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  1. Djmohr

    Sleep study

    Just wait until after surgery and you have lost some weight. You get to go back to the pulminologist and get tested to get off cpap or bipap. It has been the best year ever not having to lug that thing around with me. Once i started using it, it was difficult for me to give it up.
  2. At my first 6 months check up my B12 was too high but not too high to take me off. then at 12 months post op it was so high that they took me off for 6 months. B1 however was low which can be a problem so I started taking a B1 Vitamin in place of my B12. I think it takes time to regulate during weight loss.
  3. Djmohr

    Foodie Life Post-op

    @@Vinasu That is my kind of party! I will sometimes make my own little meat and cheese board for dinner. Of course there are always some raw veggies then too.
  4. It could be your nerves healing, it could even be some of what you are eating. There are certain foods that cause me to double over in stomach pain. For me it is really cold foods, my stomach just doesnt like anything that is icy cold or heavy. Give it time and just pay close attention to what triggers it. If it persists, call your surgeon.
  5. Djmohr

    EKG Anomalies

    I had it happen to me. Apparently my EKG showed an abnormality and they made me go do a nuclear stress test. UGH! The good news was it did not effect my surgery or timing at all. But it did make me feel safer going into surgery knowing my heart was ok. Hang in there and best of luck to you!
  6. Djmohr

    Foodie Life Post-op

    I was a definately foodie before and am still a foodie now. My tastes have simply changed and for the better. The first 4 to 6 months I was pretty limited in what I would tolerate but I am over two years post op now. Honestly I can eat whatever I want but i am super particular about what I eat. I love date night and enjoy trying new things. The good news is, I always have a lot of leftovers and hubby and I share things as well. Prior to surgery I would have a cocktail when going out, now I absolutely LOVE decent wine so I choose that as my drink with dinner which I ONLY do when i go out. The rest of the time, I follow the not drinking with my meal rule to a tee. Nothing passes these lips that doesnt taste good or makes me feel good. I figure, I can only eat so much so it damn well better be worth it. I also do restrict carbs and honestly i feel bad when I eat them so I choose to avoid them as much as possible. I also love to cook and cook differently than I once did. Instead of all the Pasta (I am Italian), I enjoy cooking delicious Proteins and veggie dishes. I still love food, its just different now.
  7. Djmohr

    Out of Surgery

    Every day will get a little better. Prayers for both you and your husband!
  8. Djmohr

    Got confused today re eating bugles ....

    @@Aggiemae Don't forget the Diet Coke......
  9. I am excited....My sweet granddaughter's birthday is thursday, she will be 13. She has been begging for a laptop for the last 1.5 years. She is an Apple kid and those darn laptops are expensive. Well, they went on sale sunday at Best Buy. Hubby and I decided it was time so we bought her a MacBook Air. We all told her that was not going to happen. The package arrived today in the mail but we wont let her open it until thursday. She is so excited, she has called me no less than 5 times tonight. I am excited for her.

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      I am sure the moment school is out she will be calling me again. Or the little smarty pants will call before school tomorrow morning when I am still sleeping. Haha.....

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      That's so awesome @Djmohr.

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      Happy birthday to her and continued happy grandparenting to you!

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  10. Djmohr


    @@Morgank For me it was about 6 weeks post op before the swelling went down enough to swallow a normal sized pill. I still cannot swallow pills that are too fat. Long is fine like tylenol but if they are fat, for some reason they get hung up (stuck). I have also had cervical fusion where they went through my throat so I am not certain if it is more about that. I had that fusion surgery 9 months after my RNY. It honestly could be that more than the bypass.
  11. Djmohr

    Diet Coke

    Not sure why you are asking if it is ok.... Your doctor already told you isn't and I am not so sure I would be doing anything I am not supposed to at 14 days post op. My recommendation is that you follow your doctors orders and not your friends advice. But I am guessing you are looking for someone to tell you its ok. I am not going to do that.
  12. Djmohr

    My Butt.....

    @@Alex Brecher He is a cool dude and a keeper!
  13. Well, my sweet darling husband keeps trying to pinch my behind. When I ask him why, He says its funny because he can't and he says that my butt looks like a sharpei doggy...... When I look in the mirror, I think....he is right!
  14. Djmohr


    The first week or so it is sometimes difficult to get all of your fluids in, when that happens you will be nauseous and a little weak. If you keep sipping it will get better. The only issue i deal with is constipation and my doctor gave me a prescription for linzess. It works fantastic.
  15. absolutely......not fun either.
  16. Djmohr


    I was not allowed bread/toast of any kind until i was about 8 weeks post op and then you can have it but they suggested I didnt because toast is pretty much empty calories. Turned out, my stomach did not tolerate toast until i was about 5 months post op and even then it had to be toasted really well.
  17. Djmohr

    I'm back home :)

    Congratulation and welcome home! The discomfort will get a little better everyday and before you know it things will become normal for you. Sip like crazy, it is the dehydration that always makes us ill after getting home.
  18. Djmohr

    Premiere Roadkill

    I dont use any Protein powder but i have been using Premier Protein ready made shake for more than 2 years now. I dont smell them at all and although they are not perfect, they are the best Protein Drink i have used and I have tried them all. For me, I just dont tolerate the powders.
  19. Djmohr

    Long Night....

    On Sunday's we usually go to my 87 year old Father N Law's house to watch Packer football and spend some time with him. Then we take him grocery shopping after the game. Yesterday while in the car, my brother N law calls to tell us that Jim's sister walked into the ER yesterday morning. She was feeling like crap for a couple of days and it was getting worse. They took one look at her and knew she was in trouble. She suffers from chronic pain and takes alot of pain medication. We have been after her years because she takes too much and does not follow doctors orders. Well, they quickly did some tests and determined she was in complete liver failure. When they did the toxicology tests, they determined she had massive amounts of acetaminophen in her system. To the point where they thought she tried to commit suicide. She walked in at 11am, by 6:00pm she was no longer coherent and at 9pm last night they put her on life support. She is also a type 1 diabetic and was dealing with ketoacidosis, brain swelling and her kidneys had 0 output so they put her on dialysis. She was dark yellow and her face and body were swollen to the point where neither my husband and I did not recognize her. We only knew it was her because her husband was in the room. It was very scary and sad. They gave her a 10% chance of making it through the night but said if she did, they would put her through the process to get a liver transplant. So today, they have a team of doctors assessing her to determine whether or not she will qualify. We are currently taking it hour by hour at this point in time. I have to say I prayed last night as hard as one could not only for her but Dad, Brother and husband. All of them are in shock that taking too much acetaminophen can do this. I do not know if they will approve her for a new liver or not or if her body could even survive the surgery at this point. Having chronic pain myself, I get why she took so much. You will do anything to get out of pain. I learned my lesson when i was told all the medications i was taking took a toll on my kidneys and ended up with stage 3 kidney disease. I have learned to deal with my pain in other ways, some days it works, some days not so much. I read so much about people in chronic pain and see so much on forums regarding people taking more pain medication than they should. A tylenol overdose can happen to anyone and i am here to tell you it is a horrible thing to have your liver failure. A team of doctors and administrators literally decide your fate. The decision is not as simple as "yes, i will do a transplant" - someone decides for you. We are praying that she gets through this and if she does, she will be able to follow the very strict instructions of living life after liver transplant. Following instructions on medications.
  20. It is normal to be anxious about this. I would say if you are concerned with all the changes to your body, you might just want to take the time to make absolutely positive that this is something you want to do. The surgery is no big deal, it is learning a whole new way of life that takes most of your energy and the first few months while figuring it all out can be stressful. But, for me it is absolutely worth it!
  21. There are so many factors that lead into this. Amount of weight you have to lose, age, genetics..... The reason you have not seen alot of responses is because it is near impossible to go from morbid obesity to not having loose sagging skin. The more you have to lose, the more it is an issue. The younger you are, the better off you are but even then, genetics can play a huge role. I wish there were better news but, I will say the loose hanging skin is way better than all the fat. The scars from plastics are far better than the loose hanging skin. And I will say, having plastics is much tougher surgery than WLS. It is a different kind of pain and takes alot longer to recover. I am headed into my next plastics on Jan 19th. It will go 7.5 to 8 hours and although I am looking forward to the results, I am not looking forward to the recovery at all.
  22. Djmohr

    Christmas Decorations

    Yay! Glad to hear you found the exact piece it needed. Speaking of minimalists......Since moving out of my big gorgeous 3800 SF home 2 years ago into a tiny 1300 SQ apartment, I simply am vetoing any major decorating for any holiday. It makes me feel like a scrooge but oh well! We have this small beautifully lit fully decorated tree that we used to use on one of our foyer tables and that is what we use for a christmas tree. I hate this place so much that i have one painting up in the whole place and only because it fits well on the fireplace. I am looking forward to when hubby and I head to the Las Vegas area. Unfortunately that would mean my father N law has passed away so for now, we put up with the small cramped space.
  23. Everyone's plan is different. Mine states that I had to have had a complete mastectomy in order to get coverage. So far, nothing has been covered and my pannus reached my pubic bone. 39 days and counting......
  24. Djmohr

    Long Night....

    Update: We had a bit of a set back yesterday. They tried to get her off the ventilator yesterday. After an hour of struggling terribly to breathe on her own, they had to put the tube back in. She said it felt like there was an elephant sitting on her chest. They left the port in for the chest tube and drained alot of Fluid off her lungs last night. Two steps forward, once step back. She is again sedated and just trying to survive one day at a time. Thanks for your thoughts and preachers everyone!
  25. Djmohr


    Is the binder for post plastics?