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  1. SeptemberSlimmer1960

    Valentine's Challenge

    I'd like to join in. This would be my first challenge participation. Beg. Wt. 342; current wt. 288; sleeved on 12/17/14. Please add me! Thanks!
  2. SeptemberSlimmer1960

    Can't eat fish

    Tuna & salmon just about gag me! These are two of my favorite type of fish! Now tilapia, I can handle that a smidgen better, but not by too much, only in very small portions. I, also, look at what other people eat (as did I once upon a time). I can't believe I used to eat like this! I'm trying super hard to do right by me & my sleeve and am blessed to be successful.
  3. SeptemberSlimmer1960

    Afraid I don't have it in me...

    Don't be too hard on yourself! We all fall down off the wagon, but we shake ourselves off and get back up and live to fight another day! And what a fight it is! We can still win this war, that was just one battle! We can make it, sleeve soldier!
  4. SeptemberSlimmer1960

    December sleevers

    12/17 Sleever! Down 56 pounds so far 20 on the preop diet and 36 since surgery! My appetite is up and down, mostly down. I'm thirsty all the time, but getting in the required amount of water and protein still presents a bit of a challenge to me. I'm doing better with my vitamin supplements. I'm not exercising everyday, but this week is the game changer for that. I tried to get a buddy for support but that didn't work out and that's okay, because after all it is my journey and my lifestyle change. I'm super excited about the weight loss and can't wait to go shopping in a few months for some smaller clothes!
  5. SeptemberSlimmer1960

    Any 12/17/14 sleevers out there?

    I'm learning on a daily basis what to eat and what not to eat! I know that I've lost my taste for my usual friends, cakes, cookies, pies, chips, ice creams, breads and pasta. They've lost their appeal for the most part. I still like protein shakes, like unjury and I forget who makes that chocolate truffle flavored protein shake, but it is simply divine! But my doctor says that by now I should be weaning off those and getting my protein sources from regular food. I feel like I've been on a stall this past week and I know part of it is because I don't exercise regularly. I bet if I did that on a regular basis I would get past the stall. I'm just not motivated like I need to be. I wish I had an exercise buddy to walk with and share the sleeve journey with. My family is supportive but they don't truly understand the intricacies and challenges of this sleeve journey! You seem to be doing very well, though. Congratulations!
  6. SeptemberSlimmer1960

    Any 12/17/14 sleevers out there?

    I am! I was sleeved 12/17/14! One of the best decisions ever. I started out weighing 342. Preop weight 331.Current weight 290. Very few complications.
  7. SeptemberSlimmer1960

    Australia - Premier protein shake

    Amazon carries it.
  8. SeptemberSlimmer1960

    7 weeks post op and I'm STARVING!

    Increasing my water intake nipped that hungry feeling in the bud!
  9. SeptemberSlimmer1960

    H Pylori

    Also, he said that h.pylori has to be treated because its presence could lead to stomach cancer.
  10. SeptemberSlimmer1960

    H Pylori

    I didn't know I had the h. Pylori until a couple of weeks after the surgery at my first post-op visit. My doctor said it showed up in the biopsy. I was on a antibiotic/PPI = 8 pills a day for two weeks. Thank God that misery is over. This Tuesday I go for a blow test to make sure it has been eradicated. But for the surgery, I would never have known about it.
  11. SeptemberSlimmer1960

    MO - St. Louis

    Is the St. Louis support group still active? I'm a recent sleever and would like to meet and share with others on this journey.
  12. SeptemberSlimmer1960


    I was sleeved 12/17/14. Diagnosed with T2 diabetes 4 years ago. On 3 oral and 2 injectable medications prior to surgery. And immediately post-op, drum roll please! None, zip, zilch, nada! No more diabetic medications! Blood sugars consistently 80-90! Also off some of my blood pressure meds, too!
  13. SeptemberSlimmer1960

    Hello from St. Louis, MO

    Mztoni3144 & breeze0404, I am sorry we didn't get to meet this week! I've had a few issues with my incision reopening and draining so I've been forced to slow my roll as they say. Still losing weight, but this hanging skin though, ugh! Hope all is well with you both!
  14. SeptemberSlimmer1960

    H. Pylori Infection

    At my first post-op visit, my surgeon informed me that the biopsy showed an h. Pylori infection and that this needed to be treated with antibiotics and a PPI. He said that research shows this organism has caused stomach cancer, as well. My prescription took a week to obtain. I live in St. Louis, MO and the pharmacist had to drive to DeSoto, MO to get it. It was in a big box, with 4 am pills and 4 pm pills. I hope I'm not knocking out any normal flora but most likely I am since I already have a raging yeast infection. Now on a more positive note, I was sleeved on December 17, 2014. I'm down 52 pounds now! It's still hard to decipher what my sleeve wants, but she definitely lets me know what she doesn't want, lol! But this h.pylori thing has really taken me for a loop. I'm hope that this is the end of it. Once I'm finished with these medications, I have to go back for a blow test to make sure it's all gone.
  15. SeptemberSlimmer1960

    where do you live?

    St. Louis, Missouri
  16. SeptemberSlimmer1960

    Hello from St. Louis, MO

    Thursday night sounds good, maybe we can meet at the library or somewhere in the Loop.
  17. SeptemberSlimmer1960

    St. Louis

    Yes! I was sleeved 12/17 and so far, down 52 pounds!
  18. SeptemberSlimmer1960

    Hello from St. Louis, MO

    . How are you? I'm Terosia and I was sleeved on 12/17. Would love to hang out and do a walk & talk! There are 2 more that live here also. We're talking about meeting next week, schedules permitting.
  19. SeptemberSlimmer1960

    Hello from St. Louis, MO

    What is your schedule like next week? I'd like to meet also. The library sounds like a good place. Just let me know.
  20. SeptemberSlimmer1960

    Hello from St. Louis, MO

    Another Sleever lives in U. City also and is interested in doing a walk and talk support system.
  21. SeptemberSlimmer1960

    Age 50 or over (or anyone)

    Hello, I'm 54 and was sleeved on 12/17/14. I'm down from 336 to 297! How 'bout them apples? I can already tell that there's a difference. Clothes are starting to feel loose that once were just plain tight. Energy is slowly increasing. My water and protein intake is increasing also! I like what I'm seeing and how I'm feeling. I don't really crave anything per sé, nor do I have insatiable hunger. I put myself on a schedule/routine. I'm making this smart phone earn its darn keep! I would most definitely do this again, but I wish I'd done it years ago! Oh well, moving and looking forward to spending lots more time with my new self. I'm off all my diabetic meds and 4 of my 6 anti hypertensive medications! Loving this! Glad to be a sleeve buddy for anyone else on this fantastic journey!
  22. SeptemberSlimmer1960

    Hello from St. Louis, MO

    I'm happy to report things are going well. I'm down 44 pounds since 12/17! Yaaaaah!
  23. SeptemberSlimmer1960

    St. Louis support-very very nervous

    Let me know if you want to do a walk and talk. I'm in University City.

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