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  1. AhnaLucille


    Congratulations on your date! ...21st for myself... best of luck to you on this journey.
  2. AhnaLucille

    Any April Sleevers?

    @@Ohcali9765 @@CapeMom3 YAY! same day as me.. I was feeling like the only one on the 21st! Congrats on your date. I hope everything goes well for you Ladies. 35 days to go! and 21 days to pre op. Are you pre op days on the 7th as well?
  3. AhnaLucille

    New to the group and Bariatric Pal!

    @ how are you doing ?
  4. AhnaLucille

    Any Northern Michigan Sleeves?

    Welcome Ladies!! @@Kelly1223 that's great you don't have to wait 6 months! @@Terryrobinson have you had your surgery yet?
  5. AhnaLucille

    Any Northern Michigan Sleeves?

    HI! @TMG1980TMG how far along are you in the process? Do you have a surgery date yet?
  6. Wow, 25 days to pre op.. 38 till surgery day.

  7. AhnaLucille

    BCBS Federal timing question

    My "approval" took 4-5 days.. but it took 29 days to hear back from my surgeons office and I still have another 40 days to wait for surgery.. Hopefully yours will all work out for you in June.. Good Luck!
  8. AhnaLucille

    Waiting on Approval

    2-17-15 the BP COORD called. My surgery date is April 21st. And my pre op appoint is April 7th. My medical clearance appoint with my PCP is March 12th.
  9. AhnaLucille

    Pending approval

    @mis4may I too have a BMI of 41 & no co's and my approval took a little over a week... Congrats on your date!! You are a day before me..
  10. AhnaLucille

    Any April Sleevers?

    42 days to go! Today Is my first day of a modified version of my pre op diet and its going pretty well. Not particularly hungry. I have to remind myself to drink my Protein shakes. For that feeling of food in my stomach, I ate a big salad like the one required in my pre op diet. I'm going to try this for a week and push for 2 weeks. My weight has stalled, hoping this will get the scale moving again. I have an appointment coming up with my PCP, I still weigh the same and I don't want it to looked like a gave up, because I haven't. I'm still eating right and trying to lose weight.
  11. 42 days to go.. feels like the longest count down ever!

    1. Miss Mac

      Miss Mac

      If you want 42 days to pass quickly, borrow (and promptly spend) some money that has to be paid back in 42 days.

  12. AhnaLucille

    Hello Michigan! ...is this thing on?

    @@AliciaM Congrats on your success and a healthier you!
  13. AhnaLucille

    Hello Michigan! ...is this thing on?

    On 2-17-15 I got my surgery date. I guess Dr. Kam isn't doing any gastric surgeries in March.. So first available date 4-21-15. I figured with everything done in January, I'd have the surgery in February.. March the latest... It was an up and down roller-coaster phone call. I did get re-excited when she said "April 1st" then was like "oh wait, nope" then back to sad face. lol .. It stings a little when you see ppl posting on the fb page how they just got their date for March, and you got your over 2 weeks ago. and way farther out. My emotions are all over the place. I'm bummed to wait so long, Happy I'm having it, also grateful I have time to get all my ducks in a row. so, its a constant circle of blue and happy.... But I am ready to have it done with. I'm ready to move on to the next phase. See how I handle post op day 1... I really can't to be at the "before and after" Phase. ..But now I am in the waiting phase.. And right now I am at my day 48 before surgery countdown. I would like to hear how everyone is doing. Anyone want to share?
  14. 48 more days to go! Come on April 21st!!

  15. AhnaLucille

    Any April Sleevers?

    Good luck to everyone!... scheduled 4/21 .

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