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  1. staceytapia

    Mmm...delicious protein shakes.

    how are u doing post op? I'm 13 days out and feeling fabulous...
  2. staceytapia

    Tj bound in the AM!

    thank u so much!!! I will be intouch ????
  3. I'm so ready for this, I'm down 20 pounds from pre op diet and that in itself feels like an achievement ???? surgery scheduled for the 17th, I'm very lucky that my family gets to accompany me.. I've packed small, but my mother has not, haha.. I hope there's room in the medical transport for all of her pressed clothes and makeup! Again very grateful ❤️ My surgery is being done by a team of Dr Paten and Dr Gutierrez, the were trained by Dr. A. Ortiz. I feel 100% confident and not even a little nervous.. I do have some questions about prescriptions and bringing them back across the border, I also have diabetes and gout. I would like to pickup some meds for both issues there because I am not insured and as scrips here are sooooo expensive.
  4. staceytapia

    Boob rash!

    that sticks... Have u been able to try putting some kind of cloth across wherever UR skin touches yet? In the summer months this is my saving grace.. Being from Arizona and have had a complete hysterectomy/ hot flashes and sweating all day long... I have even used paper towels to collect the trapped moisture, double it up and lay it between my skin folds where ever the skin overlaps.. I know that's a bit graphic but that's what this place is for, our good-bad-&ugly! When the moisture is trapped, it begins to grow a bacteria that causes our skin to break down.. My area is my lower tummy.. I hope ur breasts get some relief soon because that no fun... -stacey
  5. staceytapia

    Tick, tick, tick,tick.....almost time 1/12/15

    how was your surgery how do you feel?
  6. staceytapia

    Tick, tick, tick,tick.....almost time 1/12/15

    have you tried Gas-X strips? I was told they work well...
  7. staceytapia

    Almost 6weeks out rant

    my starting weight was 335.8, I'm still pre op and on my liquid fast.. Glad to say I'm now down 17.6 pounds from New Years! Surgery in 4 days!!!!!!! Good luck
  8. staceytapia

    Cash? Credit Cards? Mexico?

    @@shizwiz if you take your cards you should contact UR carriers so that they don't freeze your account thinking that it is a scam or somebody's ripping you off... I have never been to Tijuana but I have been to Rocky Point many times.. And if for any reason you use their banking down there, there will be usually an international 3% fee... Just a heads up..! By the way I think your 100$ in small bills will be fine.. I'm not sure you'll be up to shopping much, lol..
  9. staceytapia

    Surgery tomorrow

    sorry to hear about the pain, very happy everything went good for u!!!!
  10. staceytapia

    Calling GOAL!

    good job! U look incredible!!!!
  11. staceytapia

    Boob rash!

    have you tried dial antibacterial soap? U use this daily! I think it's the best thus far!
  12. staceytapia

    Boob rash!

    you should try and lay in observing cloth in between your folds this will observe the moisture and pulled away from your skin.. Hot flashes are evil, I've had a complete hysterectomy myself and am still having about 6 to 10 hot flashes a day.. That's a trick I picked up throughout the years.. I hope it helps, warm hugs new friend, Stacey-
  13. i think this is a swell idea, make his mouth drop!!! Good luck!!!
  14. staceytapia

    Boob rash!

    is the rash skin breakdown from moisture or is it a dry itchy rash? I have not heard it being from yeast b4.
  15. staceytapia

    Tomorrow--January 5

    well your brother-in-law's a jerk, usually narcissistic people can see any further than the tips of their noses... You can tell him that his advice is unsolicited and not appreciated... I apologize for being crude... You don't need that type of discouragement, good luck to you and God Bless -stacey