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  1. Congratulations on your weight loss! You are amazing! Good luck on the next phase of your journey, keep us posted!
  2. Djmohr

    1 month 1 week post op

    I am 5 weeks out as of Monday and down 35 lbs today. I thought I was do fantastic! That is almost a lb per day which I believe to be on track with where you should be. You have to remember it took years to get to this size, it is going to take some time for it to come off.
  3. Djmohr

    Almost cried today

    Honestly, the blood pressure cuff things is one of the things I look forward to solving the most! It is right up there with airplane seat belts for me. I unfortunately was blessed with my grandmothers arms as we call them. They are and have been very large and I am always arguing gently with nurses about the best way to get an accurate blood pressure read on me. They never seem to want to believe that their cuff and machine simply is not going to get it so therefore they always want to try at least twice before moving to my lower arm.nand by the way, it actually hurts sometimes! Anyway, I think I will do the dance of joy when I lose enough weight to have my bat wings removed permanently. I know I have a long way to go but I am going to be dancing! Good luck on your surgery!
  4. Thanks so much for all of the great tips! I appreciate it. The good news is, we NEVER did buffets to begin with so we will be ok there and will be staying away. You guys gave me a lot of ideas to consider and I am sure I will be able to power through this. I have a mini run to Milwaukee coming up on the 6th of November so we will see how I do then. It will be my first trip away from home. Thanks again for the advice. I have great will power so I am not worried about that.
  5. I will be 7 weeks post op from my gastric bypass when my husband and I head out to Las Vegas in mid November. We are both on vacation and hunting for a home out there for 10 days which is the longest we have ever been there. I moved to the soft food stage last week and I am doing very well with most foods on the plan although eggs and I are having a love hate relationship. I love them, depending on how I eat them, they hate me. I am a little concerned about eating out that much while I am in Vegas and I am looking for some tips. My nutritionist suggested taking protein shakes and even some quest bars to ensure I keep up my protein. I do not eat beans of any kind, I just cannot get them down. Does anyone have some tips for eating out in restaurants at this stage? Seems crazy with what little i can eat to order meals. I am guessing you all have some experience with this? Thanks so much!
  6. They are calling it soft foods but I am able to eat fish, chicken, turkey even beef although my pouch does not seem to like beef just yet. Everything needs to be very moist, cut up small and chewed to applesauce consistency. I am just eating such a tiny amount that I cannot even imagine what I would order with the exception of breakfast. Someone said try sticking to the appetizer menu for proteins if they are available, like chicken wings.
  7. Djmohr

    Quest Bars?

    Thanks for all the great advice! I am 4 weeks post op and I am going on a 10 day vacation and very nervous about eating during that time. I am concerned about getting proper protein for my meals. My nutritionist told me to find some good protein bars to bring along just in case I had a hard time finding a good protein option for a meal. When I read this yesterday, I immediately ordered several to take with me to try.
  8. Shakopee, Minnesota My surgeon is Dr. Charles Svenson
  9. Djmohr

    Off the wagon

    I am so sorry to hear that you are struggling. However, 73lbs is a fantastic accomplishment so stop beating your self up! You have come so far in such a short amount of time. Be proud of how far you have come even through the hurdles of a non supportive spouse. If this app helped you in the beginning it is time to come back and talk to your friends here. I am very new to this site and already have found so much help and support here. I really hope that you continue your journey and don't let nothing or no one stand your way. If you need anyone to talk with feel free to reach out and friend me. Good Luck!
  10. Congratulations for making to this stage! I promise it will be worth it. The first 2 days are the worst, I remember I kept telling myself to keep my eye on the prize. I am now 4 weeks post op. I have lost 32 lbs. since my day of surgery and several more on that pre-op diet. Stay motivated and shrink your liver. It will make for a very safe procedure and a speedy recovery. Good luck to you all. Keep your eye on the prize. It is worth the effort!
  11. Hi there. I am just 30 days out of surgery as well. I am down 32 lbs since my day of surgery. I lost 20 in the first 2 weeks and now I am losing about 5 per week. I just finished puréed foods and moved to soft foods so I am guessing that will certainly make a difference.
  12. I had gastric bypass almost 4 weeks ago and like you struggled with this decision. It became very clear after meeting with both my surgeon and a gastroenterologist. Gerd and my type 2 diabetes was the deciding factor. I am glad I made this decision, I left the hospital without meds for diabetes, today I was removed from all germ meds and cholesterol meds. I have lost 36 lbs since 9/19 when I started the liquid diet pre-op. I also suffer terribly from migraines, normally I have 3/4 per week. I have not had 1 since I started the liquid diet. First time in 20 years! Wahoo!!!!
  13. Yes, I have had a lot of hair loss but fortunately have a lot of hair to begin with. I was told not to worry until 6 months post op. Of course this is not my first major surgery so I know what to expect from that perspective. Also the extreme weight loss loss and protein will be the double whammy. It is important that you ensure you get your protein levels up. My medical team does not have me taking anything for hair loss though.
  14. It really does sound strange but I could care less if I ever eat again. I eat so little and it takes me a long time. I am only 3.5 weeks post surgery and I have absolutely no appetite. I only eat because if I don't I feel tired and weak and I know my body needs protein. I actually have to watch cooking shows to give myself a bit of an appetite. Is that strange? Anyway, I found walking, crafting and spending time with my hubby much more fun than all the cooking I used to do. Although I do get very tired later in the day. Hoping that gets better!
  15. Djmohr

    October Surgery Date

    Congratulations and good luck! Hope you have a speedy recovery.
  16. Glad to hear you are going to see your son! And that you are going to stay home. I am 3 weeks post op from gastric bypass and I have to tell you, I cannot imagine going anywhere for dinner two weeks out. I still am tired in the afternoon. Hopefully your son will be happy that you made a positive change that is going to extend your life and will be very supportive! I know mine is. I am Italian and a very good cook and my family comes over to my house every Sunday for dinner. I have not cooked for them since starting my pre op diet on Sept. 19th. Even my hubby started Jenny Craig in support of my journey until I get through this first phase. The last two Sunday's I started making light Sunday suppers for them but it is a change for them too! So far they are missing my usual cooking but they are going to have to get used to it. I know they will, and I know I can deliver much healthier versions of my cooking. In terms of Milk, I found out right away that I was lactose intolerant however lactaid is an excellent choice and it is delicious and sits very light in your tummy. If you should have that problem give it a try. You will know right away. Good luck and have a fabulous Thanksgiving!
  17. Djmohr


    I am 3 weeks post op today and was having some of the same problems you are describing. Everything felt so heavy in my tummy. I first realized that regular milk was part of my problem and switched to lactose free skim milk. Then switched over to premier protein shakes. We started mixing 4 oz. of premier protein shakes with 4 oz of lactose free milk and I can finally get 2 of those down me a day along with 2 puréed meals. I am still having trouble drinking more than 40 oz. of water but doing the best I can. I have not been able do much with puréed meats at all. Mostly egg, cottage cheese, yogurt. Justing doing the best I can. Love the premier Potein shakes! They actually taste fabulous! I moved my vitamin to later at night.
  18. I agree, I lost 9lbs in 10 days on my pre op liquid diet. I was only allowed to drink sugar free carnation instant breakfast drinks with skim milk up to 5 times a day. Chicken/ beef broth, sugar free Jello and sugar free Popsicles. I could only have the Protein shakes the first 9 days, on the last day, I was only allowed Clear liquids. The first 3 days are the worst but I actually got to a point where I could not even drink 5 of those protein shakes a day. I would check with your nutritionist first!
  19. It is sad to know their are physicians out there that continue to be unsupportive when it comes to weight loss surgery. Thankfully I have had nothing but a supportive team when it came to making my my decision. I am so sorry to hear that others continue to get such poor advice . Please make sure you take the time to go to a reputable center of excellence class and learn about your options before letting someone scare you into making the wrong decision for you personally. I did a lot of research before making my decision to have gastric bypass surgery and I am only 3 weeks post op, and already I know that it is the best decision I could have made for myself. Educate yourself, gift yourself that gift.
  20. Well you both make me feel better. I too am 3 weeks post op. I have learned to wait a couple o hours before even trying to put anything in my tummy in the a.m. I feel great until late afternoon and then I get really behind and cannot keep up with everything they want me to eat and drink. I am having a very hard time with the texture of puréed meats. I just have not been able tolerate any of them. They sit in my tummy forever. I have lost 28 lbs in 3 weeks so that feels good but I am hoping I can do a better job of getting my protein in. I also am have learned that I cannot tolerate lactose and we finally found a protein shake and lactose free milk that is working for me. And, it tastes good too!