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  1. Firstly, I'm banded not sleeved, and hang out a bit here to keep up with friends! Wasa invited me over. And I guess in this whole journey of weight loss we all have stuff to share.


    I lost 100lb and it took me about 2 years, I lost about 70 the first year, 30 the next. Slow and steady for me!


    I wish I could just *love* my body, you know? We're all so stuffed in the head after being heavy that its really hard to view yourself realistically. Our sizes in Australia are different, but I'm about a US 8 at 5ft 10, so realistically, I know I'm not "big" but I feel so flabby. I almost wish I had more loose skin so I could justify cutting it off. Then again at 42 and having had 3 babies, I should be proud.


    Sometimes i feel that way, sometimes I feel like I have the most enourmous, most wobbly ass in the world! Lol.


    Thanks for the nice comments, and good luck with your own journey.