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  1. Congratulations, and best wishes to both of you!
  2. Okiebon

    Silk Cashew Milk Unsweetened

    Does it taste anything like almond milk? I couldn't do the almond milk at all.
  3. The powders should be mixed with milk or Water, then stirred or shaken in a shaker bottle to make a drink. When I want them really cold I'll add ice after preparing the drink. They can be mixed in a blender with yogurt, fruit, etc. but normally aren't for just drinks.
  4. Okiebon

    Leaving tomorrow!

    Congratulations!! Who's your doctor?
  5. Okiebon


    Do a search on here for Three Week Stall. It's very common and has been posted about countless times. Some of those threads have excellent explanations of why it happens to us. Congratulations on your progress, that's wonderful!!
  6. @@New Me 2015 Protein content varies by bar. I went to Amazon.com and searched for Quest bars. The product descriptions will tell you the protein content of the different flavors. But it's around 20g of protein per bar.
  7. You might want to mention that your surgery would be in Mexico. I don't think some of those who've replied realize the'yre in the Mexico forum.
  8. She's going to find out eventually, you know. Have you called bariatric surgeons in your area and explained your situation? I've read other members posts here saying that that's what they did, and most of them were able to find someone willing to offer treatment if complications arise.
  9. Okiebon

    Pureed stage

    I'll be starting my pureed stage in a week and those 3 things were the first thing I've bought in preparation for it. I also bought some low fat grated cheese to sprinkle on the refried beans (more protein!), and I even remembered to get marinara for the ricotta bake. I am soooo looking forward to that ricotta bake!
  10. I'm doing great so far, much better than I ever expected actually. But this is only day 8 for me. My PCP (an internist) is actually the one who suggested the surgery to me, and she's the one who mentioned Mexico when we found out my insurance wouldn't cover the surgery. She has a couple of other patients who've successfully had bariatric surgery in Mexico in the last few years. She's been to recent conferences on bariatric surgery patients, is completely supportive of my choices, and will be handling all of my follow up care, labs, etc. I have my first follow up with her later this week. Her internal medicine practice is affiliated with a surgical group that includes a few of the top bariatric surgeons in our area. If complications develop, she will arrange with one of them to step in. There are doctors in the US willing to work with patients who went to Mexico, the trick is to find them. I'm so very blessed to have the PCP that I do who put plans in place for me long before I had the surgery.
  11. Okiebon


    No sugar added doesn't mean that it's sugar free. Apples naturally contain sugar, so the juice has sugar from the apples. "No sugar added apple juice is better for you than the sweetened type but still has quite a few calories as it has natural sugar. 1 cup of unsweetened apple juice has 115 calories and 28 grams of carbohydrate, the same calories as 8 oz of soda and none of the Fiber of a whole apple. It would be healthier to eat the whole apple." Yep, 28g of carbs in one cup.
  12. I agree with the previous posters. Have you sat down and listed the potential risks of you NOT having surgery (high blood pressure, diabetes, sleep apnea, GERD, joint damage, shortened life span, etc.)? Doing that was an eye opener for me. I changed my mind about the surgery more than once, but every time I took a handful of hypertension meds or faced using my CPAP machine, everything came back into focus. I want a chance at health and a happier life again. Either way, it was going to be a gamble. But that was what was best for me, you're the only one who can decide what would be best for you. After having had surgery with Dr. Rodriguez myself last week, I can honestly say that you have made an excellent choice there. He's very, very good at what he does. If you have any questions, or if I can help in any way, please let me know. I wish you the best!
  13. Congratulations!! I wish the best for you! Wow, you ARE ready.
  14. Thanks Rocky! I'm back and feeling good. I saw that announcement here yesterday, too.
  15. Wow, you look terrific!! We're built kind of similar and I want my abdomen to disappear like that. Have you been doing ab exercises or is this all a result of working your diet?