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  1. I am very excited! I just scheduled my next plastic surgery for January 19th. I am having an Abdominalplasty, Breast Lift with augmentation. I am nervous but thrilled because I know the results will be incredible and I am tired of hiding my loose skin!

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    2. Babbs
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      My arms are doing fantastic. They are well healed and the scars are flat and now turning lighter in color as i am using BioCorneum and deep massage twice daily. the massage breaks up the scar tissue and the internal sutures. I do have one tiny little spot under my right arm that keeps stabbing over...we think it is a spit stitch right below the surface but that is to be expected. They still swell later in the day and you can feel it but there is no pain, no tingling and NO ITCHING thank goodness! I will say they still feel a little numb where the incisions are but that is normal too. That should come back and it is not bothersome.

    4. Lori Orr

      Lori Orr

      I didn't have my breasts done, but I had an abdominoplasty done in March 2008. If you have questions, or I can help you with anything, let me know. Congrats on this upcoming date!!! You are going to feel so amazing. What a journey for you...

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