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  1. Homecie

    Stomach pain

    The same as you. Right under my rib. And usually it was worst when I woke up in the morning for some reason. Took my meds and later in morning little or no pain. Good luck
  2. I too have been suffering from an ulcer. Take the same as most of the folks above. It takes a while to feel better. I found it is imparitive that you take the carafate the right way, for me 4xs daily and on empty stomach. Also take the prilosec at a higher dosage than normal and that helps too.
  3. Homecie

    Stomach pain

    Ulcer here with that kind of pain. Have meds and take prilosec for life. It helps a lot too
  4. Homecie

    What has Highest protein content?

    I missed coffee. So I use cappichino from Syntex Nectar. It has been my experience that it is essential for sucess to find a protein drink or powder that you like and will use . I tried at least 7-10 before I found Nectar. Also, your tastes will change as you progress, so try new ones as you venture on. I also was told to use Whey isolate and not the Premier shakes because they don't use the protein that my doc required that the body used readily. Ck with your doc or nut for the best for you and you will be sucessful if you find the right one.
  5. I am 11 months out and 5 lbs short of goal. I had given up on any regrowth of my hair. My loss was severe with the look of male pattern baldness in front. Well, I am happy to announce that it is growing back and growning back with vigor. I am taking prenatal vitamins and biotin with sucess but it took all this time to see results. For those of you who have had the same experience, don't loose faith. It will grow back for sure it will. Give it time... Then you can smile at your beautiful hair and nails and the beautiful, healthy body you now have at any time in your journey. God bless your travels to good health.
  6. I too have to drink the shakes to get enough protein in. I am 8 months out and plan to drink them forever. My doc does not mind and in fact incourages it if we feel hungry.
  7. I would have had no problem after a week post op. No problem if you walk and continue to walk right after surgery. On your trip, stop and walk, drink and rest. It would be no difference that sitting in your easy chair at home I would think.
  8. Homecie

    Ok weird, Pickle Juice

    Love me some pickles! Extra dill and all the juices. I get restless legs and eating a couple at bed time helps me. Go figure. Must be the salt. I don't get much salt in any other food. God bless the cucumber and vinegar too.
  9. Can anyone who may have had an ulcer tell me what it feels like? I have been experiencing pain near my lower bellybutton scar internally for about three weeks now off and on. I am 6 months out. I feel intuitively that it may be an ulcer.
  10. Homecie

    My hair! My face!

    Before I took biotin, I took a look at Utube to hear what others were experiencing. I saw on some spots that the people taking it experienced breakouts. Don't know if this helps. Don't know if it is true. Just a snippit of what is out there.
  11. Homecie

    Recovery must-haves

    Chrystal light lemonade powder, herbal tea, Protein powder Soup from unjury, a shaker container to make your shakes, non-fat milk to mix drinks when you are ready, a walking partner that will go around the block with you a couple times a day, comfortable clothes that don't hurt your inscision. Non fat yoguart, broth, and sometimes it helped to have a watch or clock near by so you won't drink before 45 mins or so after you eat. Good luck. The time goes by quickly. Drink your protein first, and have some stuff to soften your stool. Constipation is waiting around the corner for all of us. Have your vits, Calcium and all that stuff ready to go when you get home so you don't have to go out for a couple of days. Take a shower daily, that makes you feel better too!
  12. Homecie

    Protein Powders

    Piping Rock, the very best and least expensive non flavored protein. It does not curdle when heated and mixes very easily. It is truly a powder, I find Unjury grainy. You can find Piping Rock on Amazon for about $13 smackers too.
  13. I am 3 1/2 months out, and suddenly I feel like giving up this struggle. I don't feel like walking, I keep losing the same 3 pounds for the last two weeks, and I just don't want to figure out what to eat anymore. Any inspiration out there? Did this happen to you too, how far out were you and how did you get your groove back?
  14. Go for a walk around the block, write in a journal, walk around 2 blocks, drink water when not eating something and walk some more. If you keep yourself distracted it will work. Also, what helped me was to wait 45 min until you drink something after eating. I found I drank too fast and didn't allow the food to really make me feel full. I go outside, here in Calif it is 70 degrees, and just sit in the sun and play with my dog. These small things seem to help, along with cleaning out a drawer, or some type of distraction. I also tried to not eat artificial sweeteners as they made me feel hungry like diet soda did.
  15. Maybe in some small way our mothers and boundaries or lack of, contributed to our eating disorders? From the above entries and my experiences too this seems to be the case.