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  1. Bananas are good for us post surgery but they do have alot of natural sugar in them so yes, they can cause dumping. There was a very long post some time ago about the benefits of banana and there are alot of them. There are alot of people that believe that fruit in your diet is a no no.......whole fruit (not fruit juice) has alot of healthy benefit to your diet and ensures balance. My nutritionist believes in adding whole fruit as part of your diet every day. I personally eat apples, berries, nectarines, cherries, watermelon and yes every once in a while banana. But yes.....if you get dumping and eat too much of it, banana can trigger it.
  2. Djmohr

    Husband [emoji22]

    This one is difficult because guys just don't know what is the right thing to say most of the time. My husband too, has made comments that he thought would make me happy and they turned out they frightened me instead. I would guess that the majority of us have had the fear that losing weight makes our curves go away. The curves that we actually liked. And, for me that is 100% true. Lost them all and am left with a very straight boy like body. Although I am thrilled with the weight loss and my new size 8 jeans, I no longer have a butt at all. He tries to pinch it and seriously cannot. I used to have awesome size full size D breasts with very little sag. Now, I cannot fill out a C and they are like empty socks. On the good side, everything else is much skinnier too and those are the parts that I like to hear about. When my 12 year old granddaughter asked me if she could borrow a pair of my yoga pants last week for sleeping in. My son and I both said, honey I think they will be too big on you. My granddaughter said, are you kidding...have you seen how tiny grandma is? Made me grin from ear to ear. My yoga pants fit her perfectly as did my spare winter jacket. Here's the thing.....Try not to let those comments bother you. The reality is your parts will get smaller whether you want them to or not. If they bother you very badly you can get some plastics to help you look and feel better while getting the rest of you healthy. Yes, they are expensive but in the end you can save for them or even finance them. I have chosen to have my breasts lifted and augmented as well as a tummy tuck. I have 39 days to go until my surgery and I am excited and so is hubby by the way. Have no idea what I will do with my butt as there simply isn't anything left there. I may do some type of lift or augmentation down the road but for now, I can live what I have.....lots of loose wrinkly skin. Looks like a sharpei dog. LOL. I am ok, anytime someone mentions to me that I am smaller because for years i felt like i was miserable and fat. Nothing looked good on me or more importantly nothing made me feel good about myself. Now, I love clothes shopping and how i look in clothing and I know after my plastics that i will look and feel even better. Try not to let it bother you so much. It is a sign that you are getting healthier. Best of luck to you!
  3. @@Stacy Eckel Congratulations Stacy!
  4. Djmohr

    Anyone work for Aurora Healthcare ?

    Not an employee of Aurora healthcare but so far very dissappointed in their ability to care for me post bariatric surgery. I had my surgery with Medica insurance under the Park Nicollet system in Minneapolis. Then moved to Milwaukee less than a year later. My ability to find one doctor who understated my new digestive system through aurora has been a complete joke. Recently I have moved nearly all of my care to Froedert. Only my PCP is still Aurora and I will likely change her out as well. The only reason I have hung on to her for the last 1.5 years is because she listens and try's to educate herself. After care, is way more important and I have found that even getting yearly nutritional panels have been a pain to get done because they simply dont have knowledge of how to handle WLS patients. Just my two cents....
  5. Djmohr

    So random

    It will all get better as time goes buy. You do need to make sure you are staying hydrated so try using lemon or lime in your Water or even some of the flavored SF waters. Tastes post surgery really is a weird thing but honestly it does get better.
  6. Djmohr

    Baby it's cold outside!

    @@LittleBill I have to chuckle....while surfing the site, I am watching an old episode of grey's anatomy. The song, baby its cold outside was on as i looked at your post! And....its only 16 fun loving degrees here in Pewaukee, WI. It is friggin cold in here!
  7. Djmohr

    Long Night....

    Latest update. Her liver is improving, her kidneys are not functioning at all still. They say they could come back yet. She has developed an infection somewhere in her body, her white cell count is now up. Also, they had to put in a chest tube tonight, apparently one of her lungs has alot of Fluid. And, she is very weak so they put in a feeding tube tonight as well. They still say with all of this she is improving and they are watching her very closely.
  8. @@Treadmillwalker I had to have my synthroid adjusted 4 times as I went through the weight loss process. It happens so fast too......it will make hair loss more significant. I am now 24 months post op and recently was changed to two different doses. Speaking of which, I need to get my blood checked again to see if this is now the right dose.
  9. Djmohr

    I'll probably be up all night tonight

    I might have to order some of that for the mornings!
  10. @@heynowkc Thanks so much for sharing your story. Carbs are nasty little buggers and everytime i fall off and let them back into my life, I gain. Your story is inspiring and educational. I am so glad you have been able to get back on the plan. I have read that the tool is always there and it is nice to know that it is from your experience.
  11. usually they use the weight from your first visit. I would ask this questions specifically to both your insurance company and the surgical team. The wait if leveraged effectively, really allows you to build great habits. So once you find out, leverage the heck out of this time to break through. Best of luck to you!
  12. Djmohr

    WLS, Plastics and now Menopause

    @@ausmith I have been going through menopause for the last 4 years. The hot flash symptoms and moodiness were at their worst right after I had my bypass and then plastics. I was not sure if the surgeries actually made the symptoms worse of not but in general it stinks. I must have had at least 25 body drenching hot flashes per day and many during the night as well. I chose not to take any hormone replacement or any other drugs of any kind. then in July following my brachioplasty i was absolutely miserable beyond belief. I called my friend who is a distributor for Young Living Essential Oils. I decided reluctantly to try some oils to deal with my flashes which for me are the worst part of it. So, I ordered an oil called progenscence plus and in addition I ordered lemon, peppermint and lavender mostly because there are so many things that these oils will help with including migraines. Well, I started using that progescence plus rubbing a few drops on my forearms and behind my ears about 3 times a day. I swear within 2 days, all those horrible hot flashes stopped. I kept using it everyday until I ran out. I ordered another bottle of it but it was delayed in getting to me by a week. Within 3 days those darn hot flashes came back. I could hardly wait to get my new bottle. Now, I use it maybe once a day and it keeps things under control. I am now a true believer in essential oils for many things. I cannot wait until I am past this stage of menopause. I am really hoping I am one of the lucky ones who's migraines will disappear with the other symptoms. best of luck to you!
  13. This is a great article and explanation. Thanks for posting it!!!
  14. Djmohr

    Long Night....

    @@mrsNilla Thanks for asking. I was going to send out an update so here goes: It has been a rough week but this morning we actually got some very good and hopeful news. Up to this point they did not think Mary would survive and it was up to her and God to turn things in the right direction. They have had her on both kidney dialysis and liver dialysis as well as full life support. Supposedly there are only 10 liver dialysis machines in the state of wisconsin and they have had her on it since Sunday night. Well, as of this morning, her liver is trying to repair itself and things are improving. They took her off liver dialysis this morning and are hoping that her liver repairs itself enough to get her kidneys working. Right now, they are not functioning at all but supposedly that happens. She is still on a ventilator but she is awake and aware of what is happening now. She can even communicate with nurses somewhat. If things continue to improve, they will likely try weaning her off the vent. They did say that it will be a very rough and scary road as things improve. There are significant roadblocks to get through but she is fighting hard. Thank YOU everyone for all of your prayers. The medical team did everything that could and she has been fighting for her life but as the doctors told us on sunday, monday and tuesday.....It is in Gods hands.
  15. You are not doing anything wrong. This is part of the process and it will happen alot. Just follow the plan and the stall will break on its own. If you get frustrated the best thing to do is to stay off the scale for now. Best of luck to you!
  16. Djmohr

    Caloric intake goals?

    I was told not to count calories either but tracked in myfitnesspal as well. My calorie count stayed between 400 and 500 for the first 5 months then I got into a long stall that lasted for 28 days. At that point my nut suggested adding 100 to 200 Protein rich calories and to back off my 1 hour cardio per day. I did those two things and within 3 days, the weight started dropping again. You are right in line where i was at your stage.
  17. We got great news today! We found out Tuesday my SIL was NOT a candidate for liver because she was too unhealthy to make it through transplant. Well, Today her own liver is showing signs of improvement! They think that if her liver gets healthy enough, her kidneys may begin to function again. She is also awake, alert and may be able to come off the vent. Thanks so much for all of your prayers! Someone is really watching out for her upstairs.

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      Wonderful! keep us posted!


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      That's great. I know the liver is a very fast healing organ, so even more hope there.

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    TT and Arm Lift

    @@dede0314 I had a full brachioplasty in July and then will be having a full TT, Breast lift with augmentation on January 19th. My surgeon asked that i separate mine like this and the arm lift was the most important for me so i had it done first. I know alot of folks who had both arm lift and tt at the same time. I am glad I didn't mostly because you cannot use your arms to lift yourself up so i used my abdominal muscles and leg muscles to get up and down. Not sure how i would have managed it. Anyway, glad that i had my arms done, they look awesome but it was very painful for me. Lots of burning and itching. I am hoping my breasts don't feel like my arms did but am prepared for anything at this point. I am worried about the pain in the next phase but excited for the gratification! Best of luck to you!
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    I don't get it.

    @@Babbs Right on sister!
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    I was approved in hours....yes hours and surgery was scheduled for 3 weeks later only because they wanted me on a 2 week liquid diet. I hope your approval happens much faster and you get your surgery!
  21. Djmohr

    6 wks out and feel blah

    Has he said anything about a possible stricture? I would ask that question. I have known others with the same symptoms and they had a stricture that was not allowing fluids or food of anykind to go down. I am sorry you are having a complication. I hope they get it figured out soon. I cannot imagine how weak you feel.
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    @@Jazzzyjay Many times in that peer to peer discussion, denials are overturned. Lets hope in your case that is what happens. I will say a prayer for you. Best of luck!
  23. Djmohr

    stomach ulcers

    I am so sorry that you have been having this very serious complication. I worry about getting one all the time. I have psoriatic arthritis and osteo arthritis of the spine and I miss the relief i would get from Ibuprofen. I am in chronic pain every day. The only thing I take currently is tylenol and honestly it doesn't help at all. I also use heat and ice, meditation, bio freeze, tens unit....pretty much anything that will take my mind off of it even for a little while. Some days, it helps, other day when I am tired, I simply wish i could just go to sleep. When the pain gets bad enough, I really want so badly to take an Aleve or go back on Celebrex. Then I read stories like yours and I remember that it could be even worse. I really hope that things get better for you and the ulcer improves for you and you get your health back.
  24. @@summerset You're realizing you're kind or rude here as well, right? If not, I've got news for you: you are, my dear. You can eat all the stuff you want and can cut out all the stuff you want. I don't care. If you want to believe in food magic, do so but stop throwing some wild theories (you would call that "nonsense" I supposed) about "not being able to lose weight because of being malnourished" like it's absolutely impossible to lose weight while being deficient in micronutrients. Of course obese people can be malnourished when it comes to micronutrients, everyone can, including people suffering from anorexia nervosa who obviously don't have any problems losing weight despite being malnourished. You said you ate about 3500 cals before surgery and are now maintaining on 1300-1400 cal - a difference of more than 2000 cals a days - but hey! Math is nonsense! It's all magic! It is very clear to me that you don't understand metabolic disease at all but you think you know everything. I might suggest reading up on it before giving your diet guidance to others. As of now, I don't care to argue or listen to your BS any longer so you will be one person that I simply block. I wish you all the best in your approach and hope you get happy and healthy.
  25. Djmohr

    Help! I ate real food!

    And sometimes people are just being a horses rear end... just sayin. I posted and asked for help because I was desperate. You have a great night. Sent from my SM-G900R4 using the BariatricPal App Yes, unfortunately people can be real jerks. I learned this the hard way when I posted my mistake, bad choice, whatever the F/#^ you wanna call it-like it matters. You should go on my page and see what was written. Everyone will come out of the woodwork pointing fingers. What some people seem to have forgotten is that we obviously all have issues with food (food addictions) or else we wouldn't be on this forum. Yes, I understand you're scared because yes, what u did was risky and dangerous but u know this already. It's not like you posted saying....."I ate solid food and I don't give a flying &^/#!" So it's obvious that u know what u did was dangerous and you don't need an extra critic in you're life ...you need a good support system. That's what we SHOULD be doing for you. Some of us do....I would say that the vast majority dont. Those people that dont, should really take a damn hike. When I did it I understood that it was a huge mistake, I understood the danger I put myself in (after the fact). I told my surgeon at my two week post op and he said I was fine. He said... If you aren't feeling pain, your BM is normal, you don't have a fever,not throwing up....you're fine. Don't let them send you through the ringer. You know your body best. If you feel fine....then you're probably fine. I was terrified to tell my surgeon but I'm glad I did because he said it was no big deal and I knew that I would 100% be okay.....but If I hadn't told him..... I'd still be okay. The choice is yours to make and yours alone. Go to my page and look at some of the things people wrote.....you'll be so suprised-or.maybe not since it looks like you've attracted some real rude ones here lol. Also, those who supported and encouraged me wrote some things that might help you get through this. Sent from my SM-G530T using BariatricPal mobile app Glad I am not a newbie taking your advice. This is just my opinion and I am positive you could care less, but just because it turned out ok for you doesn't mean it will for the next newbie who does it. This is a forum, and there are people who have been through this, some for many years. They are going to share experiences and concern when they see posts like this. Most folks responding her are concerned and asked her to contact her surgeon. No where did I see anyone be mean about it. Every post was trying to help her see that she might consider getting some help to deal with WHY, she did this because at this point, her tummy is likely fine but will it be the next time? or the time after that? It is clear that you don't care what others think when it doesn't agree with your point of view based on your vulgar responses. I am older with 2 grown boys and 2 teenage granddaughters. I certainly hope they are not as vulgar when trying to get their point across. I would wash their mouth out with soap.