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    Thanks all for your concern. My doctor in MX saids its a Seroma. I am going to my PCP on Monday.
  2. Ingrid007


    No drain, drain removed at hospital
  3. Ingrid007


    You are right I apologize it's cafelexina I was on for the first 3 days only. Currently off antibiotics!
  4. Ingrid007


    Taking Riopan, it doesn't hurt and it isn't red nor is it swollen. No fever.... The correct term for what I have is a seroma my doc says... Just drain...should last 3-4 days. On day 2
  5. 8 days post op!! I have discharge coming (pinkish/yellow) out of my big incision, the one where the stomach was removed. My doctor in MX asked that I drain it. Today is the second day of draining. How long does this last? How did it get this? I've been on top of my stuff, showering twice a day, cleaning it with water and sole etc... Did anyone else have this?
  6. 4 Days away from my big day and totally freaking out! This is my very first surgery so I don't know what to expect. It has been hard with this damn liquid pre op diet...However, I am going through the "what if" stage! What if something happens to me while in surgery? What if I just diet and do it the natural way? MY NERVES ARE GETTING THE BEST OF ME!!!!!
  7. Following... Glad you posted his we will be having surgery on sane say, so I'm guessing we will start preop diet around the same time too
  8. Even if you come in late on 1/15 and stay in hotel in SD night before you can do pre-op testing and surgery on the same day..those were one of my first questions to Janese (coordinator). I am currently looking to reasonable hotels in SD for that one night. Excited and scared at the same time. I have also been looking at YouTube videos for years now. At first I was hesitant about TJ but the YouTube videos and this blog is what changed my mind. Real people talking about their real experiences and real videos. I figured, if it's that easy, looks safe and I can afford it then I am on my way to a healthier me. Now, I am trying to determine if I can handle this on my own or if I should being a relative....
  9. Shizwiz yes, I agree on the round of holiday goodies! That's actually part of my reason...LOL We should definitely link up. We will stay at the Marriott for the same dates, I'm sure. I also, arrive in SD on 1/15 but really late, so I have to stay in a hotel in SD then the transporter will get me.
  10. Lady Pullingns and trulyamazingtoo are you guys a staying at the Marriott? I am and will be at Mi Doctor Hospital. Hopefully, we can see each other
  11. Thanks after 3-4 years of researching and being scared, I've put my foot down and decided it needs to get done.
  12. Finally, decided to go with A lighter me and Dr. Elias Ortiz
  13. As embarrassing as this sounds I must ask. After your thighs actually breathe after all the weight loss. Does the dark area go back to its normal skin color?
  14. As embarrassing as this sounds I must ask. After your thighs actually breathe after all the weight loss. Does the dark area go back to its normal skin color?

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