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  1. telltell624

    NO Carbonated beverages- FOREVER!

    No beer is killing me. Been without for almost 3 years now though lol. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Great job! Keep it up Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. telltell624

    Just got sleeve 3 weeks ago

    The unflavored works good for me mixed with a flavor pack like hi-c or lemonade. I try to stay away from adding milk, to keep my calories down. I also do yogurt which gives you about 8-15 grams depending on what kind. Sugar free protein bars. There's quite a few foods and drinks that'll get you there. You always have the community here to help!☺ It gets easier once you can eat more.
  4. telltell624

    Just got sleeve 3 weeks ago

    Great job. Doing better than did at this phase.
  5. telltell624

    I Want To See Before & After Pics! (Cont'd)

    I guess I posted in the wrong place before.
  6. telltell624

    Before and after

    Wow you look great! I just had my on year appointment yesterday, so I guess it's time to post a pic. I've been seeing a lot of great before and after pics. I figured I'd do a collage in the same shirt I had my first pic in.
  7. telltell624


    If it'll allow me to post a link, I'll post it to the hospital website. A direct link to the diet. http://www.med.umich.edu/bariatricsurgery/resources/Post-op-Diet-Sleeve.pdf Thats my diet
  8. telltell624


    Yogurt, sugar free jello, protein shakes, watery cream of wheat, sugar free pudding, I can't remember the whole list. Pretty much anything sugar free and liquid like. They gave me a complete list of what to eat and what not to eat.
  9. telltell624


    I eat mostly baked chicken breasts, fish, salads, beef jerky, yogurt, other veggies and fruits, protein bars, steak, eggs, a variety of things. I am almost a year out though.
  10. You have the right idea. Good luck with the weight loss. Many people get off insulin after. That'll be great for you. I'm only 3wks post op, I'm down from my heaviest(366) to 317 now. I'm slowly becoming more active to lose it faster, hopefully. Lol. I'm happy with it. Good luck on your journey![emoji4]
  11. I did the same, except I also made a video for my kids. I was nervous up until I started breathing the gas. Then I woke up. It was over and all was ok. Everyone's here for you. All should be fine.
  12. telltell624

    How much walking is everyone doing!

    Every bit helps. I'm 3 weeks post op on Monday. Doc just put mute on puree 2 days ago. It's a lot better than liquids. I still do a shake. I bought some resistance bands and my wife and I go running(well I walk/run) now. I work up a sweat[emoji4] . Good luck. Keep it up.
  13. telltell624


    I use myfitnesspal and cardio trainer.
  14. telltell624

    How much walking is everyone doing!

    You're doing great. My doc said to walk as much as you can even if it's 4 10 minute walks or all at once. I've been walking about 1-1.5 miles per day. I did a 4 mile walk a week ago. Not on purpose, but I locked myself out the house and figured I'd just walk till the wife gets home lol. I just try to get at least 30 minutes. I use an app called cardio trainer to track speed and distance. Then I try to compete with myself. Congrats! Just listen to your body. Take it easy. What I noticed was when I tried to walk too fast, it aggregated my abdomen. So just take it slow and work your way up.
  15. telltell624

    Worst pain ever. SNEEZED 6 days out.

    Lol that's funny. I didn't know it would put links in lol.
  16. telltell624

    Worst pain ever. SNEEZED 6 days out.

    Thank you. I use the gnc 100% whey isolate mixed with .5 -1% milk in the morning and before bed. It's 28g protein 1 scoop plus 8g from milk. I have unflavored unjury (20g protein per scoop) I mix with Crystal light, 2 scoops per water bottle and sip throughout the day. The unjury, you can subscribe to monthly and save 15%. Comes out to about 18 or19 per container. Hope that helps you.
  17. telltell624

    Worst pain ever. SNEEZED 6 days out.

    I know. I thought I was in the clear but I choked on some water this morning and not the constant soreness is back. Not as bad though. I'm starting to take 115 grams of protein again instead of their recommended (at least) 70. Trying to heal faster.
  18. telltell624

    Worst pain ever. SNEEZED 6 days out.

    I bet that hurts. I almost sneezed the other day but I was able to stop myself. I've been coughing the entire time. Sucks. My sinuses make me cough, not good with the surgery now(9/15). It's getting better.
  19. telltell624

    Who Was Your Gastric Sleeve Surgeon

    Dr. Oliver Varban at the University of Michigan Hospital. Great doc and great supporting staff. I had surgery on Monday, released Wednesday. He came by daily to check on how I felt and if I had any questions. At least one or more of his staff would stop by as well. This is in addition to the nurses that were already assigned. They seem to genuinely care about your health. Great team.

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