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    Help! Post-op pain control

    @@Annieof2 I too have multiple medicine allergies and now that I have had bypass, nsaids are completely out of the question. I also have stage 3 kidney disease in addition so surgeons are careful with me when it comes to medications of any kind. I used to give myself shots of torridol as a rescue drug for migraine and I can no longer use that either. I don't think it is unreasonable given your allergies that you know the plan ahead of time. In fact, I would insist on it. If it helps any, for me the bypass was not what I would call painful. There was discomfort. For the two days i was in hospital, they gave me liquid vicodin because I am allergy to percocet and NSAIDS were immediately off the table. I can take vicodin or even dilaudid if the pain is really severe but I honestly did not need it for this surgery. The only time they gave me that was in the recovery room when i woke up and my chest was hurting but once that was under control, that pain never came back. I took liquid vicodin 3 times per day, then went home. I took it one more day and by day 4 i was on liquid Tylenol. That stuff is horrible to drink after having stomach surgery because I think it has alcohol in it. I found that simply avoiding all of it made me feel better. Any kind of pain reliever was actually more of a problem than what it was worth. I used a heating pad and chewable gas x which helped with the gas pains when your bowels start working again. I walked the gas off that they use for surgery, honestly the pain medications did not help that discomfort anyway. I do have a high tolerance for pain but I have seen many many many posters like me that just did not have a great amount of pain. The gas is the worst part and meds really dont help with that. Lots of Water, walking, heat and gas x is the only thing that helps. Let me know if you have questions. I would be happy to help.
  2. Sorry to say, never for me. I always have to be thinking about what I am eating, how fast i am eating it, how often i am eating. In maintenance for me it has become even more critical because I am always concerned about regain. It is easy to do, 1 lb becomes 2, and before you know it you have gained 5....and so on. Also, I might add that it always has to be discussed when going to the doctor and you need to be well educated. Most general doctors dont know enough about how those of us with different digestive systems need to be treated. When I changed insurance companies my bariatric team is no longer covered so my general doctor had to take over completely and I have had to get information from my old team just to educate her enough to order the right tests and monitor my nutrition which is absolutely critical for a bypass patient. You do get used to it, for me it is a whole new way of life and took hold almost before my surgery. It just becomes the way that it is.
  3. @@mrsNilla Congratulations on getting your surgery!
  4. @@LykaCory The reason you are so nauseous is likely you are severly dehydrated. It can make you very sick and 12oz of Water is not nearly enough. Call your doctors office, they can give you an IV of fluids and you will feel better. Also ask for zofran which will help with the nausea. But, in the end you must must must get liquids in your body or the vicious circle will continue. By the way, this is the #1 problem after gastric surgeries. Best of luck to you!
  5. @@Melanie89 See, trust me....it was not two pounds of fat. It was Water retention. Happens all the time and will continue to happen. It is just the way it works.
  6. Djmohr

    3 1/2 weeks post-op, vomiting every day

    I would call your surgeons office again. I do know that sometimes RNY patients need to take a step back and go more slowly. Other than that, I know some folks develop a stricture that can cause some of this. Dont be afraid to call them as much as you need to. Sorry you are feeling so badly.
  7. @@LipstickLady Ok, Now i am going to have to order that. Just looking at the picture made me happy happy happy! Thank YOU!
  8. Djmohr

    My Fingernails are Growing

    My hair came back in thicker, curlier and much healthier as well. My stylist cannot believe how thick my hair is now.
  9. @@khuuxo I would be surprised if most people did not feel that way but the thing is, you have to be realistic. Not sure when your surgery was but when is the last time you lost this much weight this fast? You are doing fantastic!!! Slow and steady wins the race. I was a slow loser. It took me 18 months to lose all of my excess weight. I lost 152lbs. The first 100 came off over 9 months, then next 52 seemed like it took forever....another 9 months. When i think about it now, it was sooooo fast! My brain did not even have enough time to catch up with my body.
  10. @@Melanie89 Stir fried veggies are just fine, maybe back off the seasoning a bit. You might find that helps with Water retention or drink more water in between to flush the salt out. Best of luck to you!
  11. @@LipstickLady I live for cheese! I dont think i could live without it. Then again I live in Wisconsin. I eat cheese daily and i eat full fat cheese, sausage, bacon, and many other lean meats. I also use butter. My son scolded me last week for ordering some cheeses from Sweet Grass Dairy in Atlanta Georgia. LOL.....He scolded me because we live in cheese head land. The thing is there are a few cheeses from that dairy that I absolutely love and cannot live without. If not for the fact that hubby is taking me out for date night tonight, I would be having some cheese for dinner tonight. It definately helps me maintain. I probably eat too much for weight loss but then again, I am in Maintenance so i am ok.
  12. If there was booze in the pie it is possible. LOL! It takes very little alcohol for me to actually feel drunk. Like I cannot drive drunk.......really drunk. Sugar, no......I just feel really crappy if i eat something with too much sugar. I had a very small piece of wedding cake at my friends sons wedding. It had a boozy chocolate mousse in it. I did not get drunk but could seriously feel the liquor.
  13. @@Melanie89 Do you use soy sauce in that stir fry? If so, that right there might be your problem. Even if it is the low sodium kind and you are using your seasoning. The important thing to remember is to drink tons of Water then the salt doesnt matter. In fact, I was told to increase my salt intake because of how much water I drink. It caused me to have low blood pressure. I am guessing the stir fry was alot of salt for you.
  14. Djmohr

    Brick oven veg pizza

    @@asantiago My personal opinion but if you are going to try it, i would make sure there is some type of Protein vs just veggies and carbs. I do eat thin crust pizza every once in a while and I mean cracker thin crust. I do make sure there is alot of meat and of course it is not the most healthiest of meals. BBQ chicken pizza.......
  15. @@Hammer_Down Thank YOU! I was beginning to think I was alone here in this point of view. I have to say I learned so much through the diet yo yo phase of my life and now after bariatric surgery. I wish I could turn back the clock to when I started yo yo dieting because it was my downfall for sure. I think if I knew what I know now, I would have had bypass surgery in my late 20s. Before I did all this damage to my body. But, in the end I am just glad I did it, glad I lost all of my excess weight and most importantly glad that I now know how to eat healthy while still enjoying food.
  16. Djmohr

    Curves after bypass

    @@tasha_kelo I am sorry to say that yes, I lost my curves. I am happy to say that I lost all of my excess weight and although i no longer have a butt and my breasts sag, I am healthy and happy. I think my figure is more of a boy shape now. So, I have chosen to remove all the loose skin. I had an arm lift in July, will have an abdominalplasty and breast lift with augmentation in January. Then I am sure I will do something about my butt and thighs. I literally have no rear. Hubby tries to pinch it and literally cannot pinch anything. We do laugh about it. For me, getting healthy was the most important thing and I did that very quickly.
  17. @@Melanie89 It is likely just Water retention. Have you had too much salt? I literally was a daily weigher all through the weight loss phase. If i had anything salty the day before I could expect a couple pound swing the next day or two. Especially if i did not hit my water goals for that day. Also, it can be hormones. I survived the daily weigh ins by literally telling myself to not get upset at my scale because your weight will fluctuate from day to day. I honestly paid no attention to the 1 or 2lb swings either way until they remained that way for 3 or 4 days. Meaning if the scale told me I lost a pound, I did not count it until that pound was gone for good for at least 3 days, same thing with gains. You definately DID NOT gain 2 lbs for real so try not to worry. Some people stay off the scale if it really gets to them. I had to do it once after a month of no movement whatsoever. I just stayed off for a week and then wham, i started losing again. Best of luck to you!
  18. Wow! People are testing my patients today. Good thing I have them.

    1. highfunctioningfatman


      My day for testing too. I'm trying to get an order to a patient that a hospital ordered but the hospital can't get the order correct. One would think that after 4 phone calls telling them that I still need the same missing information that someone would get me what I need. Nope! Grrrrr!

    2. Djmohr


      Good thing my apple watch tells me to breathe!! LOL

  19. Djmohr

    Eat whatever you want?

    @@redheadjo Your best chance of success is making good choices. 90% of having weight loss surgery is a head game, 10% the surgery. Especially after the honeymoon period. I personally believe the longer you have to prepare yourself (like you are), the better chance you have of long term success. I exercise very minimally at this point, I wish i could do more. For the first 9 months i exercised 1 hour 5 times per week. As I lost more weight, I began to have more issues with my spine. 9 months after bypass I had a 3 level cervical fusion and my hour a day cardio came to a screeching halt. That was my 6th back surgery since 2001. 5 months later i had my 7th. And yes, I am still having alot of trouble with my mid back. I guess fusing your lumbar and neck ultimately causes trouble with your mid back which is now wearing and extraordinarily painful. So, I have to control my weight with food and do what i can. I had 9 months to prepare for post bypass life and I am thankful now, at the time i thought it sucked to have to wait that long. I believe that for me, that time allowed me to prepare and have a better chance. I ended up losing all of my excess weight and I had to do the last with pretty much diet alone. You should do well! Keep the right mind frame and know that it really is all about choices.
  20. @@redheadjo I know this can be frustrating but really it is helping you. Your body takes breaks and is probably fighting the loss but if you stick to the plan, your liver will shrink enough and you will lose weight. Also, the liquid diet helps you detox from all of the carbs/sugars and it really does make it easier to deal with the diet you will follow the rest of your life. If it makes you crazy, I suggest staying off the scale. also....i am sorry to say if it is making you crazy in pre-op, you might want to consider not weighing at all post op either. Initially you will gain back most everything you lose the week of surgery and then there will be many stalls along the way. Keep your eye on the prize and try not to worry about the scale. Best of luck to you!
  21. Djmohr

    Pet peeve: extra skin.

    @@Christina.Rose Did you read your original post where you called people liars? Pot/Kettle......just saying.
  22. Djmohr

    Eat whatever you want?

    I am with @@Babbs on this one. I have to be very careful or i start to gain a few pounds. I am two years out and cannot eat whatever I want as I am not active enough. So, I play the 90/10 rule, watch the scale and how i feel and plan for those 10% days. Unfortunately i think monitoring what i eat and how much i eat will be a lifelong worry for me because like you, I am terrified of regain. I like where I am at and would like to stay here for the rest of my life. Your friend may be more active than you think? Not sure about this but if i ate and drank what you described, I would gain weight, especially if I did it regularly. Best of luck to you!
  23. Djmohr

    Pet peeve: extra skin.

    I can honestly say that when i had WLS it was 100% because of my health. My kidneys were failing and I was headed for dialysis and possibly a transplant down the road. My nephrologist suggested WLS knowing that I had been trying to lose weight on my own for years. I was also 51 when I had my surgery and the concern was losing and keeping it off to give my kidneys a break. Never once did it occur to me that I would lose all of my excess weight nor did i care even a little about what i would look like after. Not until the 3 month mark did it even occur to me that I would care. Once the fat was gone, I started to feel fantastic. My kidney function was better, no more diabetes, high blood pressure, severe GERD, sleep apnea. My knees and feet no longer hurt. I could walk for miles and miles.....after only about 3 months! What people dont realize is how that extra skin makes a person feel. The possibility of looking as good as you feel finally begins to hit you. (It takes a while because your brain needs time to catch up with your body) You are finally at goal but now the extra skin is pulling on you and it is ugly so plastics then enters your head. I get it you are 30, you probably do not have the health issues many other morbidly obese patients have so you can not relate. And i totally understand your concern about loose skin because I am living it and would not want to be as young as you are and know that it will happen. But, all that being said. I NEVER EVER thought about having WLS for any other reason than my health issues. Getting thin and now caring about how I look came after i realized that I could lose all my weight and not only be healthier but look halfway decent too. Please dont assume that everyone who has had WLS is doing it for non health reasons. It simply is not true.
  24. Djmohr

    Pet peeve: extra skin.

    @@mariernest It depends on the city you live in. I live in Wisconsin and had my brachioplasty done in July. The cost was 5950.00 and I went home the same day. In January, I am having a full abdominalplasty, breast lift with augmentation. Two nights in the hospital (my choice) and the cost is 16,800.00. The two nights in the hospital will cost 500.00 per night and that is included in the price. I am choosing to do that to take the scary part off my husband. I have seen costs in larger cities go way up in price. My surgeon is double board certified and am very happy with her. I am now wondering what it will cost to do a neck lift. I would see her partner for that and I am not ready to even really think about it yet. I want to get through this big surgery first.
  25. Djmohr

    Kicking Sweets..

    The only thing that works for me is detoxing from them and then avoiding. If I eat sweets, I will crave them and dealing with the cravings are much worse that simply avoiding them altogether. The thing that did it for me was the pre op liquid diet. Once I got off the sweets I did not care about them. I have since let small amounts back in and have to be very careful. My sweet of choice is dark chocolate.