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    Plastic Surgery in Mexico

    Yes there is a new recovery house and the hospital is hospital CER which specializes is bariatric and plastic surgery patients.
  2. bellabloom

    Low BMI sleevers... results?

    I guess it depends on what your willing to go through to lose weight and how important it really is to you. At a bmi of 30 you're not going to convince me you have major life threatening health problems that you need to have this huge body altering operation to resolve. I'm not judging. I've had wls. I had a bmi of 38. I stuffed my pockets with weights to qualify lol. I lost 120 lbs. Did it resolve how I felt about my self image? No. That took a lot of therapy. Did it resolve my back issues? No. That took exercise. Did it free me from yo yo dieting and having to count calories And go on diets and be hungry? Nope. That took eating disorder therapy and learning how to eat correctly. The effects of this surgery in terms of restriction are temporary. Eventually you can eat again. Count on it. All it will do is give you a break from having to try so hard and get you kick started towards weight loss. It's not magic. And it does not last. What does last are the effects of having your stomach removed. Dumping lasts. Having difficulty eating things lasts. For me frequent vomiting and pain has lasted. That said.. would I do it again? Yes. I had a huge amount of weight I wanted to lose. It was overwhelming. There was no way I could accept myself at my high weight. I was at rock bottom. The surgery forced me to get treatment for my issues- my disordered eating and my self imagine and boundary problems. It leveled my life and took me to the core of my problems. But I had to give up dieting in the end to get healthy and I had to get away from any kind of disordered food restrictions. And now I have to live with my issues physically. At a 30 bmi, my opinion, is you are WAY BETTER OFF getting therapy for disordered eating and losing weight in a sustainable way because this surgery is not one. My prediction is if you do the surgery you will lose weight and in one or two years end up regaining and again struggling and in exactly the same place except even more frightened of weight and obsessed with food and insecure. If you do take surgery as your option, please take my advice, which come from a good and experienced place - seek therapy for your food and self image issues throughout. I also want to say, being overweight is not ugly, it is not a crime, and does not say anything negative about you. Neither does choosing weight loss surgery. Losing weight is hard and it's hard to live in this world where we are judged so harshly. Weight loss surgery can be well worth it. In my case, it was. Just know it comes at a COST.
  3. Wow!! Great results. Glad you are happier. That's what counts
  4. bellabloom

    Before and After Pics

    I don't mind. Ask me anything you want. It took about 9 months for me to hit 118. I believe I lost 2-3 lbs a week steady.
  5. bellabloom

    Will anyone see me?

    Well I think, from reading your profile, that you seem like a fun and sweet person with a lot to offer. The right woman will see that. Be encouraged!! Saying what you want in a partner won't turn women off. It's good to state those things. Complimenting a woman on her smile is always a good way to go. Definitely don't make comments about her body .... but a smile or saying she looks fun... interesting... joyful.... women like that. Don't give up. Just keep being yourself and going for what makes you happy. The right one is out there.
  6. bellabloom

    Before and After Pics

    Here are some of mine [emoji4] I went from 240 ish to 128ish now. Not really sure what I weigh exactly cause I stopped caring. I'm 5'6 and I wear a size 0-4 depending... I can run about five miles without getting tired. That's the best thing to me.
  7. bellabloom

    Will anyone see me?

    Okay! Great. Your pictures are great and the comments on them are funny and endearing. You are 100% cute and not getting responded to has nothing to do with your looks. I feel the issue with your profile is it is all about you, and reads like a job interview and like your selling yourself. Your listing your qualities etc- and those are all GREAT qualities. But women are sort of funny in this way. They don't want to be sold someone. They want a little chase and they way your profile reads makes you seem desperate. Saying you aren't picky about looks etc does nothing to attract women. Women are more likely to be interested if you seem that you are looking for specific and rare qualities. When women feel a guy is a little hard to get they want him more, not the one who seems easy to get. I suggest changing your profile to say what you are really looking for in a women. Don't describe yourself too much- just a few lines about yourself will do. Make it about them and what you would like to do and experience with a partner. Imagine your ideal woman and describe her. "I'm looking for an ambitious and stable partner to travel with who is also cool enough to play SAGA once in awhile". "I'm looking for a woman with some humor and sass who like to cook and will be sweet to my mom". Be a little demanding. Be honest. You won't really be satisfied with just anyone will you? Of course not. You seem like a fun person who knows what he likes. Be direct about that. When you email a woman say something nice about her smile or mention a common interest. Only email women who actually interest you. Keep the initial email brief. Something like "hi cutie! You've got a lovely smile. I'd love to chat if your interested!" And then just be patient. trust me. It will happen. I'm happy to give advice any time and best wishes. I hope this helps.
  8. It's a real possibility you could loose too much and yes, look sunken. Depending on your age that can be a really big issue. You may look unhealthy for a while- wls is a low calorie diet and is quite taxing on your body. It's a reality of the surgery. The more you lose the more your skin may fall depending on your genetics and weight. You may lose more than you wish to lose because eating can be very challenging depending on how your body reacts to surgery. That said- there are solutions. Over time you will be able to eat more so you could regain some weight if you need to in order to look better. I know people (including myself) who have done that. You can also have a face lift etc. that helps a lot of your willing to go that route. I just recently had a neck lift and wow did it help me look healthier. Take care of yourself during your weight loss by taking your vitamins and eating your meals as best you can. Deal with it as it comes. You never know what will happen. A refrigerator could fall in you tomorrow for all you know. One day and one step at a time.
  9. bellabloom

    Who set your goal weight?

    My doctor never gave me a goal. I wanted to be at 125 from 240. That's the goal I set. I got to 114. I've now gained some back and am about 125-130 (I think). I quit weighing. Its just a number anyway. I feel great at this weight so that's all I really consider these days. Can you get to your goal? Of course. But it is just a number. Get to where you feel your best and is maintained easily for you.
  10. bellabloom

    (NSV) Gasp! I bought WHITE pants!!!

    You look beautiful!! I love white pants too. I'm terrified to wear them though cause once I got my period with them on when I was much younger. It was a disaster lol. Stay sexy, wear white, don't get your period. )
  11. You could gain the weight back and it would tighten up. but I doubt you would want to do that. Over time it does get a little better.... but not much. I'm sorry to say. Plastic surgery scars are cool!!! You will still be a hotty don't worry.
  12. bellabloom

    Battling My Elusive Beast

    I'm very sorry for your pain and your loss of your father. I'm thrilled you got to ride your rollercoaster. They really should make the seats bigger those jerks. good for you. !!! And your right. Not taking care of ones health is hardest in those who love us.
  13. bellabloom

    Weight Gain After Sleeve

    I regained 15 lbs as well and freaked out. I started actively dieting again and I was miserable and very depressed. I decided not to go back to that way of life and to try another approach. I threw away my scale and tape measure , read everything I could on intuitive eating, and stopped valuing myself and judging myself over a number. I decided dieting was a bicycle in hell on fire that I didn't want to ride again. Since embracing the anti-diet approach of intuitive eating I no longer worry or care much about what I eat. I don't binge and I don't diet and I don't really think about food much. My weight (as far as I know) has remained stable. I stoped dieting and started eating when I was hungry and stopping when full and honoring my cravings. I started eating mindfully. It's the best thing, besides wls, I have ever done for myself. I'm not sure what I weigh now but that's what I look like. And I don't eat twenty twinkies a day or lose control around food. I eat what makes me feel good.
  14. bellabloom

    What's Your Favorite Workout?

    Lately I've been focusing on rebuilding the muscle I lost during my weight loss phase. I do weight lifting every day (on different muscle groups) and then I run for about 20-40 minutes using an app that helps me run in intervals. It's awesome. I've seen great improvements in my muscle tone and my stamina.
  15. Hahaha. I remember do that too. It felt great I love shopping for clothes now and being able to run miles and miles.
  16. bellabloom

    84 pounds down and counting!

    You look handsome and happy. Good for you
  17. What healed my relationship with food was practicing mindfulness and intuitive eating, and to stop dieting and focus on feeding myself enough to where I had no desire to binge. Your therapist sounds like a great one. Wls is a great tool to lose weight fast but ultimately you will need to be able to eat what you like and still maintain your weight and not be hungry all the time. Getting a therapist who understands I intuitive eating and mindful eating is an excellent thing to do prior, during, and after wls.
  18. bellabloom

    Hashimoto's Thyroiditis

    Starving yourself is not the only way to lose weight. You could try intuitive eating. Or increasing your activity levels. Your body won't cooperate because it doesn't like being starved. It's trying to keep you from starving. Wls can get your weight off easily and set you up to be able to find a more long term solution to maintaining your ideal weight. You will still be in the same spot eventually though, after wls appetite does return. What you need to ask yourself is what you really need to be happy and healthy. Cause it sounds Like dieting is making you miserable. Don't beat yourself up for failing at starvation diets. It's not your fault, it's biology.
  19. My metabolism is quite fast even after a whole year of almost all liquids and only about 400 calories a day. That said- if I were you I would really consider carefully if you want and need to do this. Your bmi is not high for your height and frame. Weight loss did not fix my joint and back issues. I still have them. Not everything is weight related. In fact most things are not IMO weight related. Have you sought physical therapy? Are you sedentary? If so have you tried slowly increasing your activity and weight training? Those could help way more then weight loss. After surgery you can put weight on again and most do. It's a major thing to do to your body and I feel only should be done in drastic cases. There are other ways than dieting to lose weight.
  20. bellabloom

    7 days out and pain

    Just take it easy. Vacuuming can wait. The incisions are tiny so your fine in sure. Just rest.
  21. I have sympathy for those of you who have regained weight. I myself lost 120 pounds and at 2 years out my portion options became much larger, my ability to snack became apparent, and my weight started to yo yo. So what happened. Well I felt very very depressed. I put on 15 lbs and was having nightmares about being back to my pre op weight. I also felt extremely depressed about the idea of having to be back on a diet and stay there the rest of my life. My weight loss with my sleeve was very easy and I had it had to really try not to eat. Suddenly all that changed. The scale began to rise. So what did I do? I began dieting again. Counting calories, doing low carb, etc. what happened? I lost weight. And then gained it back and then some. I found myself back in the same pattern of dieting and binging that got me obese in the first place. I felt very angry and in despair. I just knew I couldn't live like that again. I knew dieting had made me gain weight before and I would again. Skipping meals, going to bed hungry, not allowing myself to eat things I enjoyed, not enjoying family events because of the food, etc. I decided I was done with all that. There was no way I was going to go back to dieting because I would be more depressed living like that than being overweight. Instead I began to research anti-dieting. I discovered intuitive eating and it changed my life. I bought books, read stories and blogs, and made a pact with myself I would no longer diet. And I began to eat anything I wanted and to honor my bodies hunger and fullness signals. I soon found myself eating a normal amount of food without binging. My weight stabilized, my energy level shot way up, I regained my health. I stopped weighing myself or counting my calories. I finally had the energy to go to the gym- not for weight loss but for the fun I got out of it. I now weigh about 128lbs at 5'6. I maintain my weight with no effort. I eat when I am hungry and I don't if I'm not hungry. I eat whatever makes me feel good and sometimes I even eat food that makes me feel crappy. I am active and fit. I don't think about food or have food rules. I allow all food in my home and I never binge on food because I don't need to as I am not deprived or hungry. I follow my bodies intuition. If you are having issues like me I highly recommend reading intuitive eating and walking away from the diet mindset. Surgery is a great tool but no one can live on a diet plan forever. And who would want to? Me and my daughter who I am also raising to be an intuitive eater and to love her body at any size.
  22. bellabloom

    How I maintain

    [emoji849][emoji1303] "If anything I've said is true" hahah. Girl I don't have time to sit around and make up stuff for the internet. Why would I make anything up? That's pretty silly don't you think... I had bypass. Then I had a sleeve. Then I had a stricture. I relapsed into anorexia. I have really bad dumping. My food still gets stuck a lot. I sought therapy for anorexia/bulimia/Ednos. I sought more therapy. I found a new way to think about weight and body image. I gave up on dieting or caring about my weight. The end. I'm not sure what you think my motivation for lying would be. But it's annoying you keep saying that about me on my posts. A lot of old vets were really mean to me and I let it get to me... I was really struggling last year. I could have used more support. But whatever... I'll share some photos so those of you who want to know more about me can see that im a real person with a real story. Go back and read my old posts if you want. I don't really care. I'm here to help those who need advice. My own experience is just one of many. Anorexia at its finest. Me now. Believe me or not... that's what I went through.
  23. bellabloom

    How I maintain

    Thanks Kate! Actually I had the bypass then the sleeve. Not bypass, sleeve, bypass. I know. It's a little weird. I have a sleeve now. What contributed to my anorexia was that I already had an eating disorder before i had surgery and the surgery made me worse. Having been anorexic in my past the wls made it easy to be again. And I took it too far. And I relapsed. It was bound to happen. Having a bypass and then converting to a sleeve contributed to me having a severe stricture for almost a year. Those surgeries created a ton of scar tissue. I also had an exploratory, my gallbladder out, and an endoscopy. I ran the gamut. But my eating disorder was there before surgery and sooner or later I would have had to deal with it. I'd say 99% of people who are obese have an eating disorder of some sort. The surgery can most definitely help but also worsen those issues. Most people regain weight because they still have disordered eating and then their wls restriction lessens after time, they go back to their old behavior, namely, dieting. Which causes weight gain. And the whole cycle begins again. No one fails at wls. They fail to address their disordered eating. That's the real issue here. Your way sounds good. As long as you don't feel deprived... then it sounds like you've managed to find stability and happiness. That's what matters.
  24. bellabloom

    Will anyone see me?

    It's true men are visual but lots of men prefer heavier women. I doubt it's your looks that are getting their attention. Your probably putting off a most confident, happy and receptive energy.