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    Heaviest at 325. Now 185.  
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    Thanks for posting your stats. Very impressive. I notice a significant drop later in your weight loss journey and I'm just wondering what you did there to speed things up. Is that when you started to exercise? When did you bring in exercise? Thanks again for posting and your pics are so inspiring that I've saved some as my own inspirational 'wish pics'- I'm 2 weeks post op and started at 255. I hope that's okay! Haha (not creepy I promise) Anyway you look amazing!
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    beenee reacted to bellabloom in Before and After Pics   
    Here are my stats from my journey. From highest weight of 250 to lowest weight of 119. It's amazing I've really lost half a person.

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    My weight-loss journey 10 months post op

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    beenee reacted to crissylynn82 in Before and After Pics   
    Down 130 pounds so far. The top picture is of me in September 2014 and the bottom one is September 2015. Both taken on my way to New Orleans for a cruise. Still need to loose about 60 more pounds but I will hopefully be there soon!

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    5 months. 99 pounds down!

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    Im so happy I made the choice to be sleeved..#junesleevers

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    beenee reacted to Vaness7578 in Before and After Pics   
    HW 235 SW 214 CW 182... Slow but steady!

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    beenee reacted to cab127 in Before and After Pics   
    Top right before surgery
    HW 293
    CW 204.5
    9 months post op
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    You know you lost weight when
    you easily sit in the middle seat on an airplane (I did, i did, i actually did/do)
    when your uncle says" if I passed you on the street I wouldn't recognize you"
    he was drinking when he said that
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    beenee reacted to Healthy_life2 in You know you lost weight when   
    So sorry in advance to the men following this thread.
    You know you lost weight when:
    you wear a v neck shirt and realize the loose skin is giving you a third boob cleavage. Time for a new bra
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    Never again did I think I'd weigh less than the cost of a gallon of gas this cheap. This morning I weighed in at 184!

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    beenee reacted to MisforMimi in You know you lost weight when   
    When you have 14 inches of seatbelt strap on the plane and no extender!

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    beenee reacted to mtraverse in You know you lost weight when   
    I fit into a size small and it's not too small! ????
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    beenee reacted to emilyphoenix74 in Before and After Pics   
    Today I am 11 weeks post op. I have lost 52lbs..My sw was 316 and i am down to 264.
    I started out wearing a size 24 pants. Im in an 18 now and I wore a size 26/28 top and Im wearing a 20/22 - But still a 3x comfortable and a tight 2x.
    I have not excersised at all. I keep saying im going to start today but never do...I eat between 800-1000 calories per day of whatever I want. I do however eat healthy. I just dont like sweets the way I used too.

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    beenee reacted to tacycakes in OCTOBER 2014   
    I go through days like I am so hungry and feel like I've eaten all day, and then others where I forget to eat and still feel full. Not sick or anything. I realized though that on the days where I feel I've eaten a lot; I have probably only eaten a small portion. Some days I just buy food but don't eat it. It's like an old habit/compulsion. I'll go to Bojangles and buy 2 wings and a sweet tea, or buy a kitkat or last week went to mcdonalds and bought a french fry and a hot fudge Sunday. At Panera, I might buy a scone, coffee, and Mac and cheese.
    As soon as I try a bite of any of these things, I'm satisfied (or repulsed) and I bring them home to my husband or the trash. I ate a salad for lunch today and picked up a cookie on the way out off of a salad/dessert buffet and brought it home. I guess I'm doing this as a "I used to love these!" Kind of deals, but it's so weird. And costly. If I do try to force myself to take a bite of say fried chicken or Mac and cheese, my stomach rebels as soon as it's in my mouth and can't swallow and I immediately want something cold and clean like watermelon or Water. It's not even a head hunger or craving that makes me buy. I think it's habit. But then I'm like, what the heck? I don't even want this! I'll throw whole sandwiches in the trash or give them to the guys at work. (Who are vultures and like that I'm on a 'diet' so they can eat my food.) I don't do this a lot, but maybe once a week. It's like a comfortable blanket to just have it near me I think. I once had an eclair in the fridge for over a month and my daughter asked me if she could throw it out and I told her no. She asked why, bc it was practically moldy, and I told her that I like it there. Later, I wondered why. Is it bc when I open the fridge and take out a yogurt that I actually "chose" the yogurt over the eclair? Is it a reminder of where I've been, or of something I used to love and want it there like a blankie to reassure me? I think I like looking at it sitting there, and I smile to myself and shut the door. Like, "you don't have power over me anymore!! See, I don't need you!" Idk. A psychologist might have a field day with me but I feel like I did when I was having food funerals, only I was sad then and powerful now.
    On most days I eat a Protein Bar on the way to work or a yogurt, a cheese stick as a snack, chicken with nuts and fruit for lunch and then maybe a Protein Shake for a second snack. For dinner, I eat maybe taco salad, a cup of chili, or chicken salad. Something lighter so I don't feel heavy when I go to bed. Plus I'm not usually hungry by then. Watermelon, berries (all kinds) and cantelope are my daily friends.
    That's where I am on this 11th month, still trying to honestly understand my relationship with AND without food.
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    beenee reacted to Daisee68 in FOOD????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????   
    For what it's worth, my therapist who specializes in not just Bariatric surgery patients but also eating disorders (and a recovered/ing bulimic herself) did say that chewing food and spitting it out is a form of bulimia. Be very very careful with that.
    @@MzStockton agree it is HARD! I watched a lot of food network which was very strange but it is food I wouldn't have eaten anyway even if I could have. ???? you have made it 7 days now. You will get food soon and I cannot tell you how good that first bite of mush will taste! Hang in there. You got this! And PS I definitely went to bed a few times pretty early just to get away from the kitchen and thought of food!
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    beenee reacted to kstellflug in Eating a lot   
    I am so right there with you on this issue. I feel like I'm right back to my old self, eating, eating, eating! I keep justifying it by telling myself, "it's not as much as you used to eat." But it's about the behavior, quality not quantity. Struggling!
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    beenee reacted to Boscogirl in Before and After Pics   
    Starting weight: 330
    Weight on day of surgery: 309
    Current weight as of today (1 month 3 days post op): 289.6

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    beenee reacted to SleevePerry in Before and After Pics   
    4 weeks post-op, 8 weeks post-op, 17 weeks post-op

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    beenee reacted to BohemianBeauty in You know you lost weight when   
    Wow, these are all so motivating. I've lost some weight, but I am preop. I just started the Classes last week. Hoping to get my surgery in January 2016. I can't wait to be post op and goal weight.
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    beenee reacted to starrspunn in You know you lost weight when   
    I was at the gym the other day talking to some girls when I said I still had 30 plus pounds to lose and one of them turned to me and said where?
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    beenee reacted to bellabloom in You know you lost weight when   
    Men follow you around in the supermarket.
    You buy a belt and your best friend shows you that your waist is the same size as her thigh.
    People call you a "living doll"
    Everyone keeps telling your the wind is going to blow you away
    You have hip bones, collar bones...
    Your butt get sore sitting down because there is no padding.
    The girl at banana republic insists on getting you a size 0 so it fits right.
    You can fit in the clothes in the little girls section.
    You can easily touch your ankle to your butt.
    You can sit in the back between your kids car seats.
    The blood pressure cuff at the doctors office won't fit because it's too big.
    Hahahaha. Yeah. Never thought I'd be this tiny but I do love it!!

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