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    Moms of little kids, I need some help please!

    Have to agree with that. I have a 10 year old, an 8 year old and a 2 year old and being able to keep up with their mess is one reason why I really need to lose weight. No matter what I do, they're pigs plain and simple. We dont have any behavioural problems with them, but they're just SO messy and I think that's in their nature because its what I'm like. I have to work everyday to overcome that because of course, I dont have my Mum living here to clean up after me. Really to keep a decent house with 3 that age, you just have to be prepared to not sit down ALL day. Just follow them round with vacuum and mop. At present I just cant manage that, I'm done by 3pm. No real advice just commiserations, lol. They're blessings, really.
  2. Jachut

    Im Goin In!

    Tee hee - you make me feel blessed that we have so much wonderful fresh food that is cheap and easily available in this country. I usually buy organic fruit and veges, have them home delivered. You wouldnt believe how good those taste. I think learning how to cook properly and how to really nourish yourself are probably two very big hurdles.
  3. Jachut

    Has this ever happened to any of you?

    The difference is you'll probably keep the weight off forever, they probably wont. Honestly, THAT is why Im considering a band so seriously. I honestly think if I can lose the weight with the band, I could also do it without. To me, dieting is not the hard part, I'm actually sure that for a while I could be a star patient, particularly since I love the gym with a passion. Its keeping it going past 10-15kg and keeping it OFF that really gives most people problems. They'll lose weight, sure but so will you and you will lose more and you will keep it off.
  4. Jachut

    im a little confused

    fee you're in Australia arent you? Its just the gap between Medicare and what your surgeon charges, like any other operations. So, medicare will cover x% of the surgery as long as it's clinically necessary but beyond question your surgeon will charge way more than the scheduled fee, they all do, your private health insurance will cover the cost of your hospital stay according to your policy and then depending on the policy may cover some of the gap charged by the surgeon.
  5. Jachut

    Accepting My Current Weight

    Not quite ready - Im 5ft 10 and 245 and I"m thinking about the band - I absolutely dont feel good at this current weight, which is far and away the highest I have ever been. But I get where you're coming from. If I felt in control and like I was going to stay here and not keep getting fatter then I could accept that perhaps its just how I want to be. But every medical professional I see for every other reason tells me I'm seriously overweight and need to lose it pronto.
  6. Jachut

    pictures in my mind

    Im the opposite too - my conscious mind is telling me I'm fat, my body is telling me it doesnt want to bear this much weight but in my head I look the same as I did 25kg ago. partly that's true of course - the fatter you get the less you notice extra weight. But if I do happen to see a photo of myself, particularly standing next to other people, I'm HORRIFIED. Im 40kg overweight but in photos I can see that every part of me is bigger than other people. When I look in the mirror I honestly dont see it. I make effort every day and go out feeling good. I still buy nice clothes, wear make up, get my hair done. Its only how I feel that has really alerted me to the fact that I have to do something.
  7. Correct me if I'm wrong but I would guess lots and lots of people lose simply due to the restriction in the amount they can eat and this results in the average 2/3 or so of excess weight I've read about - people eating lots less, making general improvements in their weight related behaviours but perhaps not counting calories or dieting as such. I understand it that there's no reason why you cant get to a specific goal, like right down at the bottom of your healthy weigh range but like for anyone, you will have to work at it - count calories, exercise regularly and that within the scope of your band, like any normal person you will fluctuate in your weight day to day and you have to make good decisions to stay at your goal weight. I was envisaging after surgery, if I have it, that I will be following something like Weight Watchers (I have the at home program), counting points, making good food choices and that some days I will stick to it well, some days I may not but that the band will prevent me from blowing it completely. Depending on how many good days I have over the course of a year or so I will or wont get down to 70kg rather than say, 85. I would be thrilled with 85 by the way, at 5ft 10 its still a comfortable and healthier weight than 110kg.
  8. Just seems insane though doesnt it for a person who is very overweight but with a BMI of 35 or under. I'm not sure yet whether my health fund will consider this "clinically necessary" either - I'm 5ft 10 and about 245 lb, BMI 35-36. If you're finding your weight is limiting your life and causing you discomfort, and you've spent all your life trying to lose it, really you shoudl be a candidate! What do they want you to do - go away, continue on the soul destroying diet roundabout for another 2 years and come back 60lb heavier? How does that help anyone? Like you, I may not ever have been massively fat, but I have all the same issues and all the same heartbreaks assoicated with my weight.
  9. sorry Fee typo - that should be $3,000 I'm in Melbourne and seeing a Mr Geoffrey Draper at Peninsula Private on Tuesday. I keep changing my mind - I think I'm actually terrified of NOT being able to overeat, how will I deal with all the things that make me overeat now? Do you know anything about health fund rules here in Aus? I need to ring my fund on Monday to make sure they cover it - ie. is it "clinically necessary" when you're BMI is 35 and the only comorbidities are sore feet and cholesterol a bit high, like losing only 10kg would probably fix both! But whilst I know I can do that, I have no hope that I can lose 30 or 40 and keep it off forever and I'm scared by this glimpse of old age I've had at only 37 (hobbling around like a nana on my poor feet). I havent done a medically supervised plan since I was about 18 and had a hip injury and was only 80kg anyway! But I've done Weight Watchers at least 10 times, Lite n Easy countless times, Jenny Craig, you name it. My doc didnt seem to think it was a problem.
  10. I'm glad I found this, I'm only in the stage of thinking about it all the way over here in Australia. It's a different process, our health system is different and private health insurance covers it all bar $2,000 or so. I have a pretty low BMI comparatively - 35 and only just - and am pretty tall so am nowhere near the stage of obesity where I get looks or where I even get too distressed about the way I look. I feel fine most of the time, blend into everyday society. But Healthwise its different, I have chronic heel pain and an unidentifiable problem with my left ankle that has been ongoing for almost a year and want to cry most days from the exhaustion of trying to keep up with my 3 kids and keep the house decent - I simply cant go on carrying this extra 40kg or so around. I have lots of heartburn too - basically I feel like I"m permanently 9 months pregant, cant sit, cant stand, cant lie, cant bend over without reflux. I have highish cholesterol levels but no other health problems, but with diabetes and heart disease in the family I'm taking this step now rather than later. I'm going to tell everyone! So............ the band then provides some restriction right from the word go? You dont actually die from hunger that first month. I see the surgeon Tuesday.
  11. Jachut

    An honest look at my body

    Everyone raves over my tiny avatar photo, truth is its so small of course it looks great! Here is a more honest view of the body of a 42 year old runner, post 100lb weight loss, post 3 babies (1 c-section). I'm thinking of a bit of lipo just to smooth out the small lumps and bumps, but cant quite bring myself to the tummy tuck. It seems easier to just not wear a bikini!