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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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  1. Swimming, it's my go to exercise because it's low impact which is great for my back. I'm 5 weeks today and I can't wait to get into the gym to do some weight training
  2. NaomiAus


    I get hungry too, I have half an optifast shake in between meals, it's a good source of protein, it keeps hunger down and it means that I don't need to stop drinking fluids. It's what my dietician recommended
  3. This is good advice, I found that I didn't need anything between the seatbelt, but everyone is different
  4. Get up out of bed as soon as they will let you, walk as much as possible around the hospital, it will help with the gas pain so much
  5. NaomiAus

    360+ pounds?!? help!

    I was 418lb, after 8 weeks (4 weeks of optifast and currently 4 weeks post op) I've lost 57lb. I had the sleeve
  6. Four weeks out, I can honestly say no regret ever. Even when just waking up and laying in my hospital bed, I haven't regretted it at all. I admit that I was lucky and had a very smooth recovery with no bumps whatsoever
  7. NaomiAus

    Why sleeve and not bypass?

    It was what my surgeon recommended for me, and I trust his judgment completely. At 4 week post op, I'm glad I did, had nothing but smooth sailing.
  8. NaomiAus


    I know the exact feeling, my dietician recommended movicol, 1 sachet then if you don't go 2 sachets the next day. She also suggested to add some fibre powder to your water, the one I got is unflavoured so I just add 4 tsps to my bottle of water
  9. NaomiAus

    Having gastric bypass reversed

    It is reversible but only in a situation that would warrant it being reversed, not just "I don't like it".
  10. NaomiAus

    Craving chips and salsa/avocado

    You can spray mountain bread with a little olive oil spray then bake for 5 minutes then break it apart
  11. NaomiAus

    Flinching awake.

    If it's what I'm thinking of, and it happens to me from time to time, while your in that nearly asleep state, your breathing and heartbeat is slowing down a little too much and your brain will give you a jolt to make sure your breathing enough
  12. NaomiAus

    Crazy Food Dreams After Surgery

    Yes! I have these dreams several nights a week, I'm only 3 weeks out. I think it was last night that I dreamt I was eating McNuggets while I was still on purée. No idea where they are coming from, hopefully they will stop soon
  13. NaomiAus


    Even though I followed my pre-op diet extremely well, I was still worried this would happen to me. I have no idea why, but it was in the back of my mind that it would
  14. I had my sleeve on 20 November, it's still early days but I can notice some slimming in my face already, and my feet, they aren't puffy balloons anymore!
  15. NaomiAus


    I've told everyone, I am glad I did, I have had nothing but support from everyone. It is a really personal decision to tell people or not. If you tell people, then you can have an amazing support system. If you choose not to tell people, it isn't their business to know anyway. There isn't a right or wrong answer on whether or not to tell people.

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