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  1. funky_monkey800

    Third week in

    Glad to hear things are getting better!!! Sometimes with my water I will mix isopure infusions...20g of protein...I like the citrus lemonade 😁
  2. funky_monkey800

    Cool sculpting

    Has anyone tried this? Cost/treatment/before/after pics.....
  3. funky_monkey800


    Guess what @CharlotteWebb Instant support...right here..all of us!❤
  4. funky_monkey800

    Do you feel more attractive?

    Ugh...this post hit home. I cant take a compliment either....we went out last weekend my husband told me I looked pretty. My response : crickets🙄 I had this whole outfit planned and figured I was really gonna shine....got ready, thinking Dang girl! Got our picture taken....seriously look like trash. No matter how hard I try I still see fat me. Idk if it ever goes away. I work out a lot and have muscle definition but I have a few spots like a saggy belly that just gives me tunnel vision...all I can see are the jiggly parts. I compare pics and no doubt there is a change! And I love the change and I love how strong I am and the huge list of things I can enjoy now.....but idk if I will ever be able to completely get rid of the "old me"
  5. funky_monkey800

    Nauseous after Dance Class

    Maybe you just over did it a bit? Too much too soon? Pushed yourself too hard and didnt realize it because you were having such a good time? When I first started working out I jumped right into the insanity dvds....lucky I was at home because at the end of my first disk, I threw up😏
  6. funky_monkey800

    My first 30 minutes today walking

    💪every step counts!
  7. funky_monkey800

    Help needed, what exercise can i do to drop the fat?

    Agreed @BlueCrush!!! Diet is huge @Wonderwifey- what do you enjoy? Nothing worse than finding a exercise plan and hating it or being bored....that will lead to giving up. I tried insanity when I first started working out..its tough but it gave results....transitioned to weights, and biking (spinning)/running. (Love weights btw) but I'm a country girl...now those bails of hay are easy to throw!😉 But those are things I enjoy because it incorporates what I like to do in my free time..(hiking, down hill mtn biking, ect) Once you start seeing the results of building muscle, you may not lose much weight, but I can promise you that you will see a body transformation that you will love... Ps-take progress pics for yourself...because even if the scale doesnt move your body WILL change. Good luck💪
  8. funky_monkey800

    Third week in

    Agreed! Everything Julie says is correct! Hopefully things are getting better! Sometimes the first weeks can be difficult! sometimes it takes a while to figure it out, because everyone is different! I still have bad and good days! But you learn what to do and what not to do! And btw....I can not drink fast....one of the things I miss is a huge gulp of ice cold h20!
  9. funky_monkey800

    Lapband advice needed - feeling weird

    Personally, if you are ready to re commit to the band and the lifestyle (it's not easy) I would give the 5 day pouch test a try. I usually do it when I get off track and i think it helps....try to be honest with your self...exercise, eat slowly, make good food choices and track everything. It's a lot of work, and it sounds like at one point it was working. Good luck!
  10. funky_monkey800

    Fill yesterday. Too tight??

    My doc always had me sit in the office and take some sips before leaving the office to make sure I was not too tight....I did get super tight at one point and had to have a bit removed....I gave it a week before I went in. Just because for me my band can get crazy weather, travel, stress, PMS all play a role for me... I would try some crushed ice, and broths, back to the basics. Good luck and please keep us posted!
  11. funky_monkey800

    Loving my Lap Band in 2019

    Happy New Year! Always glad to see another bender who is happy! I too got a bit crazy over the holidays! Time to get back at it!
  12. funky_monkey800

    Two and a Half Years Post Surgery

    I definitely slacked over the holidays...trying to get back on track now! Easily gained 5lbs☹ Back to healthy eating and exercise every day! You got this! Good luck!
  13. funky_monkey800

    So does anyone else get very cold

    I'm always cold.....☹ask my hubby, he dreads my cold feet come bed time!
  14. funky_monkey800

    What were your starting workouts?

    The first thing i started with was the insanity dvd's.....they kicked my butt....no joke. Literally puke feeling....but the feeling of finishing the dvd was amazing!
  15. funky_monkey800

    I've lost as much as...

    This should be the rewards you get! I would take a baby horse! Not sure about the eggs, but....