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  1. I'm 5 months post op. And down 60 lbs or so. Been working out n working with a trainer. I do feel better that I've lost the 60 lbs. Just ready to kick it gear to get the remaining 50 lbs gone. I find it still hard to get in all my water. How many meals does everyone eat? What is typical day of meals look like for yall? I don't know if I'm not getting enough water/protein in. I will admit the past 2 weekends I've slipped up on my eating n letting so old habits creep back up. I know I shouldn't beat myself up over this since we all make mistakes n I'm still learning. Any advice would be great.
  2. txgirl82

    Pureed Food

    I finally start puree food. I'm curious what is everyone eating on pureed stage. Also how much are we supposed to be eating at this stage?
  3. txgirl82

    Leak Test

    Ok thanks for the info
  4. txgirl82

    Leak Test

    Just curious when are you supposed to have leak test? Is this before you leave hospital? At 2 week check up? Kinda confused on this.
  5. txgirl82

    Feeling like poo

    Finally starting to feel like myself. Started taking my meds. Still tryna find a protein that I like.
  6. txgirl82

    Feeling like poo

    Ok thanks @@Elode the nurses said I should thin it out. I've just been focused in staying hydrated. Did you take meds before surgery? I haven't been able to crush them so I quit taking them. Not sure if I should have quit my meds. But I can't keep getting sick.
  7. txgirl82

    Feeling like poo

    Not a fan of the syntrax nectar mixes. I was on premier protein before surgery. I am going to try and drink some today. @@Elode did you thin out the premier protein after surgery? If so what did you use?
  8. txgirl82

    Feeling like poo

    I'm supposed to be on clear/full liquids. I've been wanting drinking crystal light, propel water, water down apple and cranberry juice. Can't stomach the Ispoure it makes me nausted.
  9. So surgery was on 11/12 and still not feeling like myself. I've already been back to the ER for dehydration. Really feeling like I made the wrong choice. I never knew how much pain I could feel or would be in. I'm finally able to get in my drinks. But need help with getting my protein in. I've Tried Ispoure n it's not very good. Any suggestions or tips would be helpful.
  10. txgirl82

    Today is the big day!

    I'm feeling ok not my best. Had to be taken to the ER since I couldn't keep anything down. Do have pain but not taking the meds since they make me sick.
  11. txgirl82


    @@TexasMom5 not feeling that great. Tryna walk n get rid of the gas.
  12. txgirl82

    Today is the big day!

    Everything went good with surgery and now laying in bed kinda in pain. Thanks for the well wishes n prayers ☺
  13. txgirl82

    Today is the big day!

    Thank you...just got registered and waiting to go back omg can't believe this is really happening
  14. txgirl82

    Today is the big day!

    Thanks @@jamiesdoingit & @@downsizingdiva I'm starting to get a lil anxious

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