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  1. foodfighter78

    First consultation

    You can go home, but you won't be in any shape to fend for yourself. And yes, the pain is much much worse and lasts much much longer. With my sleeve the "pain", if you can even call it that, lasted maybe 3-4 days? I was still recovering from my TT for probably a good 3 months post-op. The numbness and phantom pain/itching lasted at least 2 years. I would say it was a good 3 years before my scars were completely faded and the numbness and phantom pain/itching were minimal. But, don't get me wrong! It was totally worth all of that! I'm sorry it took you so long to recover, most people have a faster recover. I might go for a pani, honestly I can't have another miserable surgery. My RNY was hard, after 16 months I'm finally back to myself
  2. foodfighter78

    First consultation

    Worse then RNY omg I was dying for pain when I woke up. Feeling sick, dizzy, etc. he told me I can go home same day???
  3. foodfighter78

    First consultation

    [emoji33][emoji33][emoji33][emoji33] I'm actually think that just a pani should work for me and Brest implants. I been in a lot papa in with the RNY and I don't want to suffer any longer
  4. foodfighter78

    First consultation

    Hello I'm 16 months out RNY, went underweight but with much workout and eating little more I'm stable and stronger, finally. Well is time to think about some plastic surgery. I got approved from Tricare for a consultation, and I hope they will help with surgery expense too. So this doctor I meet today advice for a tummy tuck and Brest augmentation. Possible arm and tights later but I really don't know if I want those visible scars. He told me we can do the tummy and breast on the same day, for a 6 hrs total surgery. Doesn't sound too long to be under anesthesia? How will be the pain level. He thing because I'm thin should be an easy process to do both at the same time. Total cost 14 K - hopefully Tricare will help paying too. Any experience with both surgeries at the same time and Tricare payment?
  5. foodfighter78

    Let's talk about Reactive Hypoglycemia

    That's sounds like a dumping episode, kettle corn are sweet right? I can't eat any artificial sweets, or I'll get your reaction. Mine was more like a total black out. My all body was shaky. Felt like I was going to pass out but I didn't. It's a similar but different.
  6. foodfighter78

    Let's talk about Reactive Hypoglycemia

    Going to the dr on Wednesday
  7. foodfighter78

    Let's talk about Reactive Hypoglycemia

    My problem with all juices is the I get dumping syndrome. Is orange juice ok? Like a freshly squeezed one sugary things makes me dump and I been avoiding it since surgery
  8. foodfighter78

    Let's talk about Reactive Hypoglycemia

    I just had 3 hypoglycemia crises in 2 days, never had them before. My diet is the same for month and months, RNY March 2015, I'm at my weight goal, maybe little under, working out 5 days a week. So I'm confuse about this. I get super shaky, sweaty, blurry vision, if I close my eyes I see stars, the day after I'm very dizzy, can't concentrate. It's kind of scary feeling. Like I can't control my body. What do you guys do when you get a crisis? I never suffer from diabetes. I eat protein first, then veggie. I'm very restricted and can't eat much so I make sure to get my protein first. Last crisis I was eating watermelon but I eat that before and no such reaction.
  9. foodfighter78

    Vets: What Are You Eating Today?

    My day, I'm 14 months out my goal was 135, but I went down to 115, now 120 which it's great because I finally have energy to work out on a regular basis. Takes me 1 hr for breakfast, lunch and dinner usually and about 30 min for mid morning, mid afternoon snack
  10. foodfighter78


    What was causing your restriction Sent from my Z987 using the BariatricPal App scaring around the new opening, my body was trying to close it
  11. RNY March 2015, 110 lbs loss!
  12. foodfighter78

    Rice? Pasta? Bread?

    Try quinoa pasta I just tried today I'm 14 months out RNY. And it's good. Good protein, only 1 cup cooked
  13. foodfighter78

    Dumping Syndrome

    I'm 14 months put and I suffer from severe dumping syndrome. From sugar, meat, chicken, fish, scrambled eggs, pasta, bread, white rice, I'm very restricted on what I am eat. Positive thing is I lost 105 lbs, I even went underweight, now I'm working out and getting some weight. I'm hungry after work out but I can't eat all that I wish. So my tool is working. And I'm grateful for it. I didn't have a surgery to fail another diet. Do I get sad about my eating, yes I do. But then I look before and after and say; Yeah!!!!!!!
  14. foodfighter78


    I'm 14 months out and it's been a huge struggle, 3 restrictions with dilatation. It gets better. I'm finally stronger and eating little more. I was under weight for couple months but I gain 5 lbs that puts me on a normal weight. Some days it's hard but you can do it. Just keep focusing on your health.
  15. foodfighter78

    What's your comfort food?

    What has your surgeon or nutritionist said about that? That's a lot of food you can't tolerate, you poor thing.The nutritionists is worry and told me to eat every hr. My surgeon is fine with it. He said that some people can't tolerate foods. The thing is that now that I start work out I'm getting hungry but I can't eat much. Have you tried going back to softer meats/lean Proteins? Meatballs, ground lean meat, chicken pulsed in the processor w/something to keep it moist? I'm only about 2 months out, and I'm able to get those down. I was always told if you can't keep those down, there may be issues with the opening into your pouch not being big enough (and a dilation may be needed). I had 3 restrictions, gastroenterologist under my surgeon directions, went in with endoscopy and balloon enlarge 3 times about every 3 months. The opening its very small, I try lots of different options. But thank you for the advices. Some days I get very frustrated some days I'm ok, after 14 months I got used it