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  1. Teensiebaby

    Where are the November Sleevers?

    I'm having my appt. Today with the dietitian. Kinda nervous and excited at the same time. My niece who is a nurse informed me she didn't approve of my surgery and their are never good outcomes. Really got me thinking. I've done a ton of research and feel I'm doing the right thing.
  2. Teensiebaby

    Where are the November Sleevers?

    My surgery is scheduled for November 11th, Ohio here
  3. Teensiebaby

    Post op surgery Was sept 24

    My Dr has a very strict diet plan too. 2 weeks protein shakes pre-op, 4 weeks liquid diet, 4 weeks pureed and 4 weeks mechanical soft. I wont be able to eat normal food until like February 3, 2015. that seems like an eternity.
  4. Teensiebaby

    November dates

    im getting sleeved on November 11th. I live in Ohio. Dr Jon Thompson UC weight loss center out of West Chester, Ohio
  5. I don't work so I don't have that to contend with. My husband knows and is very supportive. I told my sister and dad who asked if it was safe and my son who told me their are other ways to loose weight mom. I basically told my son who is 23 that I know he will be getting married in the next couple years and I wanted to look great for him. He said that is very nice but I love you how you are. I have told two close friends and they are supportive. My one friend had gastric bypass about 8 years ago. She is lot of inspiration. My surgery is scheduled for November 11th.
  6. Teensiebaby

    Post op surgery Was sept 24

    The only think my dietician told me in the liquid phase that soups had to be free of chunks. I cant understand why I can take all my morning pills about 7 would be ok but cream soups with little chunks of chicken or mushroom would not be ok. Any take on this?
  7. Teensiebaby

    November dates

    Im scheduled for November 11th. I started this whole process in June and I am super excited that the date has finally been set. I have a couple more appt. to attend prior to my surgery. One y history and physical and one with the dietitian to go over pre-op and post-op diet. Did I mention that I am super excited. I cant wait to see the new me.
  8. Teensiebaby

    anyone getting sleeved in DECEMBER?

    I just found out my insurance approved my surgery. I'm scheduled for November 11th. Can't wait
  9. Teensiebaby

    Specialized Bariatrics/Dr Lopez

    I'm a newbie and wondering how I go about finding information about Dr Lopez for surgery. I really want to have the VSG and I am afraid that my insurance wont pay for it. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  10. Hi, Im tentatively scheduled for November 10, provided insurance approves my procedure. I have been taking pictures preop and trying different supplements to find out which ones I like best. I wish the best of luck to you.
  11. Teensiebaby

    My Weight loss journey

    Pics of me through my weight loss journey
  12. Teensiebaby

    anyone getting sleeved in DECEMBER?

    I've done all my pre surgery appts and edg. Now I'm just waiting on insurance approval. I'm hoping for November or December surgery.
  13. Teensiebaby

    Protein brand help

    My Kroger has premier protein in 4 packs but it is 9.00. Much cheaper at Sams club
  14. Teensiebaby

    Protein Drinks

    My friend said she got it at Target. I tried 3 stores with no luck. I found it on Amazon for around 11.00 for a jar of peanut butter and peanut butter chocolate. You can get it In two days.
  15. Im new to this forum and this is my first post. Wanted to share with you a Protein powder that was suggested to me by a friend. It is called PB2 and is a powder that you can add to your Protein drinks. it gives you extra protein and tastes really good. It is a Peanut Butter flavor and taste great when added to chocolate or vanilla drinks. Wanted to share with my new friends.

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