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  1. Well, I am breezing through, after 3 times of trial and error/ trying when it comes to referrals for weight lost surgery 4 years of headache, changes of insurance, diets, pains, ups and downs (a whole lot of them!). It finally paid off and my surgery is May 15th of this month. I've been doing my liquid diet and it's going okay, I'm trying to remember to take my vitamins and do stuff right. I had a smart watch with a timer/log for my meds,food,water, and exercise that synced to my phone but I don't know how that well I use it so instead I just have a log I put on my fridge now. I think I'm going to call this year "The Year Of Self Care and Improvements" because I REALLY want to live up to that. I feel VERY alone though and I've lost friends and family due to my decision to have weight loss surgery and also the fact that I don't go out much because I don't want to be tempted/go back to old habits right now and I guess that's another reason why I lost connections. But I just see it this way maybe some of those people don't deserve me because I have high hopes for the future and it doesn't involve those fake people who said they would be there for me until the end. But I'd rather love/learn to love myself because in the end that's all I have, I'm a lone wolf but it's okay I'll find people worthy of my time and efforts someday.

    1. Healthy_life2


      Congratulations on your surgery date.

      You are in the right headspace for all of the changes coming your way. I like that this is your year of self care and improvements. Relationships change. Its positive to cut ties with people that are unsupportive or negative in your life. Your not alone in this. Talk, vent and ask questions. We have your back.

      This is your time to work on you..inside and out. forgive and love yourself. Make peace with your life.

    2. Tierra T Tij
    3. Tierra T Tij

      Tierra T Tij

      I wrote this as a way to vent my frustrations and sadness, I'm going to start writing how I feel on my blog more because it's helpful when people who are going through the same thing are supportive and I think we all need that sometimes.