butt with strawberry! OR splash in some sugar-free Torani Syrup and kick it up a notch for butt with chocolate AND English toffee!
    But yeah, I've made it through 3 days of my pre-op diet. Ten more to go before I'm sleeved and then I get to have...

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    staceytapia reacted to JamieLogical in Small portions,,,,   
    I went through a phase where I was having two Trader Joe's turkey meatballs with a little Pasta Sauce for dinner almost every day.
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    staceytapia reacted to TEXASLADY52 in Small portions,,,,   
    I buy them from Schwans......I like it because I can fix these when my family is having Pasta. Add a little Ricotta and spaghetti sauce and you have a delicious meal.
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    staceytapia reacted to Lucky Dog in Small portions,,,,   
    I found something great,,,, Turkey meatballs,,,, 2 frozen,,, They thaw in the am,,, 97 calories,,,, Good Protein, ,, Easy to take,,, 2.5 mos pre op,,,, Down over 50 lbs,,, Working out feeling great,,, Tons more energy
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    staceytapia got a reaction from defibvt in Tj bound in the AM!   
    I'm so ready for this, I'm down 20 pounds from pre op diet and that in itself feels like an achievement ???? surgery scheduled for the 17th, I'm very lucky that my family gets to accompany me.. I've packed small, but my mother has not, haha.. I hope there's room in the medical transport for all of her pressed clothes and makeup! Again very grateful ❤️
    My surgery is being done by a team of Dr Paten and Dr Gutierrez, the were trained by Dr. A. Ortiz. I feel 100% confident and not even a little nervous..
    I do have some questions about prescriptions and bringing them back across the border, I also have diabetes and gout. I would like to pickup some meds for both issues there because I am not insured and as scrips here are sooooo expensive.
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    staceytapia reacted to Elode in Tj bound in the AM!   
    Yay! Have a safe trip! Good luck!
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    staceytapia reacted to kyrickchick64 in Boob rash!   
    Thanks Stacy
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    staceytapia reacted to Elode in Here we go! Finally a date!   
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    staceytapia reacted to kyrickchick64 in Here we go! Finally a date!   
    My sugery will be March 2nd. I could have had it sooner but having to fly to ny unexpectedly 2 days before Christmas for my best friends mom funeral cost me 500 bucks. So I'm ultra broke. So I had to wait till March.
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    staceytapia reacted to kyrickchick64 in Here we go! Finally a date!   
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    staceytapia reacted to mandyboo in Here we go! Finally a date!   
    Hi, I've just been given the 4th march as my date :-)
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    staceytapia reacted to charbenz in EeEkK!   
    *update* hii evry1 my surgery went great i feel great walked arnd peed and laying on my side w no prob!! im soo glad i finally put myself 1st for once. heres to the new year and new me ????????
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    staceytapia reacted to iamjamilyn in 11 Weeks Post Op.......WOO HOO!   
    I know exactly how you feel! I am about 12 weeks post op and also down 63 lbs so far. I finally went a got some new clothes and I feel so great in them! Feeling comfortable in clothes is something very weird for me...I am sure I am not alone in that feeling.
    I have also started wearing heels again! It has been so long since I would put a pair of heels on my feet...I forgot how good it can feel.
    Congratulations on your success!
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    staceytapia reacted to Debbieduck4 in 11 Weeks Post Op.......WOO HOO!   
    Oh my gosh your post is so full of happiness and joy that it just made my morning!! Thank you for sharing with us! It's so awesome to hear how people are feeling so much better and blessed and grateful for such small victories. Congratulations on your success so far and best of luck on the rest of your journey!!
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    staceytapia reacted to CheleLynn45 in 11 Weeks Post Op.......WOO HOO!   
    Well as my title says I am 11 weeks post op today and I am down 60.2 lbs!!!! I am so excited and happy with my progress I could just scream it from the roof tops!!
    This surgery was not something I wanted to do, it was recommended to me by a doctor I was seeing to repair my ventral hernia. So we started looking into it. I was so afraid of the surgery, the recovery, the way I would have to eat, etc. I don't think there was one part that didn't scare me. I am glad that I had to do a 6 month supervised diet because it gave me time to wrap my head around all the changes and to make sure I thought I could do it.
    Well I did it and I am doing it. Nothing went as I thought and that is a good thing. I have had very few problems and the ones I have had have been minor. Grant it the weight I am at now is a weight a lot people are starting their journey at, but for me with a highest weight of 324, and pre op diet weight of 314.8 I have come a long way.
    I still have a ways to go, but I truly believe I can do this. I feel so much better already. The NSV's are happening daily. Like just the other night we went to dinner and I did my usual check out the booth before I sit down, picked the side that looked bigger and sat down. I literally squeal out loud almost everytime I sit in a booth and I have like 5 inches between me and the table now. My family just laughs at me. It's little things like this that amaze me everyday.
    I just wanted to share my joy this morning!! This site has been a god send for me, pre op and post op. I try my best to encourage and give back posting when I can. For anyone out there just starting their journey, when you read it will get better, IT DOES GET BETTER!! Sometimes it is hard to believe that but it does!!
    Have a great Monday everyone and drink your water!! lol
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    staceytapia reacted to sleevemom88 in Almost 6weeks out rant   
    I was sleeved on Dec 4th. My starting weight was 334. I am currently at 296 and holding. I'm at my first stand still and it's driving me crazy. The weight is coming off from my legs and face but not my hips. This is causing my pants to not change at all in fit. It frustrates me that I can't wear jeans still. I am slightly bigger than a 28 and am just anxious to get down to a decent fitting 26 so I can get back in cute jeans!!! Of course the idea of an end result of non plus size clothes is even better. Does anyone else have a hard time imagining the surgery working to slim you so much? I've never been thin. I guess in my head it was decided years ago I Never would be and now it's hard to change that.
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    staceytapia reacted to luvrboog in Newbie here...in pre-op stage.   
    Hi, I am new to Bariatric Pal, I am currently in the pre-op stage. My insurance requires that I undergo six months of medically supervised weight loss appointments with my primary care before the surgery can be scheduled. I have attended three, three more to go. My final test is this Friday, an endoscopy, and it looks like my surgery will be around the end of April, beginning of May.
    I have been overweight for about 17 years, it ballooned after my last child was born. I have high blood pressure, am pre-diabetic, and have had two back surgeries. I want to live a long, comfortable life and be there for my grandchildren when that time comes along. I am tired of being tired, sore, and not in great health. I want to do things like ride roller coasters, cross my legs, sit in a bathtub comfortably, tie my shoes better, I want to be able to sit on the ground and be able to get back up...and many other things like that. I'm 5'8", HW=327, CW=298.7, GW=160. I basically just want to live free of the chains I have wrapped myself in.
    I have found that reading these posts helps a lot, I get information, inspiration, and feel like I'm part of a larger effort. I am going through this process along with three other women at work, and it helps a lot to know that you are not alone, that someone else has the same issues, feelings, and goals.
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    staceytapia reacted to ProudGrammy in Yeah, 100 pounds down but 100 to go.   
    please don't let the fact that you have another 100 to go, overshadow the fact that you have already lost 100 lbs
    wow - your weight loss is wonderful!!!
    i'm happy that you realize how wonderful losing 1/2 your GOAL weight loss is
    thanx for those showing those 3 wonderful smiling pics
    all three pics are lovely
    you must be at some crossroads where things have considerably improved with your health, accomplishments you can now do
    make sure to take your measurements periodically
    change your ticker, correct your profil
    that should make you feel better too
    I see you've made 9 posts since you joined in August 2014???
    come back more often so we can hear whats going on
    we'd like to continue to see "less and less" of you
    keep UP the wonderful job as your weight goes DOWN
    good luck
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    staceytapia reacted to screwthescale in Yeah, 100 pounds down but 100 to go.   
    Sorry after pic

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    staceytapia reacted to screwthescale in Yeah, 100 pounds down but 100 to go.   
    I am glad to have reached 100 pound loss but still have 100 more pounds I want to loose.
    Surgery September 2, pic
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    staceytapia reacted to Sweet Pee in Surgery Without Aftercare   
    I never had to follow up with my primary physician here in the States after my surgery in Mexico. I too did not have insurance, so I make sure I stayed well connected with this group. It helped to answer many questions.
    I also took my Vitmins, and made sure my nutrient intake was high even though I could not hold very much in my tiny tummy. Instead of sweet Popsicles I chose to juice easy to digest green veggies and fruit. It also help me heal faster. Later on when I did get insured, my labs were perfect.
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    staceytapia reacted to trulyamazingtoo in Sleeved this morning!   
    Congrats!! Let the journey begin. Glad you are doing well.
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    staceytapia reacted to Elode in Sleeved this morning!   
    @@Rubygirl Oh yay! Glad your feeling good!