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  1. Thanks for sharing. I thought it was a good article and very interesting.
  2. Djmohr

    Thank you SO much!

    @@Tayfusion304 Congratulations! I know so many of us struggle with which surgery to have. I originally was going to get the sleeve as well and it was recommended that I have RNY instead given my issues with reflux. I can honestly say I have never been sorry for making that decision. Best of luck to you on your upcoming surgery!
  3. Djmohr

    Slow weight loss?

    I would kill for just a couple of pounds per month right now......I need to take off 7 that I gained over the holidays. UGH!
  4. @@LittleBill Hahahahahaha! Love it!
  5. I promise.....it is worth the wait! LOL......I thought I would lose my mind. It took 9 months to the day from the very first class to the day i got into the operating room. As frustrating as it is, it is absolutely positively worth it! Best of luck to all of you!
  6. Djmohr

    TT & BL on November 21!

    @@_Kate_ I think there are a few of us having plastics in January. My TT, breast lift with augmentation is 3 weeks from today. Everyday I get a little more nervous. Having had brachioplasty in July, I struggled with burning, searing and itching for 3 straight weeks before it stopped. We beleive I had an allergy to the mesh bandages which are glued on. I do have allergies with some adhesives so it makes sense. This time we are going to use a different solution and hopefully that itching will not be as bad. I cannot imagine what it will feel like if my nipples itch like that. I literally took cat naps for 3 weeks. As soon as they removed the mesh, the itching stopped. I slept with ice packs on both arms for many weeks. I am very nervous but at the same time so excited to get rid of this gross hanging skin on my tummy and looking forward to getting my girls back. LOL. When is your surgery? Mine is 1/19
  7. Djmohr

    Coughing post-op. Any tips?

    The only option is to hold a pillow firmly in place.
  8. Djmohr

    No Hairloss?

    If it happens it usually hits around 10 to 12 weeks post op and will continue through the massive weight loss phase. It might be a little soon to tell for some of you at this point. Also, you might be one of the lucky ones that does have any. I will say that I lost nearly 2/3 of my hair from month 2 to month 13. I did not have bald spots but my hair was thin. While I was losing it, new hairs were popping up all over. I can honestly say that my hair is as thick if not thicker than it was before surgery. In fact my stylist swears it is significantly thicker. Also the texture changed and I went from some body in my hair to very curly hair. To the point where it is difficult to straighten it......
  9. Djmohr

    Buyers Remorse?

    Much of what you are feeling is happening because of the significant change in hormones, it will get better with time. That being said, you should not be having significant pain at this stage. Most people are completely off pain medications within a few days post op. What kind of pain are you having at this point? You might be having a complication such as a stricture. Have you called your surgeons office?
  10. Djmohr

    New here and preop for rny

    Welcome and congratulations on taking the steps to get healthy. What a great way to start your new year! I am an RNYer as well. I am almost 28 months post op. I lost all of my excess weight 152lbs in all. Almost half of me! I am much healthier than I have been in many many years. About to go through a second set of plastics in a couple of weeks and I am excited. I will be having a tummy tuck, breast lift with augmentation. I am ready now to get rid of all the loose skin! Best of luck to you on your upcoming surgery. It was the best thing I have ever done for myself.
  11. Djmohr

    Should I be upset?

    I know this is never easy however you made your decision to move forward with WLS. I had to get used to the fact that others would be eating foods that I couldn't and certainly shouldn't have. So, my point of view is that you should not be upset with them for making that choice. Many times they offer you some because it is the nice thing to do. That being said, you might ask them not to offer it to you given it is not on your eating plan. You will have to grow a thick skin on this because the further out you are from surgery, the more tempting indulging in those things will become. Best of luck to you!
  12. From personal experience, the roughest part for me is the racing heart and heart palpitations. It makes you feel generally crappy for a few hours and then it all settles down.
  13. @@Brightbabyblues Wow! What a great story. I am so happy that your doctor chose and pushed you forward. You can only imagine what could have happened. You have an angel watching over you! Congratulations on making it through the surgery and the first few weeks. Every day gets better!
  14. Djmohr


    I am sorry to hear that you are having some trouble with support from your family and friends. That being said, having someone (even a paid for caregiver) will absolutely work for you. After the first day, I was home alone by myself. You might prepare yourself for larger changes with your hubby though. I am not sure I would have tolerated an unsupportive person in my household. You work way to hard to have someone undermine your progress. I wish you the best of luck with your surgery and am hoping you find someone that can help you through the first couple of days.
  15. @@gowalking No offense taken whatsoever. I have seriously walked into a room full of people who know me and they did not know me. I had to tell them who I was so i get it. I have learned to have my husband with me these days because if he is with me, they sometimes make the connection. Even then, he has had someone pull him aside and ask where his wife is. LOL. I am ok with it.
  16. Djmohr

    To eat....or not to eat?!?

    Honestly like you i had no feeling of hunger for quite some time. In fact if I got off track, i would completely forget to eat and to drink. So, i began starting an alarm and eating to a schedule. I would measure my food and try my best to eat what was being asked of me but most times i could not even get that down. So, I focused on Water because I knew it was the number 1 priority.
  17. Djmohr

    Gastric Bypass

    At 3 days post op I was on Clear Liquids but i remember this feeling of being bloated almost. It was hard to drink what I was being asked to drink. I sipped like crazy for many weeks. Once you get to the pureed stage, you should start to feel a little different.
  18. Djmohr

    I'm freaking starving.

    @@LipstickLady If your ass is old......I am not even sure what to call mine. LOL.... old and wrinkly.... Wish I could say it was as cute as these wrinkly little puppies...
  19. @@theantichick I really wish I could reach through my IPad and hug you!!!! I swear I could not stop shaking my head yes yes yes.....what she said! Thank YOU so much for taking the time. It would be great if we copy and paste this everytime someone does something crazy their first few days, weeks post op. I appreciate that you get it and are helping others!
  20. Djmohr

    I'm freaking starving.

    @@LipstickLady I know, I read the whole thing. I was referring to the name calling that the OP started with. It is absolutely ridiculous. The whole thing was just crazy and she would not stop.
  21. It will get better and it will take practice. That pain in your chest is usually caused by either drinking too fast or gulping air. then of course it doesnt go away until you burp which can also be painful. Try taking slower smaller sips but more frequently. down the road as you heal you will be able to drink more faster with no problem. Burps however stick cause me pain when they happen which is very rarely.
  22. Djmohr

    Well i did it

    Congratulations! It really does get easier.
  23. Djmohr

    I'm freaking starving.

    I have been gone for a couple of days simply popping in and out and missed this rather interesting chain. I almost felt like I was back on my Jr. High School playground with the name calling. Yes, I am over 50 too......so maybe that is why I found the name calling absolutely ridiculous. Lets hope that part of this post is over. Sometimes people read tone in these posts. I know this because i myself have done it but I have learned that if something really irritates me, that I take a break before responding. I reread the post and try to give the poster the benefit of the doubt. Then other times it is clear that a poster is trying to get some drama going. At the end of the day this was about someone who was struggling with head hunger, which for me has never gone away. It is important to recognize it, give them advice on what can be done to settle it down and offer them support. The only thing that works for me in regards to head hunger is distraction and sticking to a high Protein, lower carb, well balanced meal plan. It keeps you full longer and can get your head out of all the stuff that can slow or stop weight loss. I have even learned in the maintenance phase that if i give in to too many carbs, the head hunger really does get worse. Plus honestly eating alot of carbs makes me feel really crappy and I mean physically. Name calling is absolutely not supportive. Let's not scare people away who need support. Just my two cents......
  24. Djmohr

    Incisions Itching

    @@trekker954 Incision itching is perfectly normal as it is a part of healing. You mentioned that your arms itched all over, that is usually a sign of dehydration for us. It takes alot more fluids to keep those of us who had WLS fully hydrated. If you notice your skin is itching try drinking alot of Water or sf non carbonated beverages. It will definitely help.