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  1. Diamond-Girl

    Insurance Question

    Thx vsg4missy????
  2. Diamond-Girl

    Insurance Question

    Can anyone tell me about Anthem BCBS? How are they about gastric sleeve approval?
  3. Diamond-Girl

    Before and now pictures

    You look AMAZING!
  4. Diamond-Girl

    Coloring hair

    Do all sleeves lose hair, and if so does it come back? ????
  5. Diamond-Girl

    Protein powder help

    Thank you! ☺
  6. Diamond-Girl

    Protein powder help

    Do you know of any protein drinks that are milk free? I have milk allergies.
  7. Diamond-Girl

    Insurance Question

    Anyone else from Atlanta are and waiting to be sleeved? ????
  8. Diamond-Girl

    Anyone From Ga?

    Hi Mustlovepoodles!Are you still on here? I am going to see Dr. Dennis in February. Would you recommend him and, how was your experience overall with the staff? I hope you are enjoying your new self!????
  9. Diamond-Girl

    Insurance Question

    Thank you GreenEyes604☺
  10. Hello! ☺ Does anyone have, United Health Care PPO? I currently have a $750. Deductible and afterwards responsible for 20%. Anyone have any idea how much I may need out of pocket upfront?
  11. Diamond-Girl

    Almost cried today

    People can be inhumane???? Sorry you have been subjected to such ignorance Della.
  12. Diamond-Girl

    Almost cried today

    Thank YOU Della for your kindness and understanding! ????
  13. Diamond-Girl

    Almost cried today

    Thanks to all of you! This is the first time I have felt TRUE freedom in relaying my thoughts and emotions concerning my weight. THANK YOU! ☺