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  1. JaneJaneDoe

    Former csection mommies

    I have had three C-sections and they were MUCH WORSE than the sleeve. I went back to work (PT desk job) five days after my sleeve. I was tired and moved slow, but was fine! My hubby went back to work (FT desk job) in seven days. The pain is minimal and absolutely nothing like a C-section (in my opinion).
  2. JaneJaneDoe

    Low BMI and Gastric Sleeve

    Well, I was six months post this week and finally took some comparison photos. 195 lbs - high weight 188 lbs - surgery weight 144 lbs - today's weight (well, 143.3 lbs, but I rounded up) I am 51 pounds down and only NINE pounds from my goal weight!!!! And, I have lost 61.25 inches... crazy! Hips are 34" and wearing size 4!
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  4. JaneJaneDoe

    Cash pay?

    Cash pay in Texas. $14,500 total. Included hospital, one-night stay, surgeon fees, anesthesiologist, and all post-op appts for one year.
  5. JaneJaneDoe

    Your Favorite Post-Op Go-to Foods

    Cashews! Weight Watchers String Cheese
  6. I started at 33 BMI and today (5.5 months post) I am 25.1 BMI.... almost in the healthy range! I have loved, loved this journey. I have never been depressed at all. I think I'm right on track and I have set my goal to settle in the 135-145 range (ideally 138). I believe I am right on track and so very happy I did this. I do exercise. I run/walk (and yoga). In the last twelve days, I have logged 41 miles. I think my running/walking/yoga has extremely helped my skin tighten. My cellulite in my legs has greatly improved and I'm actually wearing cute shorts this summer (first time wearing shorts in years!). Self pay $14,500. Surgery: 12/31/14 High Weight: 195 Surgery Weight: 188 Today's Weight: 146 (weighed 145.8 after my run this morning)
  7. JaneJaneDoe

    Drink/eat simultaneously? Question...

    I'm almost six months post op and I drink sips with meals. But I am very careful (I've only thrown up once... I think day 14 post op). I used to drink lots and lots of tea with my meals, but now I only drink 2-3 oz with meals. I order Water and am very purposeful to watch the level in my glass.
  8. Stalls are real. We all have and will experience them. I know it's frustrating, but please do not let them discourage you. Just stay the course and the weight will come off... slowly. Stay positive and focus on your good eating and being active every day.
  9. Reading through these posts made me say, "I felt that way!" At eight days post-op, I vividly remember how I felt like I was starving. I remember telling my hubby how hungry I was and wondering if the doctor took out enough of my stomach. As soon as I started eating soft foods I felt much better. I think it must have something to do with eating Clear Liquids and your body is just craving substance. I'm now five months post and down over 40lbs. I love, love, love my sleeve and am ever so thankful for it. I will say, eat slow and learn your "full" point. I have only thrown up once... now I know my point. Good luck on your journey!
  10. JaneJaneDoe

    Low BMI and Gastric Sleeve

    @@tnkrrbl, Just encouragement for you, I have similar stats to yours and am 4.5 months post-op. I started at 195lbs (highest weight), surgery at 188lbs. Today I weigh 151. I'm thrilled beyond words that I did the sleeve. My husband has been so encouraged that he is scheduled to have the sleeve in June. I yoyo dieted for years... can certainly lose the weight, just could never keep it off. I am highly motivated to keep the weight off and, now with my sleeve as a tool, I believe in myself and am taking the necessary steps to ensure my success. I hope you will look back and be happy with your decision too! Hang in there!
  11. JaneJaneDoe

    Low BMI-ers

    I started at 32.3 BMI. Surgery 12/31/14 and no pre-op diet. Although I did lose 8 lbs pre-op on my own (weighed 195 on 12/5/14, then weighed 188 on 12/31/14 surgery day). I just decided on my own not to pig out over Christmas; I was working on changing my eating habits and working on my mental behaviors with food. Luckily I have had zero post-op depression or hard moments. Zero. I don't know if I can attribute that to working on that before or if I was simply just so, so, so ready to change. My journey has been nothing but positive. I am ecstatic that I did this. Zero regrets. Good luck to you on your journey; I wish you the best!
  12. JaneJaneDoe


    Surgery 12/31/14 Back to work 01/05/15 ---- just 5 days later I went to back to work on day five and it was great. No one even knew I had surgery... still don't know. I work at a desk, so no manual labor or lifting. I wore "business casual" clothes with a binder (girdle thing that I wore for the first ten days under my clothes). It worked for me, but I know we are all different. Good luck!!!
  13. Just checking in to see how other Dec Sleevers are doing. @Biloxigirl and @NewBeginning2015, I too am a 12/31/14 sleeve patient. It has been an AWESOME experience for me. My hubby is having it done in June. I feel like a different person with great energy and confidence. So happy for us all!
  14. JaneJaneDoe

    C section vs. Pain

    I've had three C-sections and my experience was the sleeve recovery was MUCH MUCH easier for me than my C-section recovery, hands down. I know we are all different, so take that into consideration, but I bet the majority of us find the sleeve recovery is better.
  15. JaneJaneDoe

    Pain Ranking: C-Section vs. Sleeve

    I have had THREE C-sections (plus on vaginal... 4 kids total) and ABSOLUTELY the VSG was a much, much easier recovery. And also much less post-op pain. That was my experience.